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Sonic Forces × Hooters collaboration announced

I cannot believe that I actually put those words in a sentence.

More details are surfacing soon.


*sees thread title, can't be what it sounds like

*is exactly what it sounds like

*Aborts outta thread before Sonic deviant art starts getting posted
Busty owl character confirmed. Prepare for a new era of fanart. Who am I kidding, someone out there has drawn a Sonic character in a Hooters outfit already.


Wtf. I honestly have no idea what each company was thinking. Even looking completely at the crossover between the two groups and expecting the absolute optimistic best, I don't understand this.

But at the same time I don't see how sonic is still around. Sonic mania is great but everything apart from that has been a dumpster fire


So much for the franchise being aimed at kids.

meh Hooters is just another bar+grill like a Chilis nowadays, also:

On the brink of a major expansion into the continent, the wing restaurant is hoping to become a more family friendly dining destination—and that means a makeover is coming to the chain’s most famous assets in new locations.

“We are still Hooters but we recognize that if we want to be a part of the community, we have to adapt to be embraced,” Neil Bailey, the president of Hooters Asia told Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia.
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