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PS Extra 15 minutes bug

Lokaum D+

So, today i renewed my PS+ Extra in order to play Ratchet and Clank and now i see this message every 30 minutes " the game or app will expire in 15 minutes" then game closes after this 15 minutes,

I already tried the following:
- checked licenses
- checked Internet connction
- reinstalled the game

Anyone having/had this problem and know how to fix it ? Its annoying as hell.
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
restore licenses and do a full cold boot?

First time reading something like this.


There's others I saw that was having problems with Ratchet and Clank:RA and other games so you're not the only ones. Yes I encountered this a while back with DMC5:SE within the first week it went on Plus. But in my case when it happened, I just restored licenses and restarted my PS5. Just guessing tho, it seems to be a network issue with the license(in this case I wouldn't delete and reinstall anything). I didn't know this was a thing for years til recently lol.
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I had this happen once. I had to go into settings and enable console sharing and offline play. It was weird to me because I was totally online when it happened. When it happened to me on PS4 after I upgraded to Pro it stopped when I set it as my primary console.
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