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Switch 2 Expectations and Predictions


With the Switch OLED releasing very soon what are your expectations and predictions for Switch 2.

My predictions

It will be a Switch 2 or another name will be used but will include the name Switch in it.

It will still use the same resolution, as Deck has shown using a higher resolution will be a waste of vompyte resource for the eye to determine a differencs for such a small screen.

Enhanced BC
I believe the Switch 2 will use the same architecture as the original Switch, so some developers will patch original Switch games similar to how we see on PS5 and Series X. However original Switch games for unpatched games will have a option to run games in dock mode in handheld mode for on Switch 2.

I believe Nintendo will follow the NVME bandwagon. It makes sense for them as they would want quick and accessible games without long load times. Similar to the N64 era. However I think they will skimp out on the storage size and 256GB is the perfect balance. Majority of PS4 era games are under 200GB, also 128GB would be too low as there are many games that are over 100GB in the PS4 era games.

NVME Expansion Slot
I think Nintendo will use the Series X solution of expandable memory. Except it won't be sticking out the system but tucked inside.

Power, Price and Release Date
I believe Nintendo will be able to match Steam Deck power level which is equivalent to a PS4 at 60fps. You maybe thinking surely not as that's pricey tech. But I believe by fall 2023 which I think is when Nintendo will release a Switch 2 it will be cheap enough to use tech this powerful. I think Nintendo will be pricing it the same price as the current Switch OLED price. You maybe thinking fall 2023 is a long time from now. Well the original Switch has still not had a significant price drop yet so I believe in 2022 Switch will have a significant price drop and Nintendo will ride that wave for a year and a half of extra sales boost due to price drop.

Blu-ray Install Dock
This is where my predictions get wild. I believe the Dock itself will have a Blu-ray drive. The reason for this is to install games not to play games off the Blu-ray. I think all physical games will be coming with a Blu-ray install disk and a game card key. The idea is to save costs on physical media of having to provide NVME speed game cards. Instead we will get a game Blu-ray which is only used to install the game inside the Switch 2s internal NVME. The game will also will come with a game card. The game card will basically be a key to verify you own the game so will be cheap to produce and will have kbs of data. In fact you don't even need the Blu-ray disk if you don't want to and just want to download game data via internet you can just use the game card to do that as well. I believe this solution is way cheaper that having game cards with large data, PS4 era games go over 100GB for many games and 50GB for majority of games imagine if developers need to use game cards holding that amount of data that is very pricey.

Camera and Stylus
I believe Nintnedo won't just want a Switch 2 to just be a more powerful Switch. They will have more gimmicks to make the system feel more fresh. The original Switch combined ideas of the Wii Mote and the idea of the Wii U playing on console and in handheld. I think they will further combine ideas from there previous systems and have front and back cameras for AR games that the 3DS had. I also think we will get stylus with buttons on it that can be tracked by the front camera for some cool gameplay mechanics. The stylus will combine the idea of touchscreen with stylus from the original DS. So the Switch 2 will be a complete system with all previous Nintendo ideas.
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November 2024 at $399, decentish amount of power and DLSS support. Similar format but with improved rumble, nicer screen and some sort of new gimmick (AR related perhaps?)

It will be backwards compatible and your eshop purchases carry over.

Right out the gate third party support will be much much stronger than what Switch got year 1 (especially from Japan).


My prediction is disappointment and port begging.

And hoping for the most basic social features years later.

I love some of the ips and titles that release on the switch, but I felt like I went back in time whenever I used it.

Especially when it lacked the most basic social features that prior Nintendo devices had, what is really frustrating when you can't even invite or message people to play a fighting game you met them on... :l

All I wanted to do was play blazblue online, it was rare to find players and even rarer to find players that seemed like they actually knew how to play the game :p
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My prediction is that they will go with latest nvidia architecture and will feature atleast 4-5 TF SOC inside the box that will run most games at ultra 1080p


my prediction:

CPU: 4c-8t 1.5-2ghz
GPU: 1.4-2TF, RT Cores, Tensor Cores
RAM: 8GB (for games) LPDDR5
Storage: 256GiB SATA SSD
Screen: 720p OLED Touchscreen

compatibility with current JoyCon and Switch Pro Conttollers, while also offered updated versions of them with the new model.

Price: 359€/$
Launch: 2023

let's see how close I'll be lol
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I like some of your ideas, but others are just wild and won't happen.

A blu-ray drive is expensive. Why not just download and have a small sd card be the key?
Also 64gb will be cheap in 2024.
That's as much as a normal blu-ray holds


Fall 2023?


It just had it's second best q1 fiscal quarter ever, which was a better q1 than any competing, non nintendo made console or portable ever in history. It hasn't even had a real price cut yet.

