Real next gen box art? (Mobile download warning) - THREAD OF THE MONTH

Apr 14, 2010
Next gen is hopefully not too far away. Now to me it isn't all that promising. A "leap" to 1080p? 60fps? Yeah those things are nice, but they are not exactly show stoppers.

What could be a real game changer is new technology to brighten up the game covers that are currently in use. Whilst we are not quite there "yet" who knows what the future may hold. Being able to show a bit of motion could be just what is needed to move game off shelves, even if the games themselves are not that great, they would still have great collection value.

Here are just some examples of how fighting game covers might work using current gen games. I felt like all great covers it was better to not take a literal stance and show direct gameplay. Instead these covers should give you a short and direct expectation of exactly what you are in for.

What other games could benefit from this new technology?