PS Plus July offerings for NA

Brandon F

Well congratulations! You got yourself caught!
Muramasa is probably the best Vita game that isn't P4G. Ended up liking it far more than even Dragon's Crown. Newcomers will be astounded at how stunning it looks the first time they boot it up as well. Boss fights are the best part of the game considering it is lacking in traversal and exploration.
Glad I can play Towerfall and finally play Dead Space 3. Should be fun and no problem to find co-op partners now.

Also remember Doki Doki Universe is cross buy so I believe you'll get all 3 versions.
This is an awesome month. I don't know if I'll ever play DS3, but now if I ever want to I won't have to buy it. I have Vessel on PC and Muramasa on Wii, but don't mind having them again. Especially since I'm more likely to actually dump time into Muramasa on Vita. The PS4 games are legitimately great, and Doki Doki seems interesting.

Strider and Towerfall are both games I considered buying during the Steam sale but no longer have to.

Dead Space 3 is good becaue that means I don't have to buy the weakest one if I ever play the series.

And Muramasa should be great.

No complaints here.
Great lineup. At least one awesome game on each system. Might ALL be awesome, but I'm only familiar with half of them. I've had Muramasa, Dead Space 3, and Strider all on my "buy" list for ages. Good haul for me!
Niceeeee. With the exception of Dead Space 3 (which I enjoyed a lot) I don't own any of these games. W00t!
Nice that I can play Dead Space 3 since I loved 2. I know that it didn't get received too well, but hey! Thanks PS+!
Make sure you play it with a friend, not a random stranger. You'll enjoy the game a lot more.
Already own Strider on Xbox One, bought Muramasa during a sale (and have yet to play it...fuuuuuuuuu) and have Dead Space 3 on pc (from some Origin bundle). Good month for those who don't own the games though.