Splatoon 2 |OT| Fresh Squids 2 Go

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I see everyone read the please don't post yet lol.

Btw i am going for a marie + callie + marina tattoo i will ask the artist to put marina between the squid sisters erm cousins. On one of my back shoulder sides if possible on my back.

Lets go i love Splatoon people!!!!
Don't worry i am sure to visit a very high skilled artist Splatoon kinda helped me out of a big stress period my father had kidney failures last year and i found him dead nearly he is now doing okay (i saved his live) i had stress about that until i finally picked up splatoon early this year.

Have fun and splat everyone!
I can't fking wait for the game!

Thanks for the awesome god tier OT!
We finally did it guys! We made it to OT5! I'm proud of everyone ;_;

Sadly no early copy for me here in France. My local stores are selling the Splatoon Pro Controller and accessories early, but not the game. Oh well, I can wait a few more hours for that sweet 6 EUR Discount. :p

Pumped and excited! Bring on the new era of freshness!
Is there a Splatoon-themed case out there that looks as good as the Hori/official one but has more cartridge pouches? Have been using the Sheikah Slate one with 10 pouches but I do like that Splatoon design.
It's so close!
I have to wait like 15 hours still on postal service but i don't care the OT will help!

Still thursday here.
But again dude u outdid urself awesome OT!

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