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The Official iPhone/iPod Touch Gaming Recommendation Thread

Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

This thread will be the companion thread to "The Official iPhone/iPod Touch Gaming Thread".

This thread is needed for a couple of reasons. First and Foremost the app store has a large number of gaming apps that reaches into the tens of thousands. With such a jungle users need a little help finding things and the best way to do that is through the collective insight of a community. Navigating the murky mess of the appstore is a bit bewildering at first.
Secondly a lot of news users will buy an idevice and feel a bit lost as to what to pick up with such a large backlog in place.
And finally those two situations above tend to keep derailing the Official Thread and set it into a pattern where it keeps getting reset and repeating itself every few pages with long lists of people recommending things as new users enter the thread and ask what they should buy. So this thread is an attempt to solve that issue a bit and stop the other thread from derailing as often.

This list is what it is. It's just an attempt to catalogue games that fall into the following critera. Games that are exceptional to good or fun apps. Games that are high profile. And games that are popular. There is no magic science to it so people shouldn't be offended if there are some games listed that they don't agree with or a game they want to be listed isn't listed. There are some games I personally really like that I left out and there are games that I'm rather mixed on that I included to try to cover a wide range of taste and opinion. This thread will always be a work in progress and I will update the opening posts as people suggest or comment and as consensus arises as to what people like or don't like.

The initial listing is relatively unimportant as I won't pretend to try to hit every good or excellent game on the app store which is impossible of course anyway. The important bit is that I will update the initial post adding or removing things perhaps on a weekly basis (or some timeframe) based on what comes out and what the people in the thread want listed (Without driving myself crazy of course). Note there is no specific order ranking to the current list meaning it doesn't go from best to worse or represent some order to denote merit. It's just a random listing as I made the master list of games to put in on the first pass.

NOTE: Pictures have a harder time showing up in Internet Explorer or Safari versus Firefox. So if you want to see the pics use Firefox


iDracula (Lite) (Video)
Twin Stick shooter that combines the frantic retro gameplay style of Robotron with the aesthetics and upgrades of a Castlevania game.

Assassin's Creed: Altair's Chronicles (Lite) (Video)
Well done port of the DS platformer action title from the Assassin's Creed Universe.

Zombieville USA (Lite) (Video)
Zombie blasting arcade title that plays like a missing arcade title from 80's. Upgrade and buy new weapons as you blast your way through the onslaught.

Heavy Mach (Lite) (Video)
Good action title that controls well once you get a handle on it and have your tank tear through the enemies.

Wolfenstein 3D Classic (Lite) (Video)
Very well done port of the Classic id first person shooter. Even had the involvement of Carmack himself in porting this one over to the iphone.

Car Jack Streets ([URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=323232209&mt=8"]Lite) (Video)[/URL]
There are a few old school takes on the GTA overhead 2-D formula including Payback but CJS is probably the more complete and well realized take on this format.

Hero of Sparta (Lite) (Video)
3-D Hack and Slash that is reminiscent of the adventure action titles that populated the last gen of consoles.

3D Brick Breaker Revolution (Lite) (Video)
3-D take on the Arkanoid formula that is simple yet still plays well.

Dr. Awesome (Video)
Arcade title that combines the classic gameplay of Qix with the art aesthetics of Trauma Center from the consoles into a unique title of its own.

F.A.S.T. (Video)
Dog fighting simulator that is the best current action based one on the market for the iphone. Even includes internet online play.

Galaxy on Fire
(Lite) (Video)
3-D space combat trader game. Begins with a preset path for mission and then opens up into free form play as you continue.

Terminator Salvation (Lite) (Video)
One of the better takes on a big formula action arcade license game on the iphone when so many of them are often very poor cash in jobs.

Space Ninja [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hkC1UjaL-0&fmt=18"](Video)[/URL]
A bullet dodger accelerometer game. Very challenging and a well executed take on the concept. Instead of blasting everything on screen you're trying to avoid everything on screen.

Top Gun (Video)
More a pure arcade on rails game than F.A.S.T. but still a competent and solid rendition of the Afterburner style game.

Metal Gear Solid Touch (Lite) (Video)
It is arguable if Metal Gear Touch is both worth the high price it has always had and a good representation of the Metal Gear universe which has generally been based on stealth gameplay. MGS Touch is a well done re-imagining as a Time Crisis tap to shoot game. It's solid for what it is but if you are expecting a true Metal Gear experience it's probably best to pass.

Amateur Surgeon (Lite) (Video) (Flash)
Well done iphone port of the flash game that brings Trauma Center surgery style gameplay into the mix.

Doom Resurrection (Video)
On Rails interpretation of the Doom universe rather than a free roaming game but a well done one that still manages to convey that Doom feeling of visceral action.