I predict we won't see it until between 2024-2026.
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I think Nintendo are not sure if their audience wants to upgrade just for better visuals and they don't want to force the upgrade. So their first party games are going to be cross-gen for years. Maybe even the whole generation if they drop the price of the current Switch and it keeps selling.


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
God damn I just picked up my switch again after having it since launch and was thinking about this.

I am not ready to a new console, and to be honest I would keep my switch for many years to come before buying their next console.

What I seriously hate about Nintendo is how they manage their legacy.

Nintendo 3ds has ceased production. Good luck when your 3ds dies. A while library never to be played again.

I hope Nintendo will understand doing bc this time, but how are they gonna release switch games on the next console and charge full price for it.

I hope they will keep bc compatibility onwards, but given switch uses cartridges I doubt it will happen.


I predict it will come two years after I think it should and be roughly 25% as powerful as it "needs to be" according to armchair analysts.

I also predict that it will have some real gems in its game library though with far more gaps or droughts than anyone remembers the Switch having (though, in fact, the droughts will be no more severe than any other gen).

Finally, I predict that it will be either a runaway success or a dismal failure with no inbetween, that it will have a Mario and a Zelda game, that the sky will be blue at the time of its release, and water will still be wet, and Nintendo will still be doomed.

Nostradamus or just not new to the game? You decide. =P

In all seriousness, Nintendo is notoriously difficult to predict with their hardware. We all assume it will be another hybrid, but who knows?

I hope they do go for an SSD rather than flash, if only for parity. I also hope they can match or surpass the Steam deck. I hope that it has some surprisingly modern features built into the GPU. For all my hopes though, I wouldn't dare predict anything (beyond the obvious). It's Nintendo.


I just want something that will at least do 1080p 60FPS on every first party game. None of that lost woods BoTW bullshit. Wii/WiiU/Switch is 3 systems in a row for what will be close to 20 of proof that they will not be including any expensive (to them) parts.


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By the time the Nintendo Switch 2 (regardless of the name it uses) comes out they better have a 4k option. The console screen is irrelevant. People like me have it permanently hooked up to a TV. I don't want to be playing 720p games on a 4k screen.

Also, I don't think they're going to keep "Switch" in the name. I could be wrong, but I feel like Nintendo enjoys coming up with new names for their products.

Boy bawang

It'll be named switch 4k. And yes those dlss rumors actually had some truth. Bookmark this and let's meet again next summer-ish.


I predict it will be out in 3 years and be less powerful than last years flag ship cell phones. I also predict that Nintendo fans will somehow not see a problem with this and line up around the block.
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I feel like they will have to move to AMD as nvidia doesn't seem very vested in mobile chipsets. As such, it won't be very capable of RT. I strongly suspect we are talking about 2024 so maybe the game will have changed by then.


Just make the Switch 2 a revision of the upcoming OLED Switch.

Tegra x1+ at 3nm with better battery and analogue sticks 2.0


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Depends if they continue to follow Iwata's philosophy that weak hardware = Good console.
Iwata was definitely NOT playing with power.


My expectations:
Release: 2023
- Whatever the cheapest screen they can find. Likely 720p
- Off the shelf Nvidia Tegra. Probably one gen behind and limited to 5w.
- Some AI upscaling capability.
- No ray-tracing support.
- 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM.
- 3H battery life.
- Drift fixed.
- Some new gimmick


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I have a crazy idea of it having 2 screens like DS.
I am pretty certain, that Nintendo will never go back to consoles but stick to the handheld. Hybrid like Switch is probably here to stay, but the bottom line would be the portability on whatever they do.

I would love to see if M1 chip or something like that could be licensed out to Nintendo @ super cheap price. That would be nice.
Release 2025
nVidia Tegra Xavior 2 ARM Octo-Core / Cortex 8-Core 64-Bit
Lovelace-based GPU with 1024 Cores
6.5" Screen 1080p Portable / 1440p Docked DLSS up to 4K
SD Card Interface
Wireless Audio
Front and Rear Camera
LiDAR for Augmented Reality gaming, levels adjust based on surroundings.
VR Headset dock with internal screens and additional battery life

This should produce Xbox One S style graphics
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There won't be a switch 2. Nintendo will randomly come out with some other best selling console in a few years time and the Switch will become a thing of the past.
Now that Bluetooth is off my wishlist with it's most recent update, I just want a stable 1080p 60fps with HDR. Basically a portable PS4 which would do well for Nintendo

Imagine Mario Odyssey 2 with a stable 1080 - 1440p 60fps with HDR docked and 720-900p handheld with OLED.

Nintendo likes to innovate or add gimmicks to their consoles, so I expect something like AR or full on VR addon.

I'm not expecting 4K, but a 1080 - 1440p 60fps docked OLED Switch with VR/AR capabilities would be my best bet
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