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Sony Working on Self-Coaching System for Below Average Players - Could Be Working on AR Games


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Sony aims to aid players by providing a UI display to review video and controller input capture of previous gameplay, specifically of player failures, and then provide an alternative strategy. The patent also hints at supporting players who fall below a specific skill level, and even hints at possibly accounting for how often similar circumstances may arise later in the game. The illustrations associated with the patent are somewhat obtuse in the specifics of how this UI may appear or be accessed, but it could be construed that they are using Fortnite (or a Fortnite clone) as their key example with some of the examples of reviewed options being “Jump or build a wall.” As games like Fortnite continue to add tons of content, and enjoy widespread popularity, it’s no surprise that some may want to get better at such competitive shooters.


This recent patent more specifically describes an AR play space mapped by multiple cameras from which a player, wearing a kind of head-mounted device that’s likely intended to represent the PSVR 2, can customize their view. In short, it seems like a method that would allow a player to view themselves in third person. Strange as it seems, this may well blossom into an innovative new take on gaming. PlayStation is the only major home console line to offer significant support for VR, and this suggests that Sony’s interest in VR and AR gaming isn’t likely to diminish anytime soon.

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