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Sharing videoclips on ps4 is a giant pain

Dec 4, 2019
When I'm playing Dmc or Rocket League or whatever, sometimes I want to save a videoclip of what just happened, so I can share it, usually on twitter.

Here's what happens:

- Press share button to open sharing menu. This takes a few seconds to even pop up
- I select 'save videoclip'
- A new menu opens, I press up a few times to select 'Trim'
- The trim menu slowly opens up, loading the past 30 seconds of gameplay (I chose 30 seconds in the global settings)
- After a few seconds, the video is loaded in this UI
- I select a 'time step' of 1 second to get fine control of what part of the clip to select (if I do this before the video loads in the precious step, sometimes the menu just freezes)
- I find the start and end points of the clip by pressing L2 and R2 on the appropriate seconds
- Preview the new clip to see if this is what I want. This step and the previous might be run through a few times to finetune
- When satisfied, I can run through some more menus to post on twitter, then control gets put back to the game I'm playing

This all takes an enormous amount of time. If I try this in rocket league, I will get kicked out of the match for being idle too long.

I don't understand why this needs to be so shitty, surely Sony can think up a flow that allows quick editing and instant posting. Shares and reach (and sales) would probably increase. If you look at the UI of ShareFactory (seperate app on ps4), it allows faster editing by constantly looping over the selected clip, while editing so you get quick feedback. Sadly ShareFactory has other issues such as terrible clip selection screen and really abysmal compression of the shared clip.

Is it this shitty on xbox?

All I want is to quickly share my cool gameplay clips. Why does it need to be so convoluted? Sony plz fix.