Pinball Dreaming: Pinball Dreams (Lite) (Video)
Nicely done port of the Digital Illusions pinball classic for the Amiga

Must.Eat.Birds. (Video)
A genuinely quirk and charming casual action game that feels a little bit like Missile Command if Missile Command involved catapulting meatballs at falling birds trying to eat your picnic cake. Utterly weird but fun.

RE 4 Mobile Edition (Video)
A mini-sized mobile version that is inspired by the console game. Not the full game but a sort of reworking based on RE 4. Controls take awhile to get use to but it you can get use to them there is an enjoyable game here.


Isotope: A Space Shooter (Lite) (Video)
One of the absolute best Geometry Wars clones on the iphone as this one actually brings new ideas and modes to the mix including a well done single player rpg like campaign mode.

Blue Attack! (Video)
Good space shooter with an organic simple art style that feels different than the usual GW clones that populate the iphone and provides lots of upgrade options to increase your power as you play. The creator of Blue Attack also puts out the simpler but also quality Blue Defend.

iFighter ([URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=308614334&mt=8"]Lite[/URL]) (Video)
iFighter is a solid and fun airplane shooter that always been priced right and provided the solid gameplay that some of the more expensive shooters fail to deliver.

Siberian Strike (Video)
Shooter reminiscent in some ways of the 19XX series by Capcom. Very nice production values although the game has been reported to be a bit "crashy" by some users.

[URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=315009978&mt=8"]Nano Fighter![/URL] ([URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=320300331&mt=8"]Lite) (Video)[/URL]
Another Geometry Wars clone that is crisp, clean, and has good solid tough gameplay at a cheap price.

2079 (Video)
What can you say, Geometry Wars has been the definitive shooter of the last couple years and has produced an industry for the clones. 2079 takes the formula and follows it but if a game provides compelling solid gamplay like 2079, its tough to complain too much even if the basic concept is derivative.

Dropship ([URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=314296395&mt=8"]Lite[/URL]) (Video)
Fortunately Dropship is a different kind of shooter. Once again another title that plays and feels like a great arcade title from the 80's that you somehow missed. Has a bit of a defender element where you have to pilot a ship to rescue people while fending off attacks. Has a 3-D look and feel even though essentially the game is 2-D. A unique and different and challenging shooter.

Circuit Strike One (Video)
Essentially a psychedelic, trippy reinvention of Asteroids. And another example of a game that has improved quite a bit from where it started with dev support.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene (Video)
Great space shooter. This is how you treat a franchise and bring a new experience to the table that echoes something like Rez but has a style of its own.


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

Azkend (Lite) (Video)
Tremendously polished casual match 3 that plays and looks great.

The Treasures of Montezuma ([URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=320479298&mt=8"]Lite) (Video)[/URL]
Another very polished and fun match 3 that beats out most of the competition on the iphone market.

Trism (Lite) (Video)
One of the original big hits on the iphone that proved that unique and interesting ideas could prove popular and big sellers. Combines accelerometer and touch and tilt functionality into the gameplay of a solid match 3 game.

Stoneloops! of Jurassica (Lite) (Video)
Another absurdly polished match 3 that is essentially a Zuma clone but a very worthy one.

Bejeweled 2
The casual PopCap classic that is pretty much the Tetris of the match 3 world.

Critter Crunch (Lite) (Video)
Very underrated match 3 that has rock solid gameplay qualities with clever mechanics and strong graphics and sound. Great title.

Samurai Puzzle Battle
(Lite) (Video)
A bit of a different and usual take on the match 3. Feels a little bit like Puzzle Quest in a sense where the match 3 games take the form of a battle although Samurai Puzzle Battle is indeed more difficult and punishing than Puzzle Quest.

Gemmed! (Lite) (Video)
A perfect example of a product evolving into being a very worthy title through updates when that may not have been the case when the title first entered the app store. A bit of a puzzler as you have to make matches to help creatures escape on designated parts of the screen.

Chop Sushi! (Lite) (Video)
Fun, Quirky, and Weird match 3. This one makes you smile as you play it.

Drop7 (Lite) (Video) (Flash Version)
Completely spartan looking matching game but don't let the looks deceive. Drop7 is a completely awesome game that you only realize the depth of once you put the time into it. Simple, Deep, and fun. A real classic.


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

Zenbound (Lite) (Video)
A completely original, relaxing, tactile, and fun game of wrapping string around wooden animals and objects as odd as that sounds. A terrific success of indie, arthouse gameplay, that remains accessible. Also has great music btw.

Peggle (Video)
What can you say. It's Peggle. The pachinko style peg game that has delighted casual and hardcore gamers on every platform under the sun in recent years.

Toki Tori (Lite) (Video)
Another perfect puzzler and great port that brings the GBC/Wiiware with sharp graphics and more than adequate control.

Enigmo (Video)
A very popular puzzler on the iphone where the name of the game is properly guiding the drip drip flow of water

Archibald's Adventure (Lite) (Video)
Another underrated platformer and puzzler that deserves better sales to match the quality and original puzzle aspects this one brings to the table.

