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Sony: "We have not changed the production number for PlayStation 5"


Mar 11, 2015
Honest question, how is this FUD? He literally says it is both speculation as well as something Sony predicted, not some unexpected negative.
What people do not realize that when you are s public figure on twitter with lots of followers. Your "speculation" is most of the time taken and ran with. Like in this particular instance. Bloomberg comes to mind when they published a "rumor" about Sony dialing back production from complications with no official source and you see what that did. Influence has a lot of power.
Jun 13, 2020
Just try to read this carefully, I guess some are reflecting their own problem on others:

Thanks to Agnostic2020 Agnostic2020 for the catch! They seem to be selling it at a big loss.
That is a comparison to previous xboxes and specifically xbone X.
you can see in that same slide microsoft showed, that xbone x's die area is bigger than series x's
but, its more expensive.
this back then at hot chips -where it was presented- sparked a lot of video games advertising media to say that it will be more expensive, and many doing their own "break downs" to explain just why it will be more expensive.

since last week, we all know how this turned out ;]
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Jun 1, 2020
One could argue that when Bloomberg wrote back in spring that sony is worried and therefore is planning equal/reduced initial numbers compared to last gen despite ps4's success and will wait for microsoft to announce pricing first, that would also be something harming the image of the company.
And the proper way for a corp. to "hammer down" false claims is to present the truth. you know, to clear every doubt and set the record straight.
Here we see a responce "we dont comment on manufacturing, but bloomberg is wrong"
Now, I am not saying that Bloomberg is right and Sony is wrong, but Sony's response here is imo less than it should be.
Pretty soon the chips will fall to the table though, and things will be de facto proven.
Bloomberg: Production yields for the part have sunk as low as 50%....
Sony: While we do not release details related to manufacturing, the information provided by Bloomberg is false.

What do you expect Sony to say? I am not sure how they can make it any more clear unless they were to give yield specifics and they are not going to do that. Do you think MS would give theirs? No they would not. They would say something similar.

Both companies are most likely having some yield issues. It is early manufacturing of new chips. I am no expert but I believe it is to be expected. I am sure AMD, Sony and Microsoft have enough experts to know that they are doing so I am going to trust all three over any leaks and rumors.
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Epic Sax CEO

Nov 4, 2019
Bloomberg: Production yields for the part have sunk as low as 50%....
Sony: While we do not release details related to manufacturing, the information provided by Bloomberg is false.
This news is based on a false premise.

It's just not possible for that to happen. When a hardware enters mass producing this part of manufacturing is already set with assurance, it already reached a sustainable level months ago. There's no better foundry right now than TSMC, their 7nm is not new, it's proven technology.
Again this whole premise is false, if anything like that ever happens would impact every TSMC's customer, because the problem with be with them, not with Sony's chip.
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Epic Sax CEO

Nov 4, 2019
SONY supposedly has a staggered regional release schedule; that could be an indication they lowered their production target.
Or the demand is just too high.
You can only produce the number you can produce, and TSMC is in high pressure to fab everything for everyone at the same time. There's a waiting line, there's a reason why Nvidia had to go with Samsung for their Ampere GPU. Even if there was a opening in the line a new order takes months.
The market are still in doubt about the new Xboxes and a few analysts are predicting another big victory for Sony against Microsoft in this new generation, so the predicted demand may be higher than Sony's initial order and they may want to have hardware on the shelves for the public to see.


Feb 26, 2019
Just a reminder that not only Bloomberg published false information, but even their analyst was wrong about the PS5's price.

Just to make sure you folks remember when you see another alluring headline from them and you're tempted to click. 😂