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Summoning other players/NPCs in Souls makes bosses trivial and you should feel bad

Of course you are free to play and enjoy the games you want and I think it's better to cheese a boss than possibly never get past it but man, summons make fights trivial. Summoning someone to a boss fight doesn't merely make it managable but turns it into straight up the easiest thing you'll face all game because bosses will usually target just one player while the other guy freely gets their attacks in. Why even bother? The boss fights are arguably the best thing about the games and you choose to virtually skip them? Shame on you.

I sort of understand when players get frustrated upon facing multiple boss entities at once but I do think you people are robbing yourself of some of the most memorable single player gaming experience either way.

Solo all the way.
I'm glad I've never done this, even as I was pushed to the edge a few times. It's such a great feeling when you finally defeat a really tough boss after so many failed attempts.


Coop is just plain fun especially against bosses that try to gank you. Also, when you help someone beat a boss as a Sunbro, it's super satisfying.

I finished the entirety of Demon's without ever going online and that was fine. But for all the later Souls games, I've gone coop when needed.
It's their way of including an easy mode for some players. Not everyone has the time or patience to die against Orstein and Smough 50 times.

Let them play their way and you play your way.

I fucking hate this elitist attitude from Souls fans.
Nah, play the game how you want to. Insisting there's a "right" way to play the game just turns people away. I've played both solo and coop and they are both fun.


You don't need to be empathetic towards me.
Opinion as fact, big shock.

My favourite part of the souls games is summoning and defeating a level/boss with someone.

I guess I'm a hack.


First off, who are you to tell me how to play?
Secondly, while I do think it might be fun to do a solo run in DS just to try, I'm not invested enough in those games to care tbh. It's just as fun to do it with a friend.


If they're gonna throw multiple bosses at me at once I get to punch back with my own help.

Next you'll probably tell me I shouldn't be running past the majority of the trash mobs.


Boss battles are such a hassle.. especially if they are big monsters where camera gets really crazy.

For me Souls games are for exploration and treasure collecting. I never enjoy the bosses in them.


I'm going to summon a friend for all the (probable) Bloodborne II bosses and there is nothing you can do to stop me.


Yeah I definitely have enough time in my life to grind out gameplay patterns and memorization for hours or days just to beat a boss and then gloat about how good I am at soloing them on my favorite internet forums. Like, comment, and subscribe to my 1337 skills.

Or I can just summon Soliare and any other of my sunboiz online, and drink Estus flasks in jolly cooperation while I bop villainy and evil and actually have fun.


When I'm doing faith builds I rely on co-op to actually git gud. It's awesome. Plus I just can't be assed to fight something for 10 minutes when I'm on repeat playthroughs. Coughnameless kingcough.


Everyone that judges how other people play Souls games should be ashamed. People like you drag the reputation of the entire community down, OP. Fuck that elitist attitude.

Personally I did a solo run of DS3 first and every single playthrough after that has been full Coop with a friend (thank you, password system). Coop runs with Dried Fingers are amazingly fun. Nonstop 2v2 to 2v3 PVP while you try to reach the next bonfire.

I've also spent pretty close to literally 10 hours of my current run helping people beat Friede. Got over 50 Sunlight Medals just from that :D


But i kinda agree how bosses are broken when there is more than 1 player. Would be cool if there was a different move set when you have 2 player characters etc... Or a proper hate management system.
A hate bait thread, and you can tell just by looking at the title.

Git gud OP, shame on you for making it that obvious and you should feel bad.


Sometimes I summon, sometimes I don't.

I guess you're gonna have to take me to gamer court for my crimes, OP.


Lol so much salt in this thread, looks like OP really hit a nerve. I always go full solo on the first run in Souls games, the only exception are npc quests where they have to be present for the boss, and even then I sometimes go solo instead. It's the only way to truly git gud.


I just summon when I want to but I don't count on it. If my friends were around, yeah why not use a feature that FROM Software has provided to players since the first Souls and actively keeps trying to improve with stuff like conveants and passworded networking?

If FROM didn't want to allow players to do so they wouldn't give you the option, or do you really think a game without any difficulty options and extremely tight level and boss design would just keep having this feature around for such a long time if they personally thought it diluted the experience?

I mean, yeah I can understand the feeling of accomplishment of playing this game alone, I solo'd Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, but instead of complaining about players using features the game offers to you in a very straightforward manner, how about just accepting that it's okay if people want to enjoy games in ways different than you rather than bitching about how they aren't playing the game the way you want them to.
I'm taking names so that I can remember who to judge when Bloodborne 2 comes out. Ready your social excuses Gaf, you're gunna get soul judged!!


Sheesh. In other discussions people have asked for a lower difficulty and the answer is usually that summoning is the lower difficulty. And now this.


Congratulations OP. I applaud your enthusiasm for finishing Souls game solo. I also applaud you trying to convince people do something they aren't interested in doing. What a great way to use your time.
This is some of the worse stuff of the Souls fan base.


Some of the most fun I've had in Souls games were messing around in co-op with other people. In the first Dark Souls I made a character solely to hang around the Ornstein & Smough fight just to be summoned and help people fight the boss over and over again.

I hate the idea that Souls is a game only for the hardcore and you have to be extra cool awesome solo gamer to complete it. The goofy Souls community that messes around with invasions and co-op is the best part of the Souls community and hardcore bros are dumb.
Caring how other people beat bosses is more pathetic than summoning to beat bosses.
Damn right. I wish people would stop worrying about how people play the games that they purchased for themselves. Worry about your enjoyment. Don't worry about others. If it wasn't meant to be part of the game, it wouldn't have been included. I'll play my games in the way that makes them enjoyable to me, not you. As long as their is no cheating that could affect others.
I used to care about this, but we're so many games in now that it doesn't bug me anymore.

I'm not sure why someone would pick up an infamously difficult game and then take steps to try and remove the challenge, but it's not a terrible crime or anything.
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