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He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.

Platform: Windows PC (Steam,, Humble Store)
Developer: Nihon Falcom (ported by XSEED)
Publisher: XSEED Games
Release Date: August 2, 2017
File Size: 17 GB
Official Website
MSRP: $39.99 / €39.99 / £29.99
Store Links:

(Will run DRM-Free)


Humble Store
(Steam key or direct DRM-Free build)

Trails of Cold Steel takes place in the Erebonian Empire at Thors Military Academy. A new class has been added to the academy and it's caused some commotion. Called "Class VII", this is an experiment to see how people of different classes can mix. Nine students of various backgrounds have been picked to be thrown right into Erebonia's political swamp that threatens the entire Empire.

Similar to Trails in the Sky, Trails of Cold Steel features a turn based combat system. In addition to a streamlined revamp of the Orbment system from the previous games in the form of the ARCUS system, the new element added to this system is Combat Links that provide link attacks and abilities as the bond between these characters increase.

On top of 5,000 lines of additional English voice-over dialogue (an approximately 50 percent increase), fellow NeoGAF member Durante has written Guest Blogs on XSEED Games tumblr which highlight his involvement as well as the other differences and changes the PC version brings. I've selectively quoted them here, but if you have some time you should read them as they're quite excellent:
#1 Performance:
Reaching almost 300 FPS on a high-end PC is nice, but ultimately rather pointless in a turn-based JRPG. What is more interesting and the real fruit of all this effort is performance on a really low-end system, such as the GPD Win portable.
#2 Graphical Enhancements & Options:
In terms of framerate, there are 3 settings: a 30 FPS limit, a 60 FPS limit, and unlimited FPS. While the game was 30 FPS on consoles, in the PC version both 30 and 60 are fully supported. Unlimited variable FPS also work very well in all my testing, but are not fully QA’d throughout the game and offered on a “your own risk” basis.

Finally, I’ve also added an option for adjusting the Field of View (FoV). While not as important as in first-person games, playing close to a large monitor often makes a larger Field of View desirable.
With some engine improvements I was able to integrate HBAO+, one of the highest-quality and best-performing AO solutions available
Last, but certainly not least, the “Graphics” options seem comparatively unexciting with just two checkboxes: and really, the High Quality Depth of Field setting just does what it says on the tin and while it’s a nice improvement, it’s nothing to write home about.

On the other hand, the Unlimited Draw Distance option is, and excuse me if I say so myself, a really big deal. In fact, doing something about the draw distance was one of the very first requests that came up when the first article was posted. What I’ve done about it is completely eliminate any form of pop-in, by making all objects and characters draw at any range. On some maps this is quite a significant extra CPU load, especially combined with full shadow casters, but nothing a modern Desktop PC can’t easily deal with.
#3 Special Features
The first feature is “Turbo Mode”. If this functionality is enabled in the launcher, holding down the R2 button (or other controller equivalent, or whatever you mapped it to in keyboard/mouse controls) will speed up battles, cutscenes and even field progress by a factor of four. This allows you to very quickly complete “unimportant” battles or traverse some of the larger late-game maps. When Turbo mode is active, it’s indicated by an animated on-screen icon
after working through 32 distinct issues the game now supports any aspect ration larger than 16:9 out of the box! Of course, there are some limitations: primarily, that the main menu remains at 16:9, and also some battle UI overlays don’t transition perfectly at the edges of the 16:9 frame. But for most situations, I implemented unique solutions that I think look pretty nice.

Launch Trailer
Turbo Mode Demonstration
Draw Distance Comparison
Durante shows us Trails of Cold Steel running on GPD Win
First Video Comparison of PC vs PS3


Rean Schwarzer
Voiced by Sean Chiplock
Weapon: Tachi
Our modest protagonist doesn't remember his life before being adopted by the nobel Schwarzer family. Struggling to find his way he decides to enroll in Thors Military Academy.

Alisa R
Voiced by Rachel Hirschfeld
Weapon: Orbal Bow
With an assertive front and capability of holding a grudge, it might just go unnoticed how caring she can actually be.

Elliot Craig
Voiced by Lucien Dodge
Weapon: Orbal Staff
This timid boy is a big music lover and tries to be a dependable friend to everyone. Elliot is attending Thors Military Academy as a compromise with his father.

Laura S. Arseid
Voiced by Marisha Ray
Weapon: Greatsword
A skilled swordfighter and only daughter to the noble Arseid family.

Machias Regnitz
Voiced by Edward Bosco
Weapon: Orbal Shotgun
His hatred toward nobility knows no bounds which puts him precarious situations. However, he's also known for his exemplary intelligence as one of the academy's top performers.

Jusis Albarea
Voiced by Ben Diskin
Weapon: Knight Sword
Youngest son of the Albarea Duke Family, one of the Four Great Houses of the Empire. He has a sharp tongue and can be dismissive toward commoners who hate nobles.

Fie Claussell
Voiced by Cassandra Morris
Weapon: Dual Gunsword
One of the shortest members of Class VII who doesn't wish to study, but is still quite dependable on the battlefield.

