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Nope, go for it :) I've been looking for a good modern looking shmup like resogun tbh
Have you tried Dariusburst Chronicle Savior? It's one of the highest-production sidescrolling shmups out there. Chock-full of content, too, and supports 4p local multiplayer.

If you like top-down, try Ghost Blade HD. I did a 1cc late last year and had a ton of fun practicing for it.

I was just thinking about this Wednesday and yesterday, so I guess I gotta crack my knuckles and get to makin' the thread.

EDIT: posted up the Shmup thread:
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I don't see anyone listed for Spider-Man yet. I saw someone talking about it, but no one listed as officially committed. I'm not willing to do it myself, because honestly it seems a bit intimidating. I'm used to slapping together OTs with a few lines and a couple images or videos. The standards at GAF for OTs seem pretty high.

But I know Spider-Man is a big game coming up, so I wanted to alert anyone interested that its OT seems to be open for claim at the moment.
I'll do Spider-Man it if no one picks up, but WTF... There are enough people here interested that this shouldn't be a thing.

Edit: I'm out guys. Someone else take it if you're interested.
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Searched and there doesnt seem to be any Heathstone topic, just a news piece thread about Blizzard making more games in a similar vein to it.
I claim a general VS Puzzle OT in the spirit of my shmups OT as long as no one objects. I have even more knowledge and experience with vs puzzle as I do with shmups and people didn't complain much about how I handled the otherone.

Any suggestions for what to include? I plan to include an overview of many of the notable games (brief descriptions and explanation of play) and links to pertinent articles and high-level play. I'd also drop related Vs Puzzle news stories since those don't usually get enough attention to warrant their own thread.

VS. Puzzle |OT| Breaking News: Columns of Puyos have just Tetