So how bad is the Switch stock situation?

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That or the demand isn't as high as other launches.
That's all but a given. Nothing makes it in hotter demand than it is during Christmas shopping season. A March launch was never going to compare 1-to-1.
For an off-season launch though, it's doing alright. Though we will have to see once scalpers realize that scalping retail goods outside the holidays is the dumbest move.
Didn't sell well in Ireland, there were even dozens of the Neon on shelves yesterday and neither Smyths nor Gamestop sold out of pre-orders. In comparison the PS4 was difficult to get in its first month and the Wii for about 3 months although I think releasing near christmas makes a huge difference for interest in buying a new system around here.
Atlanta area. I walked into the Duluth Fry's at 11:30 am yesterday and got one and they still had a bunch. Seemed to be sold out most other places around here from looking at stock checkers online though out of curiosity.
Sold out in my area (Brooklyn NY). But, was readily available for quite some time yesterday. I walked into Best Buy to pick up my nephew pre-order and got one myself (no pre-order) BB had 40 extra units, Target had 80, which sold out in two hours.
My experience, NYC/Queens. Plan was always go to a store, if they had Zelda Wii U and a Switch I would just get to the Switch. If they had JUST Zelda Wii U I would buy that and call it a day.

Target had neither.

Best Buy had just Zelda Wii U and all the tickets they had for the extra Switches had been given out when they opened.

Also went to Toys R Us for amiibos and in the time I was there I saw three people walk right up to the register, frantically, and ask if they had Switches. Guy said come back Sunday morning.
Be interesting to see if the stock situation gets better or worse in the coming days / weeks.

When the Wii came out, word of mouth kept demand high for several months post launch. Pretty much everyone who tried a Wii wanted one. Nintendo just couldn't get the on the shelves fast enough.

I don't think the Switch can replicate that, not because of the hardware (it is an excellent concept), but because there isn't a Wii Sports level game that will grab the public's attention.
I'm going to watch a movie later today and will check out a few retailers to see if they have any Switch units. If they do I will buy one and cancel my Amazon preorder that still hasn't shipped.
The Best Buy where I grabbed my preorder must've had 100 more unreserved. Doubt that's still the case but try locally around you if you don't live in a major metro.
It was sold out everywhere in Germany (at least everywhere in Düsseldorf) yesterday. But I was told several time that the retailers will be restocked next week and I could place an order to get one in the next days, since the demand isn't that high.
Also pro controllers and zelda copies everywhere in stock.
I went to the Seven's Saturn yesterday, could not even find the Switch shelf, lol.
There have been no shortages in my area. Wesley Chapel best buy even had a neon one in stock at 5 pm yesterday.

I went to midnight launch and no one got turned away of about 40 people who lined up.
I pre-ordered mine on Xtralife (a local Spanish e-tailer) and it got here yesterday morning. I spent some time in El Corte Inglés (a really big retail chain in Spain) and they had quite a few in stock.

So maybe Europe is, for once, in the clear?
I'm in Italy and yesterday at Mediaworld there was only my preordered copy left of Zelda, the game was all sold out.

Anyway there was still some consoles.
Have to admit I was in the thread early and everyone at that time seemed like it was overpriced. Who could argue it is not? Like I have said whilst I am enjoying zelda and a few other nintendo do games to come, aint nobody gonna buy this, when they could get an xbox or ps4 for same price or cheaper. Sales will be interesting when they come.
I dont think that the PS4/Xbox 1 being cheaper has much to do with it. There is enough of a point of difference due to the Switch's portability that a fair number of people will value that/double dip.

In Saying that. Almost $600AUD for a Switch +Zelda is just too much for most.

Edit:Anecdotally my local EB was sold out on preorder shipments possibly through the first 2 rounds, while Big W and JB HI FI were pretty well stocked so who knows
I had two pre ordered. My smazon order came so I went to gamestop and cancelled my gamestop pre order. They couldnt believe I was doing it. No scalping for me, just hopefully someone who really wamts one and missed out gets it.
Selling or only listed? There's a difference.
no.. selling with bids. I know how ebay works as I use to do it for a primary job for a few months but I looked early on my phone and couldn't get the price down clearly from rmb

but I checked on pc and yeah 400 and over currently with a game so not a huge profit when you consider the fees etc but I didn't look at it too closely, will check a bit more

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I am not up to date on fees but lets say they are making near 75 on each one. If the dude with 25 sold all his right now he just made roughly 2,500 or less depending on his actual profits from shipping etc nothing amazing to be honest. Not too shabby, but it's probably a weeks worth (not in total hours) worth work in in all seriousness probably atleast a solid 25 hours worth oh photos, packaging, printing labels, driving to the post, insurance or not etc worth of work. While I know he is being a dick, it isn't super cut and dry easy at least. Especially if the profit margins shrink.

Every now and then listings do sell for a lot more than the average too cause people feel they need that "one"
US -- Every Target in the Tri-State area is showing it as in stock. I actually went and almost impulse bought one but decided to just enjoy Switch on the WiiU for the time being.

Maybe it's YMMV but I don't think it's going to be particularly hard to find a system if you're really trying.
Im in upstateNY/CT and couldn't find a single one.
Im in upstateNY/CT and couldn't find a single one.
Yeah. It seems dependent on your area. Doesn't seem available anywhere around me. There was a group of teens at best buy yesterday morning when I picked up mine who said they were going around looking for one. I didn't ask where all they'd been or anything, but they got shot down at Best Buy.

On the other hand, they aren't selling for much on my local craigslist. Saw one person sell one for cost, the rest seem to be going for $450 at the most. I think the launch lineup is way too weak for demand to be there enough for scalpers to make a killing.
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