The NeoGAF Achievements Thread

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Yeah boiii

Ahem. Yeah, everything's gone smoothly with the initial launch. We're in the process of doing a major design update so we'll see about getting some sort of visual integration in place with that so you can show off a little (without being obnoxious/tacky...or Nazi-themed, sorry @ilfait).
1335 points here, you beat me :(

We should be able to buy stuff with these points... ;)
Again, I deserve at least 100 bonus spacebucks for outlasting 10 (plus!) of neogaf's worst moderators.

Somebody get on this quick, fast, and in a hurry.
Just hit 7 years on NeoGAF!! Got the achievement this morning! :messenger_grinning: I'm really happy to call this place my "home" for all the latest gaming news, reviews and discussion! Cheers and thanks for having me! :messenger_sunglasses:
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