Fantastic Contraption (Video) (Flash Version)
Full featured port of the physics puzzler brought home to the iphone.

Tiki Towers (Lite) (Video)
Very clever and fun physics based puzzle game where you have direct a group of monkeys from point A to point B by building a stable and sturdy bridge.

Eliss (Lite) (Video)
A true artsy and smart puzzler that utilizes the multi touch nature of the iphone to craft a unique game perfectly designed for the iphone.

Zentomino (Lite) (Video)
A very simple puzzle game at its core but still a very good one that has a jig saw puzzle feel to it.

Ancient Frog (Lite) (Video)
Sometime all a puzzler needs to do is combine nicely attractive graphics with a simple and original concept and that is a perfect description of Ancient Frog.

Frenzic (Video)
Frenzic is a great little matching action arcade puzzle title that keeps up a frantic pace of play.

The Plateau (Video)
The Plateau is a puzzler that is a little hard to explain but really simply when you actually play it. The basic concept is unraveling a bunch of threads but a pitch perfect theme and tone create a very worthwhile game.

Topple 2 (Video) (Topple 1 FREE)
Topple 2 is a balance block stacking physics game that utilizes pretty much all the features of iphone control and combines it with slick presentation and simple gameplay.

Perfect Harmony (Lite) (Video) (Flash Version)
Nice port of the already excellent stacking object physics puzzler. Two titles so far in the series with Harmony and Inferno.

Go! Go! Rescue Squad (Lite) (Video)
Another solid puzzler that uses the backdrop of fire rescue to create a challenging game.

Totomi (Lite) (Video) (Flash Version)
Completely underrated and unheralded iphone game. The basic idea of the game is to build as many totems as high as possible and as fast as possible with animal blocks but the totem building system is based on the animal's relationships to each other. Deserves far more sales than it got.

PathPix (Lite) (Video)
Solidly crafted and well liked logic puzzle game that echoes the puzzles in the DS game Pic Pic.

Orbital (Video)
Neat casual puzzle trajectory shooting game. Has a slight peggle feel to it (albeit simplified) with a Geometry Wars vector graphics aesthetic that really works


Sway (Lite) (Video)
Perfect example and execution of a platformer that is uniquely suited to the controls and touch nature of the iphone.

Outstanding platformer where you navigate a cube around a maze world to get to the exit. Truly one of the absolute best games on the platform with a great minimalistic but somehow cutting edge at the same time aesthetic.

Rolando 1 & 2 (Rolando 1 Lite) (Video)
Some of the true showcase games and franchise on the platform, Rolando 1 & 2 mimic the look of LocoRoco from the PSP but puts it in a package that only could work and be utilized control wise to its fullest extent on the iphone. Extremely polished gameplay and style.

Dizzy Bee (Lite) (Video)
Dizzy Bee 1 & 2 are games that sort of got lost under the waves of tsunami Rolando but they shouldn't. Both are very good titles that use the accelerator controls to craft very good solid games in their own right.

Castle of Magic (Lite) (Video)
Probably the best traditional iphone platformer that plays and looks like the platformers from the 16 bit era when the genre ruled the roost.

From the creators of the free iphone game Trace comes a much larger project in the form of Gomi. Sort of a mix and mash of Rolando meets Katamari Damacy, Gomi is a nice and meaty title with a lot of content that is well reviewed and liked by App store users.

Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (Video)
A hard game to pin down. Has some adventure elements, some platforming elements, some action elements, some puzzle elements. The genre doesn't really matter so much as the charming and unique gameplay which works is most important and the app has a wonderful aesthetic and really good music.


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006


Real Racing (Video)
Terrific blend of a sim and arcade racer that both pushes the iphone hardware and shows what a developer can so when they put in the time on the platform. Great Game.

Need for Speed Undercover
Racing game that takes the slick and polished presentation that EA brings to the table and combines it with a fun (if completely unrealistic) arcade racer.

2XL Supercross (Lite) (Video)
One of the best looking games on the iphone, fortunately 2XL Supercross also controls and plays pretty well so it's not just a pretty looker with poor gameplay underneath.

Snail Mail (Video)
Snail Mail was one of the first early racing style games to get tilt control via the accelerometer right and have it feel good. A simple game at its core where you aren't truly racing against competition but against a course layout.

Fastlane Street Racing (Lite) (Video)
One of the early racing games to combine good looks with solid gameplay, Fastlane is still an enjoyable game. The tilt controls can feel a bit stiff but the game is still a good effort that reminds a little bit of a Ridge Racer title.

SlotZ Racer
SlotZ Racer is an original racer that takes the fun and simple nature of RC racing and crafts a good game around it. Even has a track editor.

Aqua Moto Racing (Lite) (Video)
While it may not be of Wave Race quality, Aqua Motor Racing is still a rather solid take on Jet Ski racing that feels and controls rather well.

