Sega Announces New Corporate Identity Based on the “Amazing SEGA” Concept

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Today Sega announced a brand new corporate identity concept with a series of videos.

A corporate identity intends to communicate the company's image to its customers in a way that is easy to understand, and this new image is based on the ”Amazing Sega" concept.

The concept is communicated through a video of an eye, an emotional clip featuring Yakuza series Director Toshihiro Nagoshi, and a making of video.

The ”Amazing Sega" corporate identity focuses on the company's determination to provide ”more surprises than ever before" to its customers, and will be used as a branding tool for each subsidiary of the Sega group.

Interestingly, the videos feature a special device developed internally that measures the expression of the human eye and turns it into data. The device was used to track the eyes of players engaging with Sega's games, and the data generated by moments of amazement was converted into sounds.
Video 1, 2 and 3.

Lock if old.
For a long time I think the company really struggled trying to connect with it's user base and try and ooze a specific identity. Since Satomi became CEO the improvements have been pretty tremendous, wonder how this will further translate with Western branches.
Don't say that your amazing Sega, be it.

They have been doing some pretty good things during recent years, but they are not amazing to me. Not in the sense they could be 15/20 years ago.
Leveraging their name recognition, pantheon of characters and long history can hopefully be a good thing for them. They need to give themselves a premium feel and I think these types of videos are geared towards that.
Sega has seen quite the turn around in the past few years, where as the wuality of their titles have been poor to mixed last gen, thigs have improved considerably
Hi Sega, if you're so amazing now, you'll erase that latest Daytona USA arcade game from history, and start over again, doing it properly.
The branding/style from that 3 second video with the eye is good. I could get used to seeing that after trailers. Has the feel of a late 90s/early 00s commercial.

Between this and the ip revival stuff from the other thread, I guess Sega is trying to be cool again. Hope they succeed I guess.