Resident Evil 2 Collector's Edition Announced - $199.99 Gamestop Exclusive

Yikes Capcom, what are you doing? Seems that 2 keys are inverted besides the stickers. I'm guess any other difference is a matter of angle, maybe the RE2 one is darker?:

I put in a question to Querkytoys asking if it's the same besides the stickers. Guess we'll see if they respond.
Yikes Capcom, what are you doing? Seems that 2 keys are inverted besides the stickers. I'm guess any other difference is a matter of angle, maybe the RE2 one is darker?:

I put in a question to Querkytoys asking if it's the same besides the stickers. Guess we'll see if they respond.
in this picture, even the original seems so elegant and pretty.
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^ The artwork and even the guy who played Chris in the original game's fmvs had red hair. Though the character model appears black, or at least so crazy dark red no one could actually see it was red. The guys at Toy Biz were probably handed the artwork (most likely this image) to base the figurine off of.
Honestly, I don't care how good the game turns out. They just want to remake their classic titles range because they don't have any creativity left and remakes generally do not mean a thing. After that comes out, what are they going to do after that? Will they make great sequels again, or will they just remake 3: Nemesis next? Because let's be honest here: What sequels since 2005 have been that well received, compared to the older games pre-4?!
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^...I'd assume the biggest reason why they're remaking RE2 is because fans have been asking for it for about 16 years ever since they remade the first game. You may not like RE5 & 6 -I didn't- but those games sold amazingly well (RE6 was their best selling game ever at the time), so did RE7. Capcom would have no issues making another one following the story after RE6 (and judging how it ended they already had something planned) and still be quids in no matter how much "the fans" dislike it. If anything RE7's more horror focus, and the fact they're bothering to remake RE2 shows that Capcom can follow what the fans are actually asking for rather than what's going to make them a surefire payday.

Just to hammer home this fact, this is Capcom's latest best selling games list:

  • Monster Hunter: World – 7.5 million+
  • Resident Evil 5 – 7.3 million
  • Resident Evil 6 – 7.1 million
  • Street Fighter II – 6.3 million
  • Resident Evil 7 – 5.1 million
  • Resident Evil 2 – 4.96 million
  • Monster Hunter Freedom 3 – 4.9 million
  • Monster Hunter X – 4.3 million
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 4.2 million
  • Monster Hunter 4 – 4.1 million
So before you go calling Capcom money hungry shills who don't care about the fans, look at this list and realize the very obvious fact that anyone actually wanting to make as much money as possible would have stuck to the same formula as their best selling versions of a franchise rather than take a risk on lowering the action and upping the horror, purely because the purists are asking for it.
But it's not scary. That's the whole point of a horror game, film or novel. All you do is shoot infected people and upgrade your gear, so how's it scary?
One of the very early scenes in the original Biohazard shows a zombie eating another human being. You get inside a large mansion and all of a sudden your first encounter with another human being is a zombie. Now count for all the birds, dogs, and fish being infected as well. Fast forward and you're dealing with a parasite. A parasite that infects its host, but can grow and multiply.

In this case you're a cop. When you go to visit your local precinct everything has turned. You go to your local gun store and bus route and people are trying to eat you. RE2 is perfect for this, especially with all the streets, police station, and etc. I can't wait to see how the police station turned out and a few other late game areas.

Its the feeling of being chased in the 3rd, in the 4th you're in a village (that alone has many different aspects of horror), 5 you're in another village (essentially), 6 you're looking a global threat (hence the purple fog), 7 you're in some isolated part of the country at some cannibal looking type of home. Even with Code Veronica you're trying to find your brother while confronting this very twisted family. You might get the super human stuff mixed in with what started the epidemic. The major threat in these games comes down to what you fight at the end. Which in this case are notorious monsters in the RE universe.

4 did exceptionally well, especially with Leon being where he was, what he was fighting against, and so forth. A lot of the games are good at their imminent threat, which builds and builds. Which is also why we see a lot of the characters with this ridiculous amount of power. RE seems to do well when the threat is first being discovered rather than being well known.

