The LittleBigPlanet USER LEVELS thread.

Dec 24, 2007
8 Bit shoot 'em up

by: Jump_button

I been wanting to make a shoot 'em up but could think of a good theme. Well I come up with a 8 bit style shoot 'em up, I wanted to reward accuracy and not how fast you can fire.

hope you enjoy and they a surprise close to the end of the level

- 8 bit style
- shooting everything you see will not get you the best score
- a surprise

well so much for that rest lol I couldt help myself but to sneak on lbp



Jun 18, 2009
TuxBobble said:
Man...I got to 50 hearts, but still only had 18 "creator hearts"...if anyone thinks I'm worth it, try the old TuxBobble levels, I'd love to get the plat for this one...
Have you tried commenting in other people's levels, asking them to try your level and heart if they like it? That helped me. I'm not saying do the "H4H" crap, but just a little casual marketing to get the word out on your level.

With that said, LBP2 better not include those stupid creator trophies or I will violently shake my fist at the moon.
Aug 22, 2005
I think I'm going to wrap my second level up tonight and publish it. Won't be what I intended, but it'll at least be another complete level. I've been kind of itching to start fresh due to what I've learned about how the tools work and tacking on more junk to a level that's already somewhat hobbled together is probably a waste of time. I've got to get back to following the rule of "your first few attempts will be passable at best, and you've got to learn to let them go".

Also, I've got to become a master of the multiple layer glitch so I can set up crazy high-detail backgrounds. I've watched a few videos but haven't tried anything yet.

I need to find a good 8-hour stretch (either skip sleep or do it during the weekends) to hammer out large portions of level.

[edit] Level's out - "Tristan's lost journey (prototype)".