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The King of Fighters All-Star coming west in 2019 (iOS/Android)

Bullet Club

Oct 24, 2017
The King of Fighters All-Star coming west in 2019

An action RPG featuring over 50 fighters.

Netmarble will release The King of Fighters: All-Star for iOS and Android devices in the Americas and Europe in 2019, the company announced.

The action RPG, which is based on SNK’s The King of Fighters property, first launched in Japan in July 2018.
Here is an overview of the game, via Netmarble:

The King of Fighters All-Star is an action RPG game created for iOS and Android devices which features every character from SNK’s entire The King of Fighters franchise—from The King of Fighters ’94 to The King of Fighters XIV—brought to life with industry-leading graphics.​

The King of Fighters All-Star boasts fast-paced fighting action, as players battle their way through waves of enemies, giant bosses and rival teams of fighters. The martial arts excitement is paired with cutting edge graphics, bold colors, and lightning-fast animations, plus over 50 fighters to collect and upgrade at launch. The King of Fighters All-Star will deliver a wealth of content and nostalgia for fans of the franchise and offer hours of fun for gamers who are new to the action.​

“The Netmarble family prides itself on re-imagining popular brands into engaging mobile games,” said Netmarble U.S. president Simon Sim. “The King of Fighters All-Star features an exciting action RPG format and comprehensive roster which will appeal to both longtime fans of the franchise and newcomers looking for an action-packed mobile experience.”​

Other key features of the game include the ability to build a team deck that includes three fighters, three strikers and selected support fighters. Players can complete levels and participate in tournaments and challenges to unlock, upgrade, and evolve a large roster of over 50 fighters at launch.​

Source: Gematsu

Deft Beck

Mar 8, 2007
No actual gameplay in the trailer, plus it sounds like the usual gacha formula.

Maybe bring back the rhythm title instead.