*I think its good that there's not a huge step in between. RE6 was ambitious to push as far as it did. Fans get mad when its a half-step and are mad when its a backstep. I personally feel like RE2 remake is a good solid fit. Especially when fans were trying to create it themselves.
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But it's not scary. That's the whole point of a horror game, film or novel. All you do is shoot infected people and upgrade your gear, so how's it scary?
What people find scary is subjective. First time I played RE1 I was round about 10 or 11 and I have never found any of the classic RE games to really be scary. If your standard is how scary a game is, then RE7 is clearly the best RE game because you merely have to check out YouTube to see actual video evidence of people playing it in VR and being scared. But somehow I feel like you would disagree with that.

RE5 & 6 are definately more action focused, but they still have elements of horror even if they're elements that don't scare you. I don't even like RE 5 & 6 but your arguments against them and why everything else about RE is bad now are just so fanboyish and don't hold up. If you hate the franchise so much now then just stop paying attention to it because they're never going to go back to what you want.
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Looks way overpriced.
Also, why aren't Classic RE2 Claire and Leon outfits the pre-order bonus for RE2MAKE? Are they going to end up releasing them as paid DLC instead? Hopefully not, and hopefully it'll come and be free.
When it comes to Capcom, you have to be grateful for small mercies (as the saying goes). Also, to those people who make excuses for Capcom using the series as a cash cow, you guys are a bunch of ass munchers. There's no resemblance to the series in 7 at all. Other horror games have storage chests, answering machines and other related items. That still doesn't make it RE at all. You guys have low standards if you think 7 is really a gem.

The whole of 7 is an Outlast and Silent Hills (P.T.) rip-off that copies The Evil Dead, Trancers, Saw, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The only enemy you really see for most of the game is Jack Baker and he's more repetitive, and funny, than scary. The Molded are boring as all hell. Some of the DLC was pathetic. The fact that we had to wait up to a year for most of the DLC was stupid too, because Capcom hired a third party who messed it up.

Even if they throw in notes and stuff that you find about the past events in the series, it's just a cheap way to link it to the other games, because without all that hooey being in the game, it would hardly appear to count as a sequel. Also, I'm not disputing whether the graphics look fine or not. But I am worried that they will spoil the appearances of the characters, or force people to buy their original attires via DLC, which is a huge con.

Also, Chris looks dumb. Way to ruin the very character who was in the franchise since the start. Since the beginning of RE, Chris was in many of the games up to and including 7. The whole of 7 was half-baked, but them messing up Chris' design was just the icing on the cake. Yet I'm sure to fanboys, his change in appearance doesn't matter, because it's...GOSH...Capcom! The company that "listens to their fans" when they clearly don't.

The RE2 remake is a glorified money grab. It doesn't really matter how wonderful it ends up being. Remakes aren't important. They don't even count. Keep in mind, that this isn't a remake. It's a re-imagining and probably not even canonical. So why are they doing it? Fans wanted a remake for years, but I think this remake is a cover-up for awful sequels. They think it is so easy to remake the very game that got people tuning in, in 1998.

You can say that Capcom aren't liars and money grabbers all you want, but if you actually think that way, I'm not going to stop you. I just think that the tastes of some people here are questionable. If they slapped Resident Evil on the side of a jam jar, it would probably sell. Because that's how lenient fanboys are. Let's just say the remake does well: What are they going to do after that? Don't you think their crap is just a boring cycle now?
Remember when a collectors edition was about a fiver more and came in a fancy tin...? Ahh, good times...

In fact I still remember my Super Metroid collectors edition which had a larger box and a guide... Christ knows how much that’s worth now...

I would settle though for just a tin and a manual. Yeah a damn book. Give me something to read while the games installing and I’m takkng a dump. You were supposed to be removing those to save money... We didn’t see that saving.

But GameStop are like Game in the uk. You would have to be a total idiot to buy there, unless you REALLY had no other choice. But even then, the games are at least £20 more expensive.
The collectors edition for Halo 2 still stands as my all time favorite. Just five bucks more, and you get probably the best behind the scenes content about a video game. Even if you could care less about Halo, I'd still recommend people watching it.