Splatoon seems to be developing quite the fan art following already....

Awesome stuff in here!

Perhaps this is technically not the correct thread to ask this in, but seeing as it is art related and since the OT is going so fast: can someone here give me some info on the Japanese strategy guide?

What I want to know is:
- Why does it seem to have more pages than the Prima guide?
- Is there a lot of cool (concept + official) art included, not only of characters but perhaps also of stages and weapons etc.?
- How does the amount of art compare to the Prima guide (which I've also not seen)?
- Is any of the DLC covered at all, especially maps (in either one)?

I'm thinking of buying either this one or the Prima guide one depending on the amount of art it contains. If none of the (upcoming) DLC is featured I might wait though. Cheers fellow squids!


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That 4th one IS Splatoon, it encapsulates the game the best.

All this fan art is highly impressive, when was the last time a game generated that many drawings?
Is there a place I can easily search through splatoon art by crossover? Occasionally I'll think of something that would go well with it, and I want to check if there's already art :x

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So, I've just had a random fanart-related thought.

Over in TF2-land, there was the WAR! update, which pit Soldiers against Demomen; pick a side, and champion them, in the hopes of reaping rewards.

In Splatoon, we have Splatfests, which pit one thing against another; pick a side, and champion them, in the hopes of reaping rewards.

During the WAR! update, there was a Propaganda Contest.

I think you might be able to see where I'm going here.