PS4 Rumors , APU code named 'Liverpool' Radeon HD 7970 GPU Steamroller CPU 16GB Flash

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Everything is correct. They just used the wrong name for the GPU. It's comparable to an underclocked Pitcairn.

google translate from psx-sense is this a trusted site?

The hardware
If something is a goal for me was that it was getting hold of a photograph of the PlayStation 4 itself, but this is sadly failed. The PlayStation 4 is still only on paper but a console for developers and only a select few people know how the device actually really look like. Sony also find it not necessary to the looks of the PS4 to share with developers, because here they simply have nothing. Of course, Sony then also a good point, but this is obviously bad for us.
What I have got is a very comprehensive document on the specifications of the PlayStation 4. Thus, the PlayStation 4 AMD Fusion APU get with the CPU and GPU sit together on the same chip. The code name for this chip is 'Liverpool' According developers would chip in "real talk" over 10x longer than that of the PS3 can. It would be a quad-core AMD x86 CPU running at 3.2GHz which contain the code name 'Steamroller' know. The GPU is an ATI r10xx at 800MHz with 1843 GFLOPS, this is code-named "Tahiti." This chip is also include on AMD Radeon HD 7970, both chips (CPU and GPU) are 28nm processors.

In terms of memory, there is much uncertainty with the PlayStation 4, as was the initial plan for Sony 2GB unified memory in the machine to stop. This is still only a point for discussion and developers ask whether this really can be brought up to 4GB, these choices are viewed by Sony. For comparison, the Wii you would to contain 1.5 GB of memory.
In terms of disc drive the PlayStation 4 will again be equipped with Blu-Ray, the space offers a Blu-Ray disc (50GB) is in fact still remains enough and so we use this technology. The back of the PS4 you will have a HDMI 1.4 port to put in and it will have a maximum output of 1080 and not the aforementioned 2048p.
In total, during the launch two PlayStation 4 are available, both are only equipped with a hard drive larger than 320GB. In terms of bundles, there are no concrete plans at Sony. What the exact difference between the two we do not know, but this is probably just the hard drive size. Also, the PS4 will have a special place for patches, OS etc this is stored on an internal 16 GB of flash storage.
so not so strong cpu but very strong gpu but only with 2gb ram ???
why would any body pair such a high end gpu with such low ram ? Some thing does not compute
Really this is what i thought they would be doing. The ps4 is going to be amazing. If this is true is going to be just crazy. pretty much sli gpu in the ps4.

Like i posted in the other big ps4 thread. Kaveri APU with another amd GPU. i hope they do 4GB Gddr5 ram. Seem they can place 2GB at cpu and 2GB on the gpu. SInce this is link it shouldnt really matter.

I do like the idea of 16 gb SSD in the console with another hdd.

Wow like the perfect console....
How much more powerful than Wii U.
take 2 wiiu, 2 xbox 360, and 2 ps3. Then add all that power together and double it.

In over words, blows it out the water.
When the 360 launched, didn't it have a derivative of the Radeon X1900? That chip was top of the line at the time. That GPU won't be all that expensive by late next year.

oh boy that sounds amazingly awesome and expensive
Oh god, I'm having flashbacks to the rumored Vita specs thread.
For this rumor to have any basis in reality you are looking at Sony making a 1000 dollar machine again and selling it for 599.

1843Gflops is nowhere near HD7970 isn't it?

Probably fake but quite believable specs I guess....
Its seems to be claiming to have a 7970 and then another gpu thats around 1843Gflops so comething like a 6870

I do want it though. Would trash the shit out of the WiiU specs-wise and we might actually see native 1080p games next gen.
Well it would be GDDR5, so high bandwith and still 4x more than the PS3.
event then. i know pc ram is different and os thing without optimization still if they go with 2gb it will be a bottle neck.
a scaled down gpu with more ram would have been better.but in the end i am not an guys know what they are doing
Yeah, right now a 7970 is around $500 ALONE.

If anything, it'll be a derivative of it, but I'd believe a 7750 or 7770 before a 7970.

Edit: 2gb GDDR5 ram >>>>> 4gb DDR3 ram. I'll take the former, especially since there isn't an OS overhead to deal with like on PC's.

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Its claiming to have a 7970 and then another gpu thats around 1843Gflops so comething like a 7850
Topic starter is mistakenly claiming that, but the post he's quoting isn't. It just says that chip from Tahiti family is in PS4 and 7970 is Tahiti family as well. Misleading but not incorrect.
One thing people (holding out hope) need to understand: the 7970 itself uses over 200 watts of power. It's AMD's top of the line single GPU card. It's not getting shrunk by 2013. And AMD (and Nvidia) are not exactly rolling these off the assembly lines at the moment. There is absolutely zero percent chance of this happening. So save yourself the hassle of googling "7970 benchmark".
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