PSVita cases revealed [Size Comparison To DS/PSP Cases]

At first I thought you were talking about a protective case.

This is even better. Classy. I hope they're slim. And they're kinda large considering what's inside. DS-level cases would've been better.
jackdoe said:
They're definitely longer. I don't know about wider. Actually, I'll laugh my ass off if they are the size of DVD cases.
That'd be odd. PSP cases are the same exact height as bluray/ps3 cases. It'd be odd if Vita cases were suddenly taller.
I currently carry like 10 ds/3ds games in their boxes with me in my backpack to work everyday... would not work with that bigass box right there... waste of space.


Tomodachi wa Mahou
I wonder if these were intentionally made at that size for the purpose of being able to hold both a Vita game and a PS3 disc inside the same package.

Otherwise I don't get why it's so large either.
Kagari said:[/MG][/QUOTE]

Screw you, Sony. What the hell?! I'm seriously considering waiting until one of those colors comes out. Maybe the yellow/orange. Or the green. Or the grey.