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Star Wars Battlefront |OT| Here's Where The Fun Begins

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PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
RELEASE: 11.17 (NA), 11.19 (AUS), 11.20 (EU)
EA ACCESS: 11.12 (10 hour trial)
PLATFORMS: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Origin)

  • Star Wars Battlefront marks the first game in a 10 year deal between Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts to produce AAA games set in the Star Wars universe. This first title is a reboot of a series of multiplayer shooter games that were inspired by the Battlefield series to recreate famous battles from the Star Wars films in an online environment. The series saw two main installments in 2004 & 2005, as well as two handheld spinoffs, that went on to have strong sales and develop a following of dedicated fans over the years. Over the last decade, a third installment was teased and cancelled on three occasions, but now the series has finally returned with the original creators of the Battlefield series at the helm combined with the marketing power of Electronic Arts, a new generation of consoles, and a rejuvenated Star Wars brand backed by Disney.
  • Standard Edition - Includes game only.
  • Deluxe Edition - Includes game + instant unlocks of 3 in-game items (Han’s Blaster, Ion Torpedo, Ion Grenade) + 2 exclusive emotes (Ion Shock, Victory).
  • Ultimate Edition - Includes game + Deluxe Edition’s extras + Season Pass
  • PS4 Bundle - Includes PS4 + Battlefront + 4 classic Star Wars games (Super Star Wars, Racer Revenge, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter)
  • Limited Edition PS4 Bundle - Includes Darth Vader themed PS4 + Battlefront: Deluxe Edition + 4 classic Star Wars games (Super Star Wars, Racer Revenge, Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter).
  • The Battle of Jakku - Includes 2 free maps covering the Battle of Jakku set 29 years before The Force Awakens. Available to all on December 8th, but pre-ordering Battlefront earns one week early access on December 1st.
  • Season Pass - Includes 2 week early access to 4 expansion packs + exclusive emote (Shoot First).
  • The Battlefront Companion app provides on-the-go stat tracking, player customization, and a mobile card game called Base Command where players can earn bonus credits for use in the main game.
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  • Search User = SG-17

  • Star Wars Battlefront is the most authentic game adaptation of the Star Wars films to date. DICE was given access to the Lucasfilm archives including props and original sound recordings. The original film locations, props, and vehicle models were scanned into digital form using photogrammetry techniques, and adapted them into the art assets that you see in the game. When combined with the physically-based rendering capabilities of the Frostbite 3 game engine, the result is an unrivaled recreation of the look and feel of the Star Wars films.
  • Star Wars Battlefront marks a return to a simpler time of shooter games. There are no killstreak rewards, perks, or weapon attachments. No prone stance, or iron sights. Access to powerful weapons and vehicles are scattered around the map for the taking. Weapons have unlimited ammo in addition to an active-reload style cooldown system, and have slower bullet laser travel which results in longer times to kill and the need to lead your shots.
  • What better way to let players enjoy Star Wars than to give them deeper control over how they play. Players can swap between first and third-person perspectives at the push of a button, move the camera over your left or right shoulder, add or remove individual elements from your heads-up-display, and customize your character’s appearance and equipment.
  • In the original games, players were forced to choose between predetermined classes of characters to play as, but now DICE has given you the ability to customize your equipment and appearances. Your equipment is made up of 1 primary weapon and 1 Hand of 3 Star Cards. Star Cards represent modifiers like special gear or traits that you can use during a match. As you rank up, you will earn credits to purchase new Star Cards and improve your Hands.
  • Another popular feature from the original games was the ability to play as popular characters from the films called Heroes. DICE has returned this feature as well, but with a twist. Heroes are now part of a new Power-Up system. These Power-Ups are scattered across the battlefield and give you limited access to powerful weapons, gear, vehicles, or Heroes. Power-Ups are available across all modes and will vary depending upon which mode is being played.
  • Going into a match with a partner allows you to share each other’s unlocked weapons and Star Card hands, as well as the ability to respawn at each other’s location throughout the match.
  • It’s no secret that DICE has made a name for themselves over the years by providing their games with some truly amazing sound effects and mixing. They are continuing this trend with Battlefront and taking it a step further by allowing for deeper audio settings and support for Dolby Atmos sound systems.

