StarForge - Infinite Voxels

This is the first alpha of a game I've downloaded in a long time. There's a "Starcraft 1 cinematic" vibe I'm geting. You know, the part with the trenches.

I'm excited.
Looks like it could be fun, though the player physics seem like something that may be more neat to mess around with than actually fun from a gameplay perspective. will definitely give it a go.
This looks amazing, I'm trying to imagine how difficult the backend for this would've been to create. Can't wait to get home to download it and try it out.
Just messed around with the demo a bit. I'm fairly certain the environments are polygonal. Seems like the terrain deformation uses voxels to calculate the deformation, which is then turned into a polygonal mesh instantaneously.
I really like the physics they have going with the first person pov; when you get thrown, you really get thrown. I'm surprised no one's picked up on that yet.

Also, it being completely open from the planet surface to (an amazing looking) space is what's up. Incredible, actually. The environmental art is markedly better than the character/gun models though.
I recognized music from Stéphane Picq (Lost Eden) in the trailer. Hope it doesn't turn out that they just copied their assets from all over the place.
Just messed around with the demo a bit. I'm fairly certain the environments are polygonal. Seems like the terrain deformation uses voxels to calculate the deformation, which is then turned into a polygonal mesh instantaneously.
Just going from the videos, this doesn't really look at all like that Infinite Voxels demo video we've seen a while ago. I'll try to keep up how this game turns out though :)
Infinite Voxels? It looks it given how much they're creating in so short a period with zero lag. Is this the unlimited point cloud data guys from Australia or is this someone beating them to market with their own idea?

Either way I'm downloading this. It looks great.


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Played it for a bit, pretty awesome, but unless I missed something this release has no way to actually get into space ( although you can see it).

Definitely going to keep an eye out on this. Pretty cool stuff.
Messed around a bit. Wanted to get into space, I guess I can just build blocks high enough but I don't really want to put the time into that.

Also, dat motion blur 0_0
Holy crap, that looks amazing. I really admire the ambition, how the hell did an indy developer pull this off? Obviously it needs a lot of work, but the potential is mind-boggling.
Got to fuck around for a few minutes and a couple of issues that I suspected would be part of the game were there. The game runs poorly but that's not surprising being an early alpha but the big issue and, I dunno if they'll ever be able to get this working properly, is that movement is spongy. Like the way your character interacts with objects when jump on them and what not feels very spongy and there are issues with getting stuck in the ground and stuff if you deform.

There's a cool base here though so hopefully they find a way to make it feel right.
Just got back from the alpha demo. Holy fuck this could become something really awesome. I'll definitely keep an eye on it, they have a huge chance with this game.
This looks kinda crazy. Will keep my eye on this.
Hoping for a download mirror soon, ISP port shapes the shit out of me for torrent.

Btw some tidbits I saw on the reddit thread

Our approach to F2P is, as we're developing the game we will release updates that anyone can download for free. Updates are either in the form of mini-demos (we show off and allow players to test an individual feature of the game that's in development) or full re-releases of the game itself (where the feature is developed and debugged enough to be put in with the rest of the game). These updates can be graphics improvements, new tech installments like middleware (Example: Euphoria, DMM, HumanIK, fluid simulations, etc.), bug fixes and other changes that improve the game as a whole.
The moneymaking bit is in allowing the player to buy character packages called "Heroes". Each hero has his own model, backstory, and has a number of perks, weapons, items and/or "tilesets" (explained below) that he can use in-game. Some characters might come with 6 different weapons, while another character might have several more perks than most other heroes.
However, rest assured that while this game is free-to-play, it is NOT pay-to-win. Buying heroes is strictly something you can do to customize and personalize the game to fit your play style. It is similar to unlocking characters in other games (Soul Calibur and Super Smash Bros. come to mind for me) in that no hero is necessarily better or worse than any other; it's just a matter of what you prefer to play with.
In fact, at any time there will be at least three heroes available (we will pick different ones every month or so) that you can play as for free. You can also unlock heroes simply by playing the game long enough; the benefit here is we believe this will cause players intent on unlocking characters without paying to invite their friends, causing viral spreading, and catching the attention of more people willing to pay.
Also, I mentioned that heroes can have their own "tilesets". Tilesets are basically the appearance of your character's building blocks. As you may have seen in the video, you can build using cubes similar to Minecraft. But instead of being simply a six-sided platonic solid, it can have trim, grooves, trusses, arches, studs, railings, and even physically simulated objects attached. Down the line our goal is to diversify the tilesets to such an extent that it looks like you're building fully-fleshed-out architecture that'd take weeks for a graphics artist to produce.
Thanks for checking out the game.
Also regarding funding

We're Canadian, so we cannot use KickStarter as it is American-Only. :( We might end up using Indiegogo as Canadians can use it.
So yeah