(Real life) Super Smash Bros. Tournament 3

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A YouTube channel named 3GI has been doing real-life Smash Bros. fights. They had two tournaments previously (there was a GAF thread for one of them). For their third one, they have made things more formal, dividing fights into episodes and releasing one every week. It's still ongoing (I personally am still on Ep. 4 at the moment), so, you can place your bets!

I believe many will enjoy the dedication put into making them! Also, great for laughs. Enjoy!

Tournament 1
Tournament 2

Tournament 3, Ep. 1
Tournament 3, Ep. 2
Tournament 3, Ep. 3
Tournament 3, Ep. 4
Tournament 3, Ep. 5

Kid Ska

I Was There! Official L Receiver 2/12/2016
Okay, I did just watch all of 1 and 2. These kids have a lot of time on their hands, but it looks fun as shit. And some of the costumes are great, along with some of the weapons. Though the bombs and firecrackers seemed a little dangerous - I think they started a fire at some point in tournament 2.
The ROB abuse was a little sad, but I think 2 was overall the best out of the three. The third one has gotten a bit lawless, and the camera work isn't stellar. Still, it's all fun.

Kid Ska

I Was There! Official L Receiver 2/12/2016
I'd also agree that two was the best, but I'd rather they did it sumo/SSB style and went for ring outs than pins. The finals of 2 on the raft were cool (albeit over rather quickly). Though with the costumes I understand why they didn't use that arena much. However, it was funny as hell seeing Popo get choked out by Link.

And that poor ROB... he was obliterated.