Emma Millstein
Voiced by Rena Strober
Weapon: Orbal Staff
Attending Thors on a full scholarship as she tops every exam and serves as Class VII's president. She is known for having a very polite and courteous demeanor.

Gaius Worzel
Voiced by Kaiji Tang
Weapon: Cross-Shaped Spear
An exchange student from the Nord Highlands. He enrolls in Thors Military Academy to learn more about the world around him.

RPGSite Impressions
DualShockers - Impressions; Comparison Video

Wccftech - 8/10
KeenGamer - 8.7/10
Gaming Nexus - 8/10
Hey Poor Player - 4/5

Do I need to play Trails in the Sky to get into this game?
No, but it is worth noting that the Trails games have a shared setting. And the entire Trails in the Sky trilogy is also available on PC so you can also jump in from there:
How do these games have a shared setting?
Well games in the Trails series are actually all on the same continent. Trails of Cold Steel is set in the land of Erebonia, which neighbors the Liberl Kingdom where Trails in the Sky takes place.
So are you sure I can start with Trails of Cold Steel?
It is intended to be a good point to jump in so feel free, but it is good to keep the fact that they're are all connected in mind.
What's the deal Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki?
These two games take place in another part of the continent called the Crossbell State.
So are we ever going to get the Crossbell duo?
You'll have to ask XSEED or Falcom that one.

If I had to personally take a guess, I think the hope of getting them is higher than ever. Theoretically, XSEED should have the ability to port them to PC like they have done with this and are currently doing with Ys Seven. However, the Crossbell games haven't been localized, so it would be a even bigger undertaking than simply porting previously localized games.
Does this have dual audio?

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Atom x7-Z8700 2.4 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Shader Model 5 (GeForce 400 / Radeon HD 5000 / Intel post-2012 series)
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 17 GB available space
Additional Notes: 1280x720 / 30 FPS with portable settings
OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel i3 3 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Geforce GTX 770 / Radeon R9 280X
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 17 GB available space
Additional Notes: 1920x1080 / 60 FPS with high settings

Texture mod (Direct Link)
UI mod (Direct Link)
SweetFX reshade preset (Direct Link)

Other links:
PS3/Vita OT
XSEED Games twitter

Thanks to: CertifiedFP for the screens.

Unfortunately never got the time to even complete the first legend of heroes game but I'm making my way through it.

Still going to pick this up and play it tonight!
I'm so hyped.

Never had the cash to buy a PS3 so my Trails adventure was put on hiatus after completing Ao/Azure.

Can't wait to finally find out what the heck happened in the Empire.
Wait, it's £29.99 confirmed? Excellent.
Can't wait to replay this in 60FPS(!!!) with all the graphical improvements. I can't believe I'm saying this about a super long JRPG I beat fairly recently.

EDIT: I imagine this will be repeated a fair bit in various forms, but short version, no you don't have to play the TiTS trilogy to play this one. I'd say IF you're in deep with that already (At least at the end of the first game, and plan to play more soon), you should stick with it
but buy this game in advance anyway
, but that's the only scenario that you should even be worried. Otherwise go nuts.
Are the shining pom dlc avalaible? Tha'ts like the only dlc you really need.

Still, between the two games it's going to be 80 eur in my country which is a bit more than your usual realase for console. I think they are worth it, but XSEED I'm trusting you on a day one PC port for Cold Steel 3.


He's a pretty swell guy in my books anyway.
Nice OP! Please add RPGSite's port impressions since they're quite detailed, and they're our first look into the game's Turbo Mode. Durante also showed off how the game runs on GPD Win, which I think some viewers will be interested to know.
Thanks. I put the RPGSite impressions under a Reviews/Impressions section but I'm wondering if it'll be needed. Will rearrange if necessary. I'll add the GPD Win video, though I wasn't sure if I should since it's an off screen video.
Installing now, will stream after I get everything set up in a short bit. I'll link on here when I go live if anyone wants to check it out before they buy.
Someone has already extracted the JP Audio from the PS3 version but they can't magic in Japanese versions of the 1000s of new lines for this release, naturally.

I'm pretty happy to play with the few JP voices this game has. At least i will be able to play it without having to suffer listening to the EN voices ( EN voiceovers on JRPG's always creep me out for some reason. I just can't stand listening to it).
And copy number three of this game purchased (Own the PS3 LE and Vita versions already). I've done my part.

I'm pretty happy to play with the few JP voices this game has. At least i will be able to play it without having to suffer listening to the EN voices ( EN voiceovers on JRPG's always creep me out for some reason. I just can't stand listening to it).
As someone who plays a lot of JRPG's dubbed and subbed, I will say, based on the immense amount of time spent watching Japanese playthroughs of CS1 and CS2, that the dub for this game is pretty solid. In most cases I actually prefer it. Trust fam
I'm pretty happy to play with the few JP voices this game has. At least i will be able to play it without having to suffer listening to the EN voices ( EN voiceovers on JRPG's always creep me out for some reason. I just can't stand listening to it).
Ah, I can understand the preference. Hopefully the difference isn't too distracting for you. I think someone made a thread on the Steam forum for the game about the mod's progress, which shouldn't be too long after the release since it apparently uses the same file format as TiTs so extracting etc isn't a problem