  • Multiplayer is the core of Star Wars Battlefront. With modes ranging from competitive 8 player skirmishes to 40 player epic battles, there is something for everyone to enjoy. These modes can only be played online and with one local player meaning they do not support splitscreen.
  • Blast, simply put is just Team Deathmatch. Your objective as either the Rebels or the Empire is to kill the enemy team. The first team to reach 100 kills or to have the highest score at the end of 10 minutes will win the round. Blast is 10v10 with no bots.
  • Cargo is Battlefront’s version of Capture the Flag. Imperials and Rebels are tasked with capturing precious cargo from the enemy base and bringing it back to theirs. Enemy cargo cannot be captured if your cargo is not at the home base. Once you capture the cargo INSERT NUMBER times, your team wins. Cargo is 6v6 with no bots.
  • In a variation on 1-Flag Capture the Flag, Droid Run has the Imperials and Rebels attempting to secure three GONK Power Droids. Once all three are secure, your team wins the round. Similar to Domination but with moving control points. Droid Run is 6v6 with no bots.
  • Drop Zone is a more personal 8v8 mode where you must capture and hold pods falling from orbit, similar in style of a King-of-the-Hill mode. The number of pods to capture will increase as each team captures or fails to capture pods. Captured pods will award players with battle power-ups. If your team captures 5 pods or if you hold the majority when the the 10 minute timer expires, you win. Drop Zone is 8v8 with no bots.
  • In Fighter Squadron you pilot a spacecraft of your choosing with the goal of wiping out the enemy team and destroying their transports before they can leave the atmosphere. You can pick up special power-ups to play as Hero Ships such as the Millenium Falcon or the Slave One. Fighter Squadron is 10v10 humans with an extra 10 AI bots per team.
  • Heroes and villains clash in this mode alongside ground forces. The objective of the game is to kill enemy heroes and to keep yours alive. 3 player from each side will take control of Heroes & Villains while the remaining players remain as ground troops. Eliminate all of the Heroes or Villains from on your opponent’s side to win.
  • Hero Hunt places a team of Imperials or a team of Rebels against an enemy hero alone. Find out if seven Imperials can take out Luke Skywalker or if seven Rebels can end Darth Vader. The player who lands the killing blow becomes the next hero. Hero Hunt is 7v1 with no bots.
  • Supremacy is a massive mode where the goal is the capture all of the enemy team’s command posts in the time limit or end the round with the majority. A cross between the classic mode Conquest from the Battlefield series and the fan-favorite Momentum (aka War) from Call of Duty, each team starts with two command posts under their control and begin fighting over a fifth, center command post. Once this has been captured the next command post opens up to be captured. Every time a command post is captured time is added to the clock. Players can fight as infantry, use land vehicles, or use starfighters as well as Heroes. Supremacy is 20v20 with no bots.
  • In Walker Assault, the Galactic Empire has landed two AT-AT walkers onto the planet. You must either as an Imperial escort at least one Walker intact to the Rebel Base while fighting off waves of rebel scum and preventing them from activating their communication uplinks. As the Alliance to Restore the Republic you must stop the Imperial bucketheads from reaching your base. To do this you need to activate the communication uplinks to call in Y-Wing bombers to damage and destroy the AT-ATs. Walker Assault is 20v20 with no bots.

  • In lieu of a traditional campaign, Missions are a series of cooperative modes that can be played solo or with a friend via splitscreen or online co-op. These modes range from simple mini-games to matches against A.I. opponents. All of these modes are playable offline.
  • In Training, you will be presented with various challenges to complete. Like mini games designed to help you learn the game or simply put your skills to the test. There are 5 training missions total, and an introductory mission to teach the basics of the game to newcomers.
  • In Battles, you will have the option to play a competitive match offline against A.I. opponents, or disable them and challenge a friend to a 1v1 grudge match. Collect points by picking up dropped tokens from fallen enemies. The first to 100 points wins.
  • In Hero Battles, the same rules as Battles apply, but now players take control of powerful characters from the Star Wars films instead of regular troopers.
  • In Survival, you must survive against 15 waves of invading Imperials until the Rebel Alliance can send a transport to evacuate you. Waves will become increasingly difficult and feature new enemy types to defeat. Claim drop pods to resupply or collect new weapons between waves.

