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Side-scrolling gothic action RPG Black Witchcraft for PC launches September 8

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Side-scrolling gothic action RPG Black Witchcraft for PC launches September 8​

Over eight years since its initial reveal.


Eight years after its initial reveal, side-scrolling gothic action RPG Black Witchcraft will launch for PC via Steam on September 8, publisher CREST and developer Quattro Gear announced.

The game is also planned for release across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch at a later date.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:

The last witch hunters, the House of Usher, were doomed to fall. In the house, “Lenore,” the powerful witch had been sealed away, never to be released again.

Roderick Usher, the last head of the family, went insane as he succumbed to the power of Lenore. He had no mercy for anyone, or anything, that stood in his path, even his little sister Madeline Usher. Just as she was about to meet her demise, she was led by the Raven who wanted to help stop Roderick’s madness. Madeline was led to the Great Witch Ligeia, the legendary witch who possessed the power of Black Witchcraft.

Become Ligeia and embark on an epic journey. The witch of legend has awoken from a long slumber and is now ready to slaughter her enemies with the suitcase of demonic power, Dullahan.

You are the only one who can infiltrate the cursed Haunted House, guarded by the demons Roderick has summoned. You must put an end to Roderick Usher’s madness in order to prevent Lenore from being resurrected.

Key Features
  • Level up by destroying the demons to obtain essences to craft potions that can help you in battle. Distribute Stat Points acquired from Leveling-up to enhance Ligeia’s various stats.
  • Get trait points to learn new magic skills. You can improve Ligeia’s traits by acquiring the Ancient Wood Witches’ Growing Magic Circle, the Big Dipper and Raven Constellations’ Magic Circle. Also by defeating the demons.
  • Gigantic, grotesque demons stand in your way. Learn their skills, dodge their destructive attacks, defeat them, and subdue their power.
  • Collect “Stigma,” a special ability of the ancient witches. By combining 30 enhanced skills in 3 slots, you can refine a variety of combat styles to suit your own play style.
  • 200 stages created by Annabel Lee, nine gigantic bosses, and 100 hidden stages all await you!

Various characters surround the secrets of the House of Usher and Black Witchcraft. Save them from danger and unravel the mystery of the Haunted House by conversing with them.
  • Ancient mystical witch rituals to resurrect the souls of the dead into corpses.
  • Witch hunter’s pendulum to defeat the intruders.
  • Pluto, the black cat howling behind the walls.
  • A doppelganger named William Wilson.
  • The ball of the dead, where the red masks await.
  • Hopfrog the dwarf, and the tar monsters.
  • The Raven of Nevermore.
This bizarre and eerie Haunted House is based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, and have been hand-drawn in a high-resolution lively 2D style.

Gothic Visuals will Draw You into this Unique World

Classic side-scroller action RPG gameplay. Dullahan, a special weapon that transforms into a variety of weapons. Beautiful, hand-drawn, high-resolution 2D characters.

Black Witchcraft is for those who love the twisted, gothic world of Edgar Allan Poe, and those who desire to unravel the mysteries of the Haunted House.

Watch a new trailer below.

Source: Gematsu


OooOOoo, quite nice waifu's here.

Not my genre but who can say no to lil' cutie, goth-y, chain-gun wielding, hyper-lordosis sufferers like these!

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