DrawRace (Video)
A real unique racing game where you draw the path you want to take around the course and based on your drawing speed and the route you drew your car races and you try to climb the leaderboards.


Let's Golf
A nice clone of Hot Shots style gameplay. Could use a few more courses and the framerate is only average but still a solid and worthwhile title.

Flick Fishing (Video)
One of the most popular titles on the App Store and a well supported app that has a lot of content and is a great little game that's always had a low price.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR (Video)
Iphone version of the popular franchise from consoles. A good amount of content with a fun swipe swing system. Is a bit easy and really would have benefited from online play but still more than worth checking out for sports fans.

Touchgrind (Video)
From the makers of Sway, Touchgrind ignores the usual Tony Hawk approach that dominates skateboarding games and instead crafts a title that is unique for the iphone because it relies on touch controls as you use your fingers to navigate and do tricks. Very popular title on the app store.

X2 Soccer 2009 (Lite) (Video)
X2 and Real Soccer both seem to be well liked by soccer fans. Real Soccer has more licenses for some of the premier teams of the world's top leagues than X2 although some say X2 plays a better game of actual soccer.

Baseball Superstars (Lite) (Video)
Baseball Superstars looks and plays like one of the better sports games of the 16 bit era and includes some nice rpg type elements into the mix.

9 Innings: Pro Baseball 2009 (Lite) (Video)
A worthy competitor to Baseball Superstars, 9 Innings, takes a less cartoony approach to the graphics and still delivers a pretty good rendition of the national pastime complete with a season mode.

Real Soccer 2009
X2 and Real Soccer both seem to be well liked by soccer fans. Real Soccer has more licenses for some of the premier teams of the world's top leagues than X2 although some say X2 plays a better game of actual soccer.

TNA Wrestling (Video)
TNA Wrestling isn't for everybody but what it does provide is a different and unique take on wrestling that plays like an rpg instead of the usual action affair approach most wrestling games take.

Baseball Slugger 3D (Video)
3-D Home Run Derby baseball contest app that is extremely well reviewed on the app store. Has online play and lots of customization options to unlock to personalize your sluggers.

Touch KO (Video)
Uniquely designed boxing game designed around the controls of the idevices.


Spore Origins (Lite) (Video)
Basically the spore stage of the PC version of the game, Spore Origins ends up feeling like a version of the popular flow game on the iphone.

The Oregon Trail (Lite) (Video)
Basically a reinterpretation of the classic edutainment classic for the iphone, The Oregon Trail is a bit on the easy side but still should spark a bit of nostalgia for the classic gamer.

SimCity (Video)
A pocket size version of SimCity 3000 migrated over to the iphone. Has some stability issues but if you can get past those, you have a pretty impressive effort.

Sims 3 (Video)
Streamlined version of the PC Game. Doesn't have the true build mode of that version and is more scripted on a smaller scale but still a worthwhile effort with a good number of hours of gameplay in the product.


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

Star Hogs (Lite) (Video)
A worms clone that has solid gameplay and full online internet play in addition. Well reviewed both on and off the app store.

Pocket Tanks Deluxe (Lite) (Video)
One of the original artillery games on the PC, Pocket Tanks is a solid game with tons of weapon choices and gameplay tested over years across different platforms.

iShoot (Lite) (Video)
One of the original big iphone hits, ishoot is a well supported artillery style game with a lot of good features.

Galcon (Lite) (Video)
A great little simple lightning fast conquering strategy game that is as much about hand eye co-ordination as it is about strategy. A complete package with internet online play Galcon is a slam dunk recommendation.

California Gold Rush (Lite) (Video)
In the family of digging resourcing games pioneered by Motherload, California Gold Rush takes well designed gameplay and combines it with casual appeal to craft a good game.

I Dig It
([URL="http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewSoftware?id=320632532&mt=8"]Lite) (Video[/URL])
Another Motherload style game, I Dig It, is still a distinctive and worthwhile game that stands on it own.

Orions: Legend of Wizards (Video)
From the devs behind iDracula and Knights OnRush instead comes a card battling resource gathering strategy game. And it's good also which is a nice thing since this genre is pretty rare on the iphone.

KarmaStar (Video)
A casual strategy that plays like a mix of a gameshow, a boardgame, and a light strategy game. Would be perfect with online play but sadly is missing it, but still enjoyable.

Shredder Chess
There are lots of good chess programs on the iphone like Deep Green Chess and Chess Genius but Shredder Chess is as solid and full featured as any chess app on the iphone.

Aya Go (Lite)
Go is a traditionally very difficult game to capture in computer form because of the crazy number of permutations but Aya Go is your best bet for the iphone if you want to play go on a traditional 19 X 19 board.


Flight Control (Video)
One of the most popular and best games in the history of the app store Flight Control is essentially a chaos management game where you try to land planes and avoid air crashes. Great casual game that has appeal to any and everyone.

