Splatoon seems to be developing quite the fan art following already....

Very nice. You should add a source though

Anyway. Some art and bit of promotion for charity


That’s right! Hosted by thesmai​ , cyanatar and ohmyemi​ ,this is a zine like no other. In fact it’s a battle.
Taken from the splat fest formula, it’s time to show your dedication the way we know best, with art!
In addition, this book is being made to be sold for charity! Specifically, Child’s Play, a charity that aims to help children in need with the power of video games and play.


It’s time to pick your teams, Turf War! is officially open for business!

Turf War! is a charity art splatfest donating all proceeds to Child’s Play. Each team gets an art book to fight it out in! Now’s the time to show your loyalty!!

PLEASE check the application page on how to apply!
Deadline: 6th August!
Some fan art of the music bands
Both new and old
ABXY unnamed girl? by DJvenom


ABXY (The Chirpy Chips) by Ghiraham-Sandwich


hightide era by Soulivia

SQUID SQUAD by Ghiraham-Sandwich

Sea Cutie by Ghiraham-Sandwich

New anemone girl getting popular
The art in this thread remains to be incredible.
Nintendo have gold in their hands, I hope they don't squash this opportunity because this name could be a big thing in the future!
Manga artists draw quite a bit of Splatoon

Hiro Kanzaki ( Illustrator for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai / My Little Sister Can't be this Cute ) drew Splatoon's Squid Sisters


And from lazorchef.tumblr.

Woomy war face

sombrero inkling