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Rumor: New Wii U controller (analog sticks)?

Do we have sticks?



Thanks to Penguin.

For comparison, the E3 model:

Infos from our resident French Leaker:
IdeaMan said:
1 - The first, according to my sources, the screen size is slightly bigger. Less than an inch. The resolution hasn't changed though. So there would be a slight decrease in the PPI.

-> Nintendo warned developers of this several weeks ago, it is not obvious on the picture leaked, which would reinforce either the smallness of this increase, or the event that it wasn't implemented. Anyway, it should be taken into account in the comparisons, gif, etc, made between the E3 2011 DRC and this one, as the screen is not the same, therefore the proportions are not identical. People should not resize the new padlet in regard to the previous one, by assuming the screens could be fully juxtaposed.
-> This size alteration could hint toward a screen type change, we should see at E3 and compare its characteristics, brightness, contrast, overall quality, etc..

2 - This "new" screen is still not multi-touch apparently.

3 - The mysterious small square under the D-PAD, is not a vitality sensor, not even in a light version, not a touchpad, not a mini pulse sensor as on sports equipment, not a decorative thing, or whatever. This is the NFC sensor.

-> The demonstration of this feature in the Rayman leaked video isn't representative of how it will work, such a use could obviously have bad consequences for the screen if people would put figurines briskly on it.
-> This technology has an optimal range very limited (a few centimeters), placing the NFC chip in the middle of the controller, behind the screen, wouldn't have been good for several reasons (related to the display), and wouldn't be the most practical and efficient choice to recognize, to establish communication without any problems, with NFC tagged objects, and people would have put those very close to the screen with the risk to damage it.
-> Putting the sensor on one of the controller side, is a way to extend and clearly define the NFC range in this zone. When we lay it down on a table, our knees, etc, we can put more practically and safely in this virtual perimeter near the left DRC border NFC objects, some of which being heavy or with edges that could deteriorate the padlet.
-> It's possible, in order to properly recognize the location of the NFC, and to inform people of this feature, that there will be a sign, a sticker, on this square.

4 - The small button near the power remains mysterious for third-parties. It isn't a touchpad, an additional game input, or other exotic feature apparently. It may be related to the asymmetrical setting of the system. Basically, it could allow an instant switch between the TV and the DRC. Grain of salt for this.

5 - As I said, these changes are documented and third-parties are informed of those for months. It appears they just received the updated padlet. This could be due to logistics, manufacturing, delivery, etc., but it's certainly indicating Nintendo spent some time, until rather recently, to tweak and polish the DRC we'll see at E3.


Thought we already knew this.

I need to stop knowing secret info for no reason...

EDIT: Start and Select buttons moved? Not sure I knew that. YAY!


Stick placement seems weird. I.e Right stick being above face buttons.

As long as its comfortable, I don't care - just looks odd is all.

EDIT: Movement of the start and select buttons is stupid.

Still has 'Wii U' on there.


Unconfirmed Member
I want to hold it! Also, I hope them sticks click.


I kinda like the older one tbh, purely aesthetically.

This one looks even more like some device from a cheesy sci-fi flick.
They've moved the Start and Select buttons, too.

Lovely stuff. Let me see the back, now.

EDIT: The buttons and D-Pad are closer to the screen, too. Looks a lot like the prototype sketches that were thrown about a while ago.


this show is not Breaking Bad why is it not Breaking Bad? it should be Breaking Bad dammit Breaking Bad
Unbelievable, I love the GameCube analog-stick feel! THANK THE HEAVENS.



It's sooo beautiful!!! The one thing I fucking hated about the controller, though I still wish they would swap the face buttons with the right analog stick/nub but oh well.

EDIT: Oh wait, they also moved the right stick slightly to the side, much more comfortable than having it directly on top of face buttons

The M.O.B

White Sticks = It's gonna turn yellowish/brownish after a group of people have their way with it.

Just like my nunchuck stick :(
Really happy that they've gone back to real analog sticks. The slide pad made sense for the 3DS because of the clam shell design, but there was no reason for them to be in the Wii U controller.
Great news, circle pad is fine for a handheld but I want sticks for a console any day.

Now all I wish it had was a capacitive touchscreen which isn't gonna happen.
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