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Shenmue 3 Refund Update


Jul 1, 2009
From the Kickstarter Mailer:

Hello Everyone,
We are almost ready to begin the survey resend for PS4 region changes and refund requests. Survey preparation details follow.

Survey Outline
During mid-September emails will start going out from Fangamer to all backers notifying you of your currently selected game version. Please check your mail to confirm your version. Backers who wish to make a change may then follow the link to your survey in the mail to take the necessary action.
*It will take a few days for all emails to be sent out to backers.

Survey Period
The survey period is planned to be up two weeks long. Survey period details will be announced in the survey open update.
Changes to rewards will not be available after surveys close, so please be sure to respond within the survey period. Address changes may be made up until shipping begins.

Concerning Refunds
Refunds will be honored for backers who had selected a PC version and are not satisfied with the proposed reward options.

Refund Request Processing
Refund requests will be accepted only through the backer survey during the survey period. Processing details will be announced at the start of the survey period.
Refund processing timing may vary depending on payment service and transaction status. It may take up to 20 business days to 3 months from the time the refund request is made until the refund transaction is completed.
We promise to proceed with refund request processing promptly and reliably, however, due to the fact that the campaign is now 4 years on, along with the complexity of the transactions and payment service system arrangements, we ask for your understanding that processing times may vary depending on individual transaction circumstances.

Refunds and In-game Rewards
The possibility is high that in-game rewards for backers who requested a refund may not be removed from the game. We ask for your understanding that production of in-game rewards has been well underway and that changing implemented content is difficult at this stage of development.

Survey system changes are currently undergoing final checks. An update will be posted with notification of the survey start. The wait will be just a little longer and your patience is appreciated.

Thank you always for your support.