Fruit Juice Tycoon
(Lite) (Video)
One of the better games of this genre on the iphone because it has a real strategy and management aspect to it beyond the usual Diner Dash clones.

Airport Mania: First Flight (Lite) (Video) (Flash Version)
Airport Mania is a well reviewed and well liked port of a flash game that has a theme outside of the usual time management fare.

Supermarket Mania
(Lite) (Video)
Supermarket Mania does nothing especially different outside of the confines of the genre but just executes very well on the fundamentals of what makes a good time management game.

Build-A-Lot (Lite) (Video)
A time management title that has a bit of depth and almost a Sim City feel to it that makes it stand out from the competition.

The Battle of Pirate Bay (Video)
Sort of an action variant on the Flight Control game play style. Draw the movement path of your ships to defend an area and attack incoming ships. Developer has plans to update the game as well.

Harbor Master (Video)
Another spin-off from the genre king Flight Control, Harbor Master uses a ship theme and a string of updates from the dev to stake out its claim.


7 Cities (Video)
There are a great number of Tower Defense games on the iphone but only a few stand at the top of the genre and 7 cities is one of those. Ship themed, with a good upgrade mechanic this one is easy to recommend.

The Creeps! (Video)
Another app store success story of a game that began its life as pretty decent but through updates and developer care turned into an awesome title. Lots of maps. Lots of variability of play. Suitable for a wide audience as it has options and levels for any level of gamer.

Star Defense (Video)
One of the new breed of Tower Defense games, Star Defense has a unique twist in that the world is placed on a 3-D globe the user navigates to play. Terrific presentation. Lots of social interaction tools build directly into the app. A real showcase app.

Knights Onrush (Lite) (Video)
Knights OnRush is like the other Castle Defense games on the iphone, except it actually plays like a well designed game and looks great. Very easy to recommend if you like this style of game.

Vanguard Storm (Lite) (Video)
Not technically a tower defense game, Vanguard Storm is a smart casual strategy game where you are trying to stop the forces of evil from reaching the other side of the playing field. Perfect bite sized strategy game that can be played in small bursts.

(Lite) (Video)
geoDefense is the hardcore gamer's Tower Defense app. A mix of Geometry Wars inspired visuals and devilishly hard difficulty are a challenging mix.

Fieldrunners (Video)
The original massively popular Tower Defense game that set the bar on the iphone. Great attractive visuals and a maze approach where you build the route instead of the pre-defined paths that are more common in the TD genre.

Reign of Swords Episode 1 & 2 (Lite) (Video)
The Reign of Sword series of games popular on other mobile platforms move over to the iphone and bring their blend of strategy and online play. Both the original and episode 2 are available.

Strategery (Lite) (Video)
Similar to Dice Wars, Strategery is a Risk game you can play in 5 minutes. Great casual little strategy when you find yourself with a little bit of time to kill.

UniWar (Video)
A very nice hex based, turn based strategy game boasting a single player campaign and a good online multiplayer mode.

Defender Chronicles - Legend of the Desert King (Video)
With the flood of Tower Defense games, Defender Chronicles adds in a slight twist by switching the traditional viewpoint and adding RPG elements to the genre.

Warfare Incorporated
A port of the well liked Pocket PC title, Warfare Incorporated takes the traditional RTS and brings it to the iphone.

Rise of Lost Empires (Video)
Another mobile port of an RTS, Rise of the Lost Empires has a nice look and is a bit reminiscent of Warcraft on the PC although it lacks a skirmish mode.

Crystal Defenders (Lite) (Video)
Another app that has made the journey from being completely not a title worth recommending because of a bad port job to a pretty solid title that works on the iphone.

Mecho Wars (Video)
A mini-sized take on the Advance Wars formula on the iphone. Well reviewed on the app store.

Civilization Revolution (Lite) (Video)
Port of the Sid Meir console and DS franchise. Some reports of instability and a bit of sluggishness on early gen models but still well received by many idevice users.


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

Tap Tap Revenge 2 (FREE) (Video)
Tapulous puts out a line of tap music games based on specific artists like Coldplay, Nine Inch Nails, The Dave Matthews Band, etc but the gateway program is the very good Tap Tap Revenge 2 which is absolutely free.

Leaf Trombone: World Stage (Lite) (Video)
Smule made their mark by putting out the immensely popular and downloaded Ocarina and followed it up with the online performance title Leaf Trombone: World Stage. A wickedly clever little online American Idol performance app that is completely charming.

Dance Dance Revolution S (Lite) (Video)
Great iphone adaption of the DDR franchise that is so popular.

World of Tunes (Lite) (Video)
A little bit Tap Tap Revenge, A little bit Elite Beat Agents, a little bit its own thing and a lot of weird music combine to make one unique music game.

TapStar (Lite) (Video)
Nostalgic music rhythm game that's a mix of DDR and Tap Tap Revenge and uses tracks from the Sony Music label. Currently has around 20 tracks but more are promised in the future.

