The Official Wipeout HD FURY Thread of jizzplosion in your pants


The vertical screenshots are some of the best I have ever seen from a game, bordering on Concept Art render level. Theyre the one ones that turned me from "will pick up in a few weeks" to it downloading currently :D

Don't know what to play first, Killzone 2 Map Bundle or this. It looks astounding and the new ship designs are sick.
Just went back to the game yesterday to refresh my skills.

Can't wait!

For some reason I got lots of gold medals in Head Rush, where previously I'd only been able to get silver or bronze: pretty cool to discover I could get a better handle on the controls when returning to the game after many months.


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while the locales look beautiful, i'm not sure i like the new craft designs - they look like something taken out of a transformer movie - not the canonical wipeout crafts.
I'm furiously trying to finally gold the last 2 single race events in Level 8 of the regular campaign... Sol 2 and Sebenco Climb :/ Still rusty... but I'm ready!

Tarin02543 said:
any discount if you still have to buy the original wipeout HD?
Wipeout HD was/is on sale... at least until today.


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I totally am jizzing my pants playing. It looks soooooo good. The new interface is sexy as hell too. I'm terrible with photomode but I'll see about taking some more shots.
How do you unlock the alternate ship liveries? Has anyone found out yet? I unlocked Feisars zone skin through normal play... any idea on the other one?
NIN90 said:
Now we have official threads for DLC!! WOOO!
To be fair, with all the new content it's almost more full expansion pack then a peice of DLC! :D

At the speed this is coming down at I'm gonna be waiting a while :(
Soooo pretty!!! Too bad I realized I suck at Wipeout games besides Wipeout XL. I still haven't even finished the original game. I'll probably pass on this DLC unless in a moment of weakness I buy it one day when I'm bored and going through the Playstation Store to look for something interesting.

I just bought Wipeout HD two days ago in the summer sale, and really wasn't even going to consider buying a huge expansion pack like this so soon, but goddamn those screenshots look sexy. I think I might have to buy it later today when it's released.

So the only question that remains is should I play this or the new KZ2 maps tonight?

Good week for PSN:D


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I just want Wipeout HD complete with FURY in a fucking blu-ray disc ( since I can't buy shit from PSN because of my shitty lowlife non US-master card )
Holy crap! Those first few shots

I wanted to buy shattered after reading IGNs review and I just bought Battlefield, now there's this and KZ2 DLC...mmm, I can only get one for now. Fuck, which will it be.


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Lion Heart said:
Holy crap! Those first few shots

I wanted to buy shattered after reading IGNs review and I just bought Battlefield, now there's this and KZ2 DLC...mmm, I can only get one for now. Fuck, which will it be.
This, no contest. You only get... what... another two maps for Killzone 2 for the same amount of money?

Stop supporting GG fleecing you with that shit.
I'm astounded by the quality of Fury so far. The new tracks are simply amazing and the new modes are addictive, fun and add up lots of replayability to an existing great game.:D
Have played some now.

I almost want to cry thinking about how many gamers won't experience this.
WipEout HD is such a fulfilling experience it's mindblowing.

The Menus were ahead of everyone before, how Fury takes over the previous version like a virus (now all in Black and Red and static signals and sparks), it's soo good. The first new track I played, my eyes practically melted. The design of everything so so great. 1080p @ 60fps with assets so carefully crafted it feels like sexual healing for your eyes. I can't throw enough praise for this game.
Fury pack seems awesome so far, the new levels are great - I was disapointed about the immediate lack of DLC, but this pack more than makes up for any wait. Here's a few shots I just took, I totally forgot how stunning this game looks;

Wipeout HD has a better futuristic world than Mass Effect. THAT'S RIGHT I JUST SAID THAT. ;)

Maybe Sony Liverpool could try their hand at something other than a racer.