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Drama Clickbait Cringe Sony launches the indie program again


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Aug 18, 2017
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There's games being worked on before the PS5 drops, when you get a launch wrong like PS3 you get it really wrong but I envision SONY surrounding the PS5 with plenty of AAA exclusives.


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Dec 3, 2013
Sorry, just taking MS PR at face value because I was born yesterday

https://attackofthefanboy.com/news/phil-spencer-on-the-death-of-the-parity-clause/ (2015)

Didn't realise it was still a thing

I hear ya. The truth is in the details.

I think so. There’s this idea that’s been named ‘parity clause’, but there is no clause. We’ve come out and been very transparent in the last four or five months about exactly what we want.

They probably don't call it a "clause" but have another name for their "policy". It's all PR BS with this.
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Sep 30, 2019
and what a coincidence, as the next gen rolls around, Sony again magically loves indies. they have so tremendous love for indies the head of WWS is now going to be working with indie publishers. with a cute name, PS :messenger_heart: Indies lol.

let me guess? barely any exclusives in the first 2-3 years of the system again? 1-2 years of good games and the last two years are bad.

"its not that we don't have games, we just love indies so much we're focusing more on them than games you peeps buy consoles for traditionally, heres this indie game that its console version is broken and never gets updated while the PC version gets support and free DLC that never gets added to console stores"
What PlayStation console had a bad last two years?? PS4's last year looks amazing


May 7, 2019
I would play more indie games if some of them were low poly 3d games styled after PlayStation/Sega Saturn graphics. I'm worn out on pixel art.


Dec 6, 2017
So, is there actually some new indie program by Sony? I would like to bring our game to PlayStation.
Yeah, I don't actually see what this is even about. So I guess beyond being utter console war cringe, SlashBringingHasher just outright lied too. What a surprise.

Otherwise, I assume this is the page you need to register at:


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May 4, 2005
Yeah, I don't actually see what this is even about. So I guess beyond being utter console war cringe, SlashBringingHasher just outright lied too. What a surprise.

Otherwise, I assume this is the page you need to register at:
I know that programme, but it is pretty restrictive in that it requires a static IP, which is not easy to get at least here, so a reworked indie programme would have been of interest to me.


Apr 7, 2006
I remember PS4 had great indie games all gen long...…..They started with a bang with Resogun at launch, then we had Don't Starve, Rocket League, The witness, Outlast, Edith Finch, Guacamelee 2, Firewatch, Fez, Gone Home, Abzu, Inside, Journey, Matterfall, Velocity, Shovel Knight, Celeste, Stardew Valley, Deadcells, Superhot, Hotline Miami, Overcooked, Hollow Knight, Nex machina, Storm Divers (a great game), Alienation and the list goes on and on and on.....

Then we had AA games like Concrete genie, which looks better than many AAA games graphically, is unique and great to play...... Unique games like Gravity Rush and the VR games...…..There is no doubt that Sony has focused on smaller games from smaller studios all throughout this gen......So it's certainly not only when PS5 is approaching....

They are simply asking indie devs to pay attention and alert them to a new platform where their wares can really shine...…There's nothing wrong with that, it's a drive to push creativity and since PS5 is a dream to develop for with lots of power, we can also see some really impressive indies visually harnessing unique gameplay designs, ai and physics tech due to that power and ease of use...…Look at Rocket League, when I first saw that game I got it on PSN PLUS and a few weeks later, it blew way past the expectations of the devs, way past what they ever hoped for...There is nothing wrong with giving indies impetus and drive to invest in new ideas and projects to see where it takes them......
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Apr 27, 2018
East USA
Haven't Indie games been the most creative and innovative in recent years? It's nice having that refreshing retro feel, it's like I'm reliving childhood memories by playing Indie games save for some of their more modern takes on character design and worlds, and the weird SJW devs whose games I'd never touch.

These companies need to plan better. Imagine if Sony delayed TLOU2 and Ghost of Tsushima for them to be PS5 launch titles, and imagine if Sony delayed TLOU1 and Gran Turismo 6 when the PS4 was coming out. It's absolutely baffling to me that they make these sort of decisions and yet have a couple of years with disappointing E3's, it's not because they're "Indie" games, it's because games are taking too long to make, and planning as I've stated.
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May 24, 2005
Do they still have that clause in 2019-2020? The article is from 2017, I’m just mire curious than anything. I think it’s bad altogether.

That I'm not sure of. But I really hope not.


Apr 7, 2019
It's a fair point. Sony was really in favour of indie games for ages and then suddenly stopped caring after the release of What Remains of Edith Finch. I suspect they found many of their AAA games were better received so lost interest.

By contrast, Nintendo has definitely been more supportive of indie games. I think most developers agree too — Axiom Verge 2 developer Tom Happ recently said he thought the Switch is the best home for his game.

Edit: Not meaning to console war. Don't care about that.

Funny, given that Tom Happ had some trouble with Nintendo with the original game. The fact that he calls the Switch is the best home for Axiom Verge 2 regardless says a lot about how Sony fumbled the ball with indies in the latter years of the ps4.
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Feb 20, 2018
When you're releasing as many GOTY-level AAA games as PS4 did the last several years, it is difficult to find the stage presence for multi-platform, low-budget indie games on their stage shows.

But, they're all still available for purchase on the PlayStation Store anyway.


Mar 19, 2010
I've been a big fan of insane MS fanboy threads all the way back to those hilarious "secret sauce" ones with all those massively convoluted diagrams and theories. They might not have the best consoles but MS certainly have the most entertaining fanboys!