Rumor: Bethesda owns S.T.A.L.K.E.R. IP (UPDATE: doesn't seem to be true)

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I understand that this conception will be not interesting for many gamers. I decided to remove all the work. Announcement will not be shown instead, all that the team managed to do without me. STALKER brand into the hands of Bethesda games. I'm leaving the game development - fed up with ...

The original development team is working on a new game that's not STALKER:


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I mean, maybe it's better than no STALKER ever again, but I would hate to see the series "reinvented" in the same way as Fallout. Please don't water it down, STALKER needs to instill dread in the player. The things that make the series so great are like the anti-thesis of how modern Bethesda designs their open world games. I guess we'll see if anything even comes of this, though.
Isn't it a bit close to fallout in terms of content?

I know there's a pretty big difference myself but will the general.public be able to tell the difference between an irradiated Chernobyl and an irradiated US city?
I actually think Bethesda did half decent with Fallout, but they cannot do STALKER justice. Not even close. Atmosphere and unique environments aren't Bethesda's strongsuits.
How the fuck did they get the licensing rights? THQ published the game, correct? And why would they buy the rights when they already own the rights to another very popular series with an apocalyptic setting? Doesn't gel with me.


erotic butter maelstrom
Can we trust the original source ?
I've never heard of it, but with the team moving on to that MMO and STALKER 2's current state of development (or lack thereof), it's definitely believable. Now would be a better time than ever for a publisher like Bethesda to swoop in and buy the rights.
Man today has just been one punch in the balls after the other.

Stalker 2 cancelled
Devs moving to a MMO
Bethesda owns Stalker.

I'm not going to be able to have kids anymore at this rate.