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Shadowverse: Champion's Battle - Nintendo Switch Gameplay (Preview)


Jun 1, 2019
Didn't see a thread for this, preview embargo ended this past Monday, so here goes. I got a chance to check the full game out thanks to ONE PR Studio & XSEED Games. I've played about 8 hours, and only on chapter 3. The preview contains the first 4 chapters. Here's some info:

- Game launches August 10th on Nintendo Eshop in the West. Already launched in Japan earlier last year.
- install size is 7.4GB. There is a demo on the E-Shop now which contains a portion of chapter 1. Demo progress carries over to final game.
- This is a reimagining of the anime that launched last year. The anime is based on the mobile game that launched in 2016.
- All cutscenes and main characters are fully voiced in English. You can change to Japanese if you like. NPCs in the world with speech bubbles are not voiced.
- There is an auto dialogue feature so you don't constantly have to Press A all the time.
- Over 600 cards to collect within 7 different deck classes. You can make your own decks and share the deck codes online
- Yes there is an online feature for ranked and normal matches.
- The card gameplay is similar to Yu-gi-oh with monsters having Attack points, Defense points, and the opponent has a life point counter as well. The only difference here is you can attack an opponents life points directly without having to destroy their monsters first. Unless they have special monsters. There's a lot of in depth mechanics which the game will teach. The tutorials are substantial.
- Anime style game and runs decent enough. Loading times are anywhere from 2-5 seconds depending on zone changing on the map, in and out of cutscenes, and also starting battles.
- Cards are earned by facing opponents in story, side npcs, and opening card packs at the vendor.

Some things I noticed:

- AI in the beginning are very forgiving. They hardly attack your life points directly unless you have no monsters on your field.
- Some decks are overpowered with infinite summoning. You could have a situation where the opponent has stacked like 9 monsters and you can barely summon one.
- take time to build your decks. Starter deck is useful but once you hit B Rank, and above the opponents start using tons of magic and auto summons monster cards.
- Explore the world as there are orange data cubes that give new stronger cards and card packs. Don't snooze on them.
- the game world is quite colorful and the city looks great. But it is zoned and you can't explore fully...

Nintendo Switch Preview Gameplay:

If there's anything else, I'll add it as I play more. If you any questions do ask. I'll try my best to answer them
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