Reddit Rumor: PSVR price to be $428 (bundle) and $299 (standalone)


This was published on some sites today, but nobody made a thread:

rumors they were hoping to price the HMD at $299, which won't include the camera or PlayStation move controllers. But that they would probably have a separate starter kit where you could get the camera and move controllers and a game for around $129. For $428 + tax for the complete PSVR + camera + move controllers, would be a bargain!

My comment: This is pretty much what I expect them to do.

Lock if too rumory :p


That seems a decent price for standalone, and an oddly specific and not rounded price for the bundle.

Also I don't understand why they'd ship with the move controllers when the DS4 should be fine to play with - why no headset+camera bundle?

I thought they'd sell the moves separately as an accessory. Maybe they're making a push for motion controlled games and getting some of that Vive buzz before Oculus can get their touches out?


Totally rumory, but seems more plausible than the 799$ standalone price rumor! This is way more in line with what I think it is worth, having used both it and an oculus DK3
That would be the upper limit on how much I'd be willing to spend.

Now to see if the games are good enough to justify the investment...


Sounds a little too rumoury too me. Even the Sony rep isn't saying he knows merely that he heard a rumour.
Though the price sounds around what most people assume it will be.


Got a camera and 1 move controller. If the standalone is indeed in that price region I would definitely jump in on day 1!
That would be even better than I hoped. Assuming the rumor pans out.

Although Move Controllers can be bought for cheap now. GameStops are filled with them in generally nice quality (because people didn't use them a lot). I bought a second one and a SubNav in preparation some time ago.


Oh hang on, 428 for the full in headset+move and then what, 300 for a console, so around 750 dollars with games if you wanna start from scratch? Is that right? That's mighty expensive Imo.


I want to believe. A $399 super bundle sounds ideal, but I'll wait out the early adopters becuase I imagine day 1 users will be left asking "but wherez the gamez?"
How can headset + external CPU be $300 while Oculus headset alone is already $600?

Not the same specs ?
PSVR is similary specs as Oculus DK2, which was 299 dollars or the Razer VR headset. 300 dollars is the price expected for a 1080p headset.


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How can headset + external CPU be $300 while Oculus headset alone is already $600?

Oculus isn't just the headset. It's a bundle at $600 (even if it's not a big bundle).

Plus the hardware itself is a step up in terms of the actual headset construction.
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