The Black Culture Thread |OT17| - Thanks, Obama

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Real life drama spilling into random gaffers knowing each other by accident is a fav
Even if impossible

Holy shit lmao

Cause either way. This is the cheapest form of entertainment. And for drama like this to be on a gaming website, I find it hilarious.
I know it's entertaining generally-speaking, I just found it funny that people really thought they'd be the same person and started saying shit like "Subbing"
Mass Effect Andromeda combat is looking good.
About to hop on the American Gods book after getting hyped by the tv show trailer
Check it if you interested
Read it last year, was pretty good. Gotta check out that trailer.

I got Saga Book One around Christmas and just finished it up. Its all over the place in a good way.
Still have to read my copy, was highly recommended by my friend.
They know suckers will pay it.

Jesus the art looks like some random shit off of google images

Figures the Ultimate Alliance ports go back on sale, right when I finally bought that PS4 Kamen Rider game.

How you guys doing?
I been dragging my feet on buying that, i know as soon as I do they will announce the new one with Ex-Aid
ME:A peoples. Don't forget to got through the Andromeda Training Hub to get some unlockable gear when the game drops. The gear I got from these info sites for ME2 and 3 was some of my favorite. They've been worth the effort. Also, there is a bit of lore there that is worth getting.
Thats why people voted for trump, tired of you regressive neo liberal moderate identity political minorities.
While I was out today I saw a van with a Trump Make America Great Again bumper sticker and another that said "I'm a white straight male Republican, how can I piss you off today,".

Looks like some people are proud of being assholes.
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