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Resident Evil 3 Unreal Engine 4 Fan Remake Reinstates Classic Fixed Camera Angles


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In a recent Let's Play video uploaded to the Residence of Evil channel on YouTube, a modder called ranj reveals that they've been working on their own version of Resident Evil 3, which is being built in Unreal Engine 4. Simply called "Resident Evil 3: Remake Fan Game," it's currently in an alpha state but is available to download on the user's Itch.io page. The idea behind this project, it seems, is not to outdo Capcom's remake but to reimagine the original threequel, with more up-to-date visuals that also bring back the fixed camera perspective and the classic inventory system that began with the first three installments.

It seems as though ranj is aiming for a more faithful recreation of Resident Evil 3, and they're not the first person to be doing so. There's also another modder who's doing their own remake of the classic RE title, only this time in Unreal Engine 5. Such endeavors by the community show that there are some fans who miss the control style or viewpoint that began with the first Resident Evil game all the way back in 1996.

It should be reiterated at this point that ranj's remake is still in development, and the alpha build that's available to download now is lacking in some quality, but that's to be expected at these early stages. It definitely looks good, much better than the original Resident Evil 3, which by now is visually dated. The fact that it's being built in one of the most popular game engines in the world suggests that the final product will be of decent quality overall.



There’s a lot of shitty third person shooters… but there’s not a lot of good fixed camera games. That have been released recently at least (i.e. within the last generation). Sad.
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Fixed cameras made the use of pre-rendered backgrounds possible. These backgrounds were far more detailed than real time 3D in older consoles. Nowadays there is no point using them since 3D engines seem to have reached pre-rendered CGI quality and detail anyway. Thus making the use of fixed camera angles pointless as well because they remove the advantage of real time 3D, which is being able to explore at any angle with better controls. I find using fixed cameras in 3D engines a waste for that reason.

I get that a fixed camera angle can help in creating a certain direction and mood. Like in the first couple of Silent Hill games. But they were used in a few selected instances at key points, the rest of the games still had free-roaming 3D movement. Having the whole game use a fixed camera undermines the effect because you get used to it.
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Can respect what they're trying to do but fuck me if those animations aren't god awful. And the shooting...jesus H.
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Kev Kev

re3 remake was so fucking good, it doesnt need this kind of a treatment. still tho, itd be neat to try out. however this kind of looks like ass...

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