Guitar Rock Tour 2 (Video)
GameLoft's take on the Guitar Hero formula. Has a drum mode in addition to the guitar and planned DLC for more songs.


Zenonia (Lite) (Video)
Easily the best RPG on the iphone, and a legit good one based on its own merits. Has some control issues but that doesn't stop it from being a damn good time for a big and long adventure that's an old school action rpg with some Diablo elements added into the mix .

Epic Pet Wars (FREE) (Video)
A very popular free MMO that was inspired by Pokemon and other creature battling franchises.

The Quest (Video)
Pocket PC port of an Old School PC style RPG in the Dungeon Master or Eye of the Beholder vein of games. Also has an expansion out on the iphone.

Underworlds (Lite) (Video)
A Diablo style RPG that a lot of potential but is still a bit of a work in progress.

Mafia Live (FREE) (Video)
Mafia Live and iMafia are two of the most popular and well received online mmo's currently on the iphone.

iMafia (FREE) (Video)
Mafia Live and iMafia are two of the most popular and well received online mmo's currently on the iphone.

Puzzle Quest
(Lite) (Video)
The very popular match 3 RPG that has made its way to nearly every system finds a home on the iphone. A bit of slowdown on the puzzle screen but nothing that actually interferes with gameplay and overall a solid and playable title.

Wolfenstein RPG (Video)
Enhanced port of the mobile title from id software. Takes the universe and setting of Wolfenstein but places it in an enjoyable rpg-lite turn based context.


Myst (Video)
Top Notch port of the seminal 90's iconic adventure game. Nearly a perfect port considering the platform.

Jules Verne's Return to Mysterious Island (Video)
Devs are learning that the touch interface of the iphone is well suited for graphical adventures and that's exactly because of games like Return to Mysterious Island.

Glyder (Lite) (Video)
Glyder is a low pressure flying game where the pleasure of the game comes from the smooth gameplay and freedom the game encourages.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition
iDevice version of the classic LucasArts adventure. Includes the classic and remix options from the PC and XBLA version so it's a good bargain.


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

Bookworm (Flash Version)
Very Good port of the addictive PopCap word game.

Stitch'em Words (Lite) (Video)
Part Scrabble, Part Chicktionary, Part TextTwist is an apt description. Tons of content and puzzles for the price.

WordFu (Video)
Boggle with nice social interaction features, great presentation and sound, and a cool Kung Fu theme.

WordJong (Lite) (Video)
Streamlined port of the DS and PC title but still an addictive and challenging game with a terrific daily puzzle feature.

Moxie (Lite) (Video)
A unique word game that stands out in a genre where most games are copycat simple derivations of Boggle and Scrabble.

Crosswords (Lite) (Video)
There are many different crossword games on the iphone like the USA Today app and the official NY Times app but Crosswords is a great one that allows access to a lot of sources for new crosswords.

Quordy (Video)
Quordy is one of the better boggle style games available on the iphone and is a pretty solid app. Similar to Wurdle.

Wurdle (Video)
Wurdle is arguably the best selling boggle style game on the iphone. Has a lot of features as its been a well updated title and offers different sized word grids to play on.

Scrabble (Video)
Its Scrabble. Probably the most popular word game on the planet. Includes online Facebook play.

Words with Friends
Basically an asynchronous online scrabble clone that is quite well reviewed.

Dungeon Scroll (Video)
A very unique word game that use the backdrop of a dungeon crawler to build and mold its gameplay. Good game.


Crazy Penguin Catapult 2
(Lite) (Video)
There have been two Crazy Penguin Games on the iphone and just like the first this one offers the same easy to pick up and play enjoyable puzzle gaming.

Bloons (Lite) (Video) (Flash Version)
Perfect port of the very popular flash game balloon popping puzzler.

(Lite) (Video)
Very fun and challenging tap to shoot quick draw gun game.

3D Rollercoaster Rush
(Lite) (Video)
A neat little game where you control a rollercoaster on different tracks and you have to balance speed versus controls to complete the course.

Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3D (Lite) (Video) (Flash Version)
Iphone version of the mobile classic building stacking strategy game.

Tornado Mania (Lite) (Video) (Flash Version)
Another Digital Chocolate casual winner where the simple concept of controlling the spin action of a tornado is fun and devasting.

Doodle Jump (Video)
Sort of a more fleshed out and graphically well presented version of the original iphone game PapiJump, Doodle Jump is an addictive simple platforming game where your only goal is to jump as high as possible. Well updated title with a good leaderboard system based around Facebook friends.

Ragdoll Blaster (Lite) (Video)
Very neat little casual puzzle game where you shoot a ragdoll to reach a bulls-eye target on the level and use the physics engine to reach the target.

Flyloop (Video)
Drawing game where the goal is to encircle matching butterflies before the timer runs out. Great music and good visual make this a game anyone can pick up and play and enjoy but still find challenging.


