The Last Guardian Pre-Order Up for PS3 at Portugal Retailer [Image inside]

Thanks to Metalmurphy
Guys... it's happening!

Just took these at the biggest retailer in Portugal, they don't put these up on rumours. Same place I got the GT5 release date from and turned out to be correct.

Says it's coming out this year for PS3.
FYI: This is FNAC, the retailer who leaked out Rayman Legends for Vita.

They're reliable.
Note: Pre-order boxes are mockups, obviously.
Its a game developed on PS3, no point shoe-horning it onto the PS4 and having people disappointed with the graphics.

I actually like that Sony is the one first-party that has shown support for their old hardware at and after their new systems launch.

Fingers crossed this is true, and far more like SOTC than ICO.
And remember these:

I am now convinced that The Last Guardian will be there on ps4 for a re-reveal.
And when asked why:

  • Based on attitudes of certain mods
  • Sony's insistence on letting us know that the project isn't cancelled but dodging questions pertaining to release platform details
  • The fact GT6 got announced for PS3 instead of ps4 at E3, i.e. letting people know because it's not on next gen system which would've hogged time and perplexed people expecting it to be on ps4 at the event
  • SSM'S involvement
  • The inevitable large attention it'll draw to itself and subsequently the console would be best done at E3
It makes far too little sense for The Last Guardian to be on the PS3 by this stage. Come on, PS4 or bust. I need to see that Team ICO splendour in all its next-gen glory.
Fnac? LOl, sure good luck with that :p
Remember GT5? Turned out to be spot on. Also this particular retailer (NorteShopping) I've never seen them put pre-order boxes based on rumours. And why just now when no news about it have been popping up?

Pretty sure they got info from Sony and put it up.

But still, and the reason I didn't want to make a thread about it :p, file it still as a rumour.


love on your sleeve
As I was saying, their FIFA 14 box has a Wii U logo and even Battlefield 4 and Watch Dogs don't have PS4/X1 logos so obviously this isn't gospel.
It's like they want the PS4 to flop.
As if this game has any real significance in the current consumer landscape. Don't confuse the intense desire of a niche audience with mainstream popularity.

Also, most people who would buy a PS4 for this game probably already have a PS3. They will, by definition, have a larger base with the intention to purchase on PS3 than PS4.

If you're making a broader point about how there's too much good stuff coming to PS3 when they should be trying to starve PS3 users out to make them buy a PS4, then I guess that's one viable strategy, though they can easily spin what they're doing as supporting their loyal customers and following their 10-year life cycle plan.
so a reliable source?

this means we will get to see TLG at E3 this year.
Reliable because:
- They leaked out GT5's release date
- They leaked out Rayman Legends for Vita
- Revealed Jak and Daxter HD Collection
- They leaked out the delay of The Last of Us
There have been too many "coincidental" Last Guardian stuff recently for me to believe it's still DOA.

We will see The Last Guardian a week from now. It's happening dot gif.