  • There are 12 maps total in the game that will span 4 famous planets from the Original Trilogy of films. Sorry, no Prequels or Force Awakens locations, but they are always a possibility for future DLC. Each planet is playable in every Multiplayer and Missions game mode, but will vary in layout & size depending upon which mode is played.
  • The sixth world in the remote Hoth system, the ice planet Hoth was home to the Rebellion’s Echo Base three years after the Battle of Yavin. Discovered by the Empire, a fierce battle raged on the planet with the Rebels buying enough time to escape with the majority of their forces.
  • A remote volcanic world home to Sullustian species, Sullust was where the Rebel Alliance staged its fleet prior to the Battle of Endor. Discovered by the Imperials, the remaining Rebel forces must defend the world.
  • The forest moon of Endor was home to a massive Imperial shipyard where the Second Death Star was being constructed. A facility on the moon provided shielding for the incomplete battle station. Learning of this, the Rebel Alliance launched a desperate assault on the moon to take out the Second Death Star before it could become operational.
  • The Outer Rim desert world of Tatooine was home to both Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. A lawless world, Tatooine only hosted a token Imperial garrison until the Rebel Alliance and the Empire were forced to do battle in the scorching twin suns.

  • Heroes & Villains allow players to take control of powerful characters from the Star Wars films. In most modes, they will take the form of power-ups placed around each map for the taking, but some modes like Heroes vs Villains, Hero Hunt, and Hero Battles will allow players to spawn as them from the start of the match.
  • The Force is strong with this one. Live out your Jedi fantasies and deliver Force Pushes and Saber Rushes on the battlefront. As Luke, move quickly on any map and use his Lightsaber to deflect enemy blaster fire back at Imperial foes..
  • Ready to feel the power of the Dark Side? Strike fear into the hearts of any Rebel as the evil Sith Lord, Darth Vader. What he may lack in speed, he makes up with power and his unique abilities such as Force Choke and Saber Throw.
  • The legendary smuggler who's seen his share of blaster fights. Playing as Han Solo, you can adapt to any situation fighting off Imperial troops. The Six Shooter and Lucky Shot abilities will fit both long and short ranged combat.
  • Go behind the mask of the mysterious and deadly bounty hunter Boba Fett. Use the jet pack to bring death from above, or take out Rebel scum with the powerful rocket barrage or flamethrower.
  • Be a devoted leader of the Rebellion and use both defensive maneuvers and powerful attacks on the battlefront. Avoid enemy fire behind the Enhanced Squad Shield or one-shot most enemies with the mighty Trooper Bane ability.
  • End the insignificant rebellion as the galaxy's prime symbol of evil, Emperor Palpatine. Shock enemies with the iconic Force Lightning or use Force Dash to traverse the battlefront.

