Steam Greenlight: 1000 games and counting, more Greenlit every few weeks


That's the whole point.

You can report stuff if it's fraudulent or copyright infringing.

Just upvote what you like and downvote the crap, and things should work out okay.

I mean there's already some shovelware crap on Greelight, and it hasn't been out an hour yet.
Yeah I kind of get that but no threshold at all...saw some stuff that's not even fit for, well, anything. Guess it will even out after a while as the worthless items will vanish.
I bet all those Indie Royale/Indie Gala games that everybody have (has?) and are not on Steam will be upvoted really fast.

I hope they all give me a copy of it too.
Dream does look interesting.

Favorite screenshot so far: Batl3

Most self-aware splash image: Dramagame

Game most potentially similar to The Ball which I have never played, but which looks cool to me anyway: Influx

Definitely trying the Project Giana demo before upvoting. Amongst this sea of crud, I feel there must be something wrong with this game. What's the hidden wart? I shall find out.

EDIT: Syder looks good too. Clearly I have terrible taste when it comes to clicking. Because I'm missing all the good stuff.
Wow, games are appearing extremely fast

Just voted for Little Racers Street, Wyv and Keep, bunch of other games...

You can tell how much pent up demand there was for these devs to get their games on Steam, it is like water flooding out of a dam suddenly opened up.
Looks ever so slightly like Jumping Flash.
But it plays like Quake (yeah, with a pinch of Jumping Flash). Development initially began because the lead dev was getting impatient with the wait for Hawken. They've been playtesting for awhile now, and if it receives a decent feature set, it is going to be soooo good.
Some games seem so much better than others. I mean, I guess thats the point, let the cream rise to the top. But its weird seeing games like Orc Attack in there which is already coming to PS3/XBLA/Vita lumped along side rpgmaker games

Anyway I love the artstyle of Melody's Escape. The trailer isn't doing anything for me though. What a weird song choice