The Gundam |OT2| Another 5 years of Gunpla, Origins, and GUNDAMUUUU!

Gundam is awesome. All hail Tomino!

WIP. Will update with more fleshed out stuff like...




Until then, fire up your favorite Sawano track and...


Oh so much this. Fuck you with your Glemy like thirst for young females.

Still better than Seed Destiny.

Kamille is still my favorite UC protag. Awkward as fuck, but I still love him. He had the best women out of the good guys.
We still need the Destiny is something we all have to deal with jpeg.
It's up!

Also, never forget...

I'm probably the worst gunpla builder of all time. I completed the shoulders of the Exia only to realize to my -horror- that the right arm actually had a nub catch which apparently got clipped off by mistake. This isn't a huge problem, can probably fix it up with clement if I really needed to, but since I'm going to be replacing the leg part anyway, I might as well just replace that arm part as well. For now the GN cable is just going to have to dangle there. Lol.

I'm definitely not ordering any parts until I finish the weapons as well later this week. Wanna make sure that I've broken everything I can possibly break before replacing stuff. Roflmao. >_<

Enjoy some poorly lit almost-completed RG Exia:

That Exia will forever live on.

I completely forgot about the runner leg.
Lol that's still hilarious. I'd probably outdo the Duckroll custom if I tried to put one of those things together.

I love this show. Even Bright couldn't escape getting his ass kicked. It's like your argument wasn't fully settled until you got your ass rocked.
Finally finished RG Astrea. RG sure is very finicky. Small part that easily to fall over. other than that fun build. It certainly feel much more high quality compare to "hollow" HG. Since RG Astrea come with extra part that allow me to make F1/F2/Exia. Is really fun to swap the part to suit my taste. At the end I opt for F2 with F1 head and Exia GN Drive. Also it come with those wonderful arsenal. Cannot wait to make wonderful pose

It's up!

Also, never forget...

Dont ban me please
Reposted due to new thread:

Finally got around to watching Unicorn and I enjoyed the animation, it's beautiful. Many of the story aspects are suspect to me, but then again I haven't seen most of the UC stuff, so maybe it's harder to see how some would react in the environment. Mostly just some of the character reactions to things seem off with how someone would actually react.

I don't care if the story wasn't ideal, I'm SOOOOO buying a PG Unicorn one day!
Came for the beautiful thread name.

Bought HG Tryon-3, Denial, Try Burning, Sengoku Astray and Exia Dark Matter recently.

Viva Gunpla

Oh, also I'm in China, so somebody let me know where I'm supposed to be able to find Gundoom kits and the big fake Gundam statue
Does anyone else have tips for airbrush technique and thinning? I want to use more metallic colors without accidentally clogging up the brush. Any ways to prevent clogging and wasting paint and thinner?

Is there pre-thinned metallic paints available to airbrush? If not is there a recommended container with squeeze cap that I can use so I can thin my own metallic paints?

I'm also afraid of making the parts brittle when I use lacquer thinner and primer.

I want to improve before I start touching the MG Hi-v.

Also, how do you prevent your paint being wiped off when you want to panel line? I spray acrylic top coat and cure it but when I go to use thinner to clean up, it wipes away the paint I sprayed on.

I'd love to just throw on top coat and be done with it, but I don't think it beats how it looks when you paint it on.

Oh, Tryon 3 is out? I need it.
They are out in Summer, right? Must be Daiban knockoff (&#65377;&#9685;&#3642;&#711;&#949; &#711;&#9685;&#3642;&#65377;&#65289;
^ Nice! I need to go back and repaint my XN 00 Raiser Eleven Sword/G

But seriously Donkey Show. Is that how you'll leave the OP?
I'm kinda tempted in keeping it like that for a bit... it turned out a lot better than expected.

I'll make it all nice and comprehensive, don't worry :3
DThey are out in Summer, right? Must be Daiban knockoff (&#65377;&#9685;&#3642;&#711;&#949; &#711;&#9685;&#3642;&#65377;&#65289;
Yeah, which is why I'm surprised. Though Tryon 3 won't become a true super robot until it gets plenty of knockoffs :p

I'm kinda tempted in keeping it like that for a bit... it turned out a lot better than expected.

I'll make it all nice and comprehensive, don't worry :3
I'm only afraid of making newcomers hesitant to join.