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'Spy x Family' Anime Announced



Spy x Family, one of the most popular and acclaimed manga of the last several years, is finally getting an anime. CloverWorks Studio and WIT Studio, the studios behind the project, announced the series on Sunday.

Spy x Family follows a secret agent named Twilight as he attempts to infiltrate the government of an enemy state using a fake family as cover. While Twilight is afraid of letting his fake wife figure out he’s a spy, she’s secretly an assassin, and their “daughter” is a psychic who just wants to keep her new family together. The series is written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo and started its run in 2019. Since then, the manga has had 55 issues released.



Hell yeah, I only read the first few chapters of this but it was great stuff.

Now let’s get an anime announcement for Mashle: Magic and Muscles.
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