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RTTP: Titanfall - Inspired by Cane & Rinse. Hyped for the sequel.

Titanfall was the most hyped game of E3 2013 for many. Despite the ropey Xbox One reveal, it got gamers attention. But it didn't live up to the hype for many (it did for me), why was that?

I decided to RTTP to freshen up my memory following the excellent Cane and Rinse podcast on Titanfall. Their panel was gushing with praise and they summed up my feelings perfectly. Listen to that here:


Titanfall landed just over two years ago, the much anticipated first product of former Infinity Ward devs, Respawn Entertainment.

Although closely associated with Xbox One (and perhaps therefore unfortunately, that particular console’s controversial launch), the game also arrived on PC and 360.

Leon, Josh, Karl and guest David Turner of The Computer Game Show strap in and chew over what they enjoyed about this fast-paced future FPS, with its unusual blend of parkour and in-mech action.

We also hear from the Cane and Rinse community, giving voice to at least one naysayer, representing that section of the audience who felt that the game revealed its hand too early, burned bright and died young.

I agree with every word of the Podcast. And my RTTP reminded me of what a fine game Respawn had made.

So, it all started with the beta. I finally got my hands on the game in February 2014. And this happened.

I was hooked.

To name a few of the things that Titanfall did very well:

Fantastic maps across the board, Sublime movement and wall running, the post game adrenaline rush of an Evac attempt (or stopping one), the perfectly balance of Titan V Pilot gameplay, Titans falling from the sky, Satchel charging a Titan after rodeoing their back, Melee killing a Titan/Pilot in one action, the 'prestige' system with challenges and accelerated ranking up as you progress, and I could go on.

It was by no means perfect though. At launch, in some peoples view (not necessarily mine), Titanfall did struggle with:

Lack of modes, lack of weapons and upgrades, some technical glitches/tearing, and the poorly integrated 'campaign'.

To their credit, Respawn addressed many of these. The post launch support was, at it's time, right up there with any FPS game. Yes it had a Season Pass for maps, but everyone else got:

Multiple new game modes (including it's own take on a horde mode), Titan cosmetic customisation options, 'Seasons' for ranking up instead of just the Generations, and eventually all the maps were made free. They even improved the technical performance and look of the game (on Xbox One).

So how was my RTTP?

Fantastic. As the music played in the lobby, I was getting hyped. I could feel myself being taken back to 2014 and the early days of this gen. The map loaded, I was in the Dropship ready to start the match... and bam. I was off.

Wall running and ziplinging across the map, taking out multiple grunts along the way. Popped a Pilot or two... and my Titan was ready.

Engage a Titan or two, take one out, but my shields are down. Time to eject....... and land on the Titan below me. Open his hatch, unload my rifle, and take them out. I was enjoying myself so much, the match time flew by. And, after stopping the enemy evac attempt, I went straight back in.

The sequel? My body is ready

Of all the games coming this year, nothing has me hyped as much as Titanfall 2. What Respawn created as a core game was exceptional. The iterations that came letter made it even better. The fact it will now be across platform means many PS4 owners (and non Xbox/PC owners) will finally get to experience this game. It really is on another level in my eyes.

So what would I like to see in the sequel?

- Maintain the balance - Don't, please, introduce too many additional weapons, perks, Titans. By all means have some alternatives, but we really do not need 6-8 different assault rifles, sniper rifles, smg's, etc.

- A phenomenal campaign... or none at all - Respawn created a fascinating environment with the bones of a great world. I'd love to see a 'proper' campaign within this world and these game mechanics. If they are unable to deliver a true single player experience, then please focus on the multi-player

- Titan Shotgun - Need I say any more?

- Titan Swords - Yeah, we are already getting that.

And well, that is about it. Really.


Titanfall was my most hyped game of E3 2013. For me personally, it lived up to it. Hugely. For many though, it had a a very short tail. Or, for those who decided to choose a PS4 as their only 'next gen' investment, a game they missed out on.

If you have a decent gaming rig and/or an Xbox One (or even a 360, which is a decent port), I highly recommend you try this game. It is 'free' on EA/Origin access, alternatively it can be picked up super cheap.

There may not be tens of thousands of players anymore, but there is more than enough to have fun in most game modes.

If you have it already, give it another shot. Even just for a few rounds. It is so easy to drop back into and, if you liked it the first time around, you will love an RTTP.

I firmly believe that Titanfall was and still is a fantastic game. I hope many more agree when the sequel lands later this year.

So what about you?

Did you play Titanfall? What were your views? If you didn't, are you looking forward to the sequel?

Further content

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JaxonDale Youtube - A great channel which has plenty of Titanfall OG content, as well as summarising all the news for the forthcoming sequel

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Never felt there was a lack of weapons or upgrades myself. It had what it needed to have, and covered all the weapon types.

Once you put all those unlocks in a game, the game becomes all about those unlocks. So I'm glad that what was there in terms of unlocks made for a quick and shallow progression curve.


I liked the amount of guns. I didn't need to grind endlessly like BF4 to acquire the best guns and perks.
Really hyped for the sequel, love the first one. They have to rethink smart pistol though. It was way too overpowered. At first everyone thought "great, even bad players contribute with this" but soon the realization came that pros with smart pistol are just increasing the skill ceiling further, the gap was not closed but increased.

I have faith that they will address everything else. They will get more content in there, proper singleplayer, etc.

Shpeshal Nick

aka Collingwood
We just had this thread but oh well.

Still the best Multiplayer shooter this gen. Until 2 comes out.

The amount of guns and unlocks was perfect in my opinion.
Never felt there was a lack of weapons or upgrades myself. It had what it needed to have, and covered all the weapon types.

Once you put all those unlocks in a game, the game becomes all about those unlocks. So I'm glad that what was there in terms of unlocks made for a quick and shallow progression curve.

I liked the amount of guns. I didn't need to grind endlessly like BF4 to acquire the best guns and perks.

You are right, I didn't make it clear in my post after reviewing it.

I personally agree with you (as per my conclusion). The game doesn't need multiple new weapons to make it better, maybe a few to spice it up that is it.

I'll edit my post as the things that 'Titanfall struggled with' are not neccesarly my views, they are the views I read from people who played and didn't stay with and/or enjoy the game.
I played Titanfall and still play it for a few hours daily. I have tried all the newer FPS games and none of them scratch that same itch as Titanfall.

I have a crazy amount of hours put into the game and can not wait for the full Titanfall 2 reveal.
Only knock against the first game was that the campaign was really lacking. People might think I'm joking but the lore and background story that they presented was interesting as hell to me. It's easily my favorite X1 game thus far, a top-3 new IP, and probably in my top-5 games of all time. So good.
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