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The iPhone 15 Pro Version of Resident Evil Village Runs at 30FPS


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The fact that Resident Evil Village, a game released a little over two years ago, is running natively on a smartphone and is not a cloud version or a watered-down version of the game is nothing short of impressive. While we did not get confirmation on the resolution, the textures and visual fidelity looked impressive.

Alongside confirmation of 30FPS, we also learned Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Death Stranding, and Assassin's Creed Mirage are universal purchases. If you buy the iPhone 15 Pro version of these games, you can also run them on iPads, and in the case of Resident Evil Village and Death Stranding, you can run them on Macs. But there is a caveat: the iOS versions, which are exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro, only run on iPads/Macs that have Apple Silicon (e.g., M1 chip or newer).
Wonder if Backbone for Android or Kishi controllers will work with new Pros and USB C there.

Backbone has confirmed that their USB-C controller will be compatible with USB-C iPhones:

We're excited to announce that starting September 12th 2023, all Backbone USB-C products will be upgraded to feature Backbone’s patent-pending universal technology, enabling Backbone USB-C products to work with both iPhone 15 series and Android devices!

Existing Backbone USB-C products will receive a firmware update.

Backbone USB-C products purchased after September 12, 2023 will feature an upgraded charging node allowing it to work with both iPhone 15 and Android without a firmware update!


That doesnt say much. what is the resolution and what are the graphical details? it could be running at a low resolution. if I am not mistaken, even the deck which is 400$ system can run Resident evil at 60 fps ( at 720p i think or was it full hd ?)
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Very impressive stuff really. No matter what they did to make it run, village looks great and to get it to run 30fps on a phone not meant for gaming is seriously impressive.


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It's dfficult to say now , but I think RE4 on IOS is dowgraded as well on polygons and shaders. Not at Witcher3 on Switch level, but a downgrade has sense.

The big news here is Apple can "port" IOS games to M1, integration between smartphones and computers is coming. I would love to see more desktop games playable on Iphone/IPad and viceversa.
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witcher 3 is a ps4 game
switch run witcher 3 a ps4 game
resident village is a ps4 game
iphone 15 run resident village

--> switch as powerfull as iphone 15 confirm .
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I love all these Steam Deck videos because it means my 1070 can still run something. I bet it doesn't do a very good job with Starfield though. :D
Got to find an AT&T Store.
Even trading in my old iphone 13 pro max I still have to pay 100 bucks plus 100 bucks in tax PLUS 5 bucks a month more to trade up to this new iphone 15 Pro.


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Wonder if Backbone for Android or Kishi controllers will work with new Pros and USB C there.
You know better than that. Accessory manufacturers have to pay for the privilege for their products to work on an iPhone. Probably some driver they have to license.


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That doesnt say much. what is resolution and what are the graphical details. it could be running at a low resolution. if I am not mistaken, even the deck which is 400$ system can run Resident evil at 60 fps ( at 720p i think or was it full hd ?)
Steam Deck does not have a FHD screen.
Runs at 900p, with Capcom's internal RE Engine checkerboarding algorithm since REVII, hovering between 55-60 FPS on the base PS4 console which was released 10 years ago.

I'm pretty sure the A16/17 Bionic runs the same internal resolution or slightly better, given the 30 FPS target.

I mean, it's great that we're starting to see AAA graphically intensive titles on mobile platforms, but it's par for the course for mobile tech to catch-up to desktop/console computing power from a decade ago. Happens every generation.

That said, this actual catch-up opened up 3rd party pubs to take these platforms seriously, and I'm sure Snapdragon SoC's will not be far behind for long. Android will get them too, soon.
Still I am curious if that type of gaming will be popular, because mobile screens are just not player friendly for such games unless you use an attachment. And UI is not touch friendly even with on screen buttons.

Now if Apple will be able to produce a console like platform that would support native PC games, that would be interesting.
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Anyone know what the ballpark console specs equivalent are of the Apple 15 pro? Is it like a PS4 Pro or One X? Even better?

Idk but I have heard it's power efficiency is in a class of it's own. More important than running those graphics at all is doing it on such a small battery and heat constraints. If that chip needed a fan and a much bigger battery to do this it wouldn't be half as impressive.
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