  • Vehicles function the same way as Heroes & Villains do and allow players to take control of popular vehicles from the Star Wars films. Vehicles vary from famous starfighters to deadly transports and quick speeders. Vehicles take the form of power-ups in most modes, but Fighter Squadron and Training will allow players to spawn in them from the start.
  • On the surface, the Falcon looks like a worn down junker. Beneath its hull, however, she packs many powerful secrets. Its owners have made "special modifications" on the freighter throughout the years, boosting its speed, shielding, and performance. Find it in Fighter Squadron.
  • Available in Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, and Walker Assault, the iconic X-wing is armed with four laser cannons and two proton torpedo launchers, and can take on anything the Empire throws at it.
  • With its sleek arrowhead shape, streamlined cockpit, and massive twin engines, the A-wing is even faster than a TIE Interceptor and well suited for lightning strikes. Try it in Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, or Walker Assault.
  • A small, wedge-shaped craft with two forward-facing laser cannons. In its rear arc is a harpoon gun fitted with a heavy-duty tow cable. The Snowspeeder is a two-man vessel, with a pilot and rear-facing tailgunner. Try it in Supremacy or Walker Assault.
  • TIE fighters were single-pilot vehicles designed for fast-paced dogfights with Rebel X-wings and other starfighters. Pilot these iconic ships in Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, and Walker Assault.
  • Faster and better-armed descendants of regular TIE fighters, TIE interceptors are waiting for you in the Fighter Squadron, Supremacy, and Walker Assault game modes.
  • The All Terrain Armored Transport, or AT-AT walker, is a four-legged transport and combat vehicle used by the Imperial ground forces. Bring down, defend, or even jump into the AT-AT in Walker Assault mode.
  • This two-man craft is lightly armed with chin-mounted laser cannons, and side-mounted weapon pods. Try it in Walker Assault or Supremacy.
  • Speeder bikes are single-driver craft that travel at very high speeds. The Empire used speeder bikes for military purposes on Lothal and Endor, while civilians use speeder bikes for everyday travel. Regardless, they require skill and fast reflexes. Master them on Endor in Supremacy and Walker Assault.
  • The deadly Slave I was infamous for its association with Jango Fett, who packed the craft with weapons, from laser cannons and projectile launchers to seismic charges. Boba Fett inherited Slave I upon Jango’s death, and now you can pilot it in Fighter Squadron mode.


Is this a sequel to the originals?
  • No, this is a reboot of the series. All previous games are no longer part of Star Wars canon.
Is this supposed to be a Battlefield game?
  • No. Both share similarities, but are not part of the same series.
Do I need to preorder to get the free DLC?
  • No. The “Battle of Jakku” DLC is free to all players. Pre-ordering earns one week early access.
Will the game span the entire film saga?
  • No. The game will only cover the Original Trilogy era, but the Clone Wars and Force Awakens eras could be future DLC.
Can I play offline against bots or in splitscreen?
  • Yes, but only Mission modes support these features. Multiplayer modes are only available online with 1 local player.
Will it also support splitscreen on PC?
  • No. Local co-op via splitscreen is only supported on PS4 & Xbox One.
Will the PC version support modding?
  • Not officially, but DICE could always choose to release mod tools later on.
Will multiplayer run on dedicated servers?
  • Yes, but it may not be available for Missions played cooperatively online.
Will multiplayer have a server browser?
  • No. A skill-based matchmaking system will match players automatically.
Will there be a public voice chat when playing online?
  • No. Public voice chat is disabled, but party chat is still available on consoles and text chat on PC.

  • After playing DICE’s reboot, feel free to check out the original Battlefront games from Pandemic and Rebellion. Copies of all 4 installments are pretty easy to find as they are all available across multiple platforms in both physical and digital formats with the only exception being the first installment that was never released through digital stores. The handheld games have aged poorly compared to their console predecessors, but both main installments still hold up well and are still playable online with community workarounds following the shutdown of GameSpy. I highly recommend the PC version of Battlefront II considering its wider availability, strong library of mods, and minimal issues running on modern systems.
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  • PS2 | Xbox | PC
  • PSP
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Nice OT! I am pretty hyped for this one, even if it plays a bit differently than I thought it would. I hope space battles show up sooner or later.


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Can't wait to see some Xbox One vids today, PS4 player here.
Anyone decide on what cards you're gonna be running the most?

The scout trait seems really good.

And the pulse ability reads as OP at the very least.


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I think I might actually pick this up on release date.

Not really got much else to play I don't think. Waiting for the GotY edition for Witcher 3 and I can hold on for Fallout.

Really enjoyed the beta. Having said that I might give it a week to see if there's any issues, given what happened with BF4.


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Liked what i played on the beta, will probably purchase.

Hopefully we can tweak the vehicule controls on PC so it's not a fucking nightmare to turn around.
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