Avalinx Casino Games (Lite) (Video)
Avalinx has a series of Casino style games on the iphone that bring Vegas to your idevice.


Not the best looking Texas Holdem title but the one that arguably plays the best current game on the iphone.

Texas Hold 'em (Video)
The Texas Hold 'em title that has the best presentation hands down on the idevices and still plays a fun enough game.

Durak (Video)
Well reviewed, well liked and something slightly different from the usual poker and its variants that dominate in the iphone card game genre.

Motion X Poker Quest
(Lite) (Video)
The Motion X games simplicity is their charm. Sharp graphics and nice presentation complete the package and make dice rolling come to life.


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

This Section is a little different. Rather than sort of doing a recommendation or review sort of concept, games under this heading will instead simply be games that GAF members have worked on in a design or programming or art capacity to show some GAF love. If I miss anybody just pm me and I'll include you.

TaxiBall (Lite) (Video)
GAF Member: helava

iSR (Video)
GAF Member: mrWalrus

Star Ride (Lite) (Video)
GAF Member: Bliddo

Trixel (Video)
GAF Member: boutrosinit

Jungle Bloxx (Lite) (Video)
GAF Member: yurinka

30 and Dirty (Lite) (Video)
GAF Member: Mode

Zep's Dreamland (Video PC version)
GAF Member: sonrisu

iFist (Video)
GAF Member: wondermega


Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006

2009 Independent Games Festival Mobile Winners:

IGF Mobile Best Game:
•Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) – iPhone/iPod touch

Innovation in Mobile Game Design:
•Galcon (Hassey Enterprises) – iPhone/iPod touch

Achievement in Art:
•Fieldrunners (Subatomic Studios) – iPhone/iPod touch

Technical Achievement:
•Real Racing (Firemint) – iPhone/iPod touch

Audio Achievement:
•Zen Bound (Secret Exit) – iPhone/iPod touch

Best iPhone Game -- Presented by ngmoco:
•Zen Bound (Secret Exit) – iPhone/iPod touch

January 2009 - Drop7
February 2009 - Zen Bound
March 2009 - The OregonTrail
April 2009 - Assassin's Creed
May 2009 - IGN Awarded no games of the month for any platform this month.
June 2009 - Real Racing
July 2009 - Space Invaders Infinity Gene

April 2009 - Glyder
May 2009 - Peggle
June 2009 - Real Racing
July 2009 - Rolando 2


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Sep 3, 2007
#11 :lol

All jokes aside, I'm excited to see what you do with this - I enjoy your iPhone game roundups in the other thread.


Jun 14, 2004
Stoney Mason knows his stuff when it comes to iPhone gaming. Most of the games I purchased were from seeing them in his roundup posts.

Just bought an iTunes store card tonight so this thread will come in handy. Good job dude.

Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006
And that's it for the first pass. As I said this is an ongoing process and I will update the original posts based on the discussion that occurs in the thread. That's sort of the whole point so don't get bent out of shape if your favorite game isn't currently listed or something you don't like is listed because it can easily be added later. The whole point is to sort of give a broad idea of what is available and at least decent to good on the platform. And I keep harping up on it will be updated so this thread doesn't die like all the other iphone recommendation threads did before because they were a static listing. Ideally this thread should function in association and as a benefit to relieve some of the burden of the other thread with the new buyers issue. Feel free to recommend other games to people. Especially niche titles because that's kind of my favorite thing about the app store. There are a lot of apps I really really like that I didn't list simply because I deem them to niche or something that maybe only I'm interested in. Which is the whole point of this thread. To just highlight good games or games that people like whether they are niche or not.


about the same metal capacity as a cucumber
Dec 20, 2005
New York City
This thread is sexcellent. The only thing I'd ask for, in time, is game price. Other than that, great job. Ill be wading through this list/thread plenty, I'm sure.


Does maths and stuff
Sep 21, 2006
new york
Thanks for the thread. Gonna have to buy Tiki Towers, Edge, and something action-y. Any recommendations for an action game?


listen to the mad man
May 21, 2006
Stuff I've got or have played that I'd recommend that's not in the (awesome) OP:

Sky Burger
Crazy Machines
Just Fillin'
Up There
::shift:: (spelling?)
Trivial Pursuit
Pocket God
Hospital Havoc
Go Go Rescue Squad

Great job, man.


Dec 7, 2007
My Personal Must-Have List:

- GeoDefense
- Edge
- Peggle
- Bejeweled 2
- Drop7
- Stone Loops of Jurrassica

Lord Error

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Jun 8, 2004
You need to add Pinball Dreams there nao! But you have Edge, Zen Bound and Eliss there so it's half-forgiven >:|

Pinball Dreams:


May 10, 2007
New York, NY
wow, amazing thread... you should just go ahead and start a dedicated site!

Just one comment: it seems like there should be a separate category for turn based strategy games.

Also, no Flight of the Amazon Queen under Adventures ?


Jul 30, 2007
Whoa, there's a dictionary in Scrabble? how do you enable that?

also, I think SmartGo is a great Go app, though I'll have to get Aya Go since SmartGo doesn't have a 2 player mode.

Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006
SuperPac said:
What, no Amateur Surgeon up in here? :'( Awwww...
That is one I legitimately had on my list and somehow missed copying over. I'll fix that on my next update which will probably be on Friday.

MrCompletely said:
wow, amazing thread... you should just go ahead and start a dedicated site!

Just one comment: it seems like there should be a separate category for turn based strategy games.

Also, no Flight of the Amazon Queen under Adventures ?
It was hard to divide up between all the TD games and games that sort of have some element of turn based strategy. Maybe I'll look at trying to better distinguish between the different style of games with a different grouping. The text blurbs when I add that would help also. Haven't heard enough about Amazon Queen but if enough people like it, I'll add it.


Sep 26, 2007
Of course I have a bunch of personal favorites but I would logistically consider putting the Low Gravity racer up there, it's a really decent game at a decent price and offers some variation from all the arcade car racers.


Sep 25, 2007
Track and Field is my most played.

I know it is gets some bad comments but I think the input is amazing because i always seem to be able to better my scores just a touch.

I would LOVE to see an expanded sequel.

Lord Error

Insane For Sony
Jun 8, 2004


Jun 9, 2004
I picked up Taxiball last night, fun for a buck. I guess it would be action/arcade.

Also, Space Ace and Flashback are okish if you want to make a "Retro" category (I love Space Ace but you probably have to be from that era to enjoy it). Also Frotz seems like a competent Text Adventure program, also free, comes with a bunch of games.

Great thread, though.

Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006
SnakeXs said:
This thread is sexcellent. The only thing I'd ask for, in time, is game price.
The problem there is game prices fluctuate so much with sales and such that it would quickly become a never ending sisyphean task.

Maybe what is possible is adding an app shopper link slowly for each game down the road like this


Maybe that should replace the direct itunes link since from app shopper you can direct link to Itunes itself.


Dec 7, 2007
SuperPac said:
What, no Amateur Surgeon up in here? :'( Awwww...
I just downloaded the lite version, and received my first "Mature 17+" warning.

Nice to see CJ bringing filthy pornography into America's homes. :p

Edit: Also downloading Heavy Mach demo solely based on the awesome screen pic above. Looks interesting.


Jul 11, 2005
Thread of the forever!

Did I miss Mass Effect Galaxy above? Just dl'ed it from the Store - hope it's good!


Jun 9, 2004
Stoney Mason said:
The problem there is game prices fluctuate so much with sales and such that it would quickly become a never ending sisyphean task.

Maybe what is possible is adding an app shopper link slowly for each game down the road like this


Maybe that should replace the direct itunes link since from app shopper you can direct link to Itunes itself.
I demand that you include both actual price and an aggregate "GAF is willing to pay" price based on reviews, impressions, and App Store difficulty (let me dl more than 10mb!).


edit: for your lists, specifically in the strategy section, I'd tend to suggest moving games like Knights Onrush and other "defend the castle" games into the action section. I have Knights and what little "thinkin' man's" strategy there is takes a serious backseat to just launching enemies around the screen.

Stoney Mason

Aug 2, 2006
Zachack said:
I'd tend to suggest moving games like Knights Onrush and other "defend the castle" games into the action section.
That's a fair thought. I sort of never thought of it that way but it probably is more of an action game at heart with slight strategies based on how you approach the action.


Sep 26, 2007
ghostmind said:
Thread of the forever!

Did I miss Mass Effect Galaxy above? Just dl'ed it from the Store - hope it's good!
This is why you should hang out in the iPhone Gaming thread, it's not a good game unfortunately. I won't rain on your parade, hopefully you like it, but it's definitely not a game to recommend to a new iPhone gamer. Not good enough.


Sep 13, 2005
Thanks for this thread! I'm updating my iTouch right now, so I can finally play games on it. My PS3 died last night and I need something to play before I go to sleep.

Downloading a lot of Lite versions of different games in different genres to see what works and what doesn't work for me with touch only controls.

How far is the development of the rumored iPhone/iTouch button gaming peripheral? Or were those just rumors?


Feb 23, 2008
great thread. glad Stoney finally took the time to compile all those posts into one huge mega thread.

tons of great little games on the iphone if you know where to look.
Feb 28, 2008
Good stuff. Hmm...

Since the question seems to come up here and there, and the section could use a bit of a population boost, and I think it is still being actively developed, I'd reckon you might look into adding RogueTouch into the RPG section. I know it far and away eclipses the first Roguelike attempt on iPhone, iRogue.

Pizza Luigi

Apr 16, 2007
Would be cool to see such a thread but then with iPhone and iPod Touch gadget-like applications. Just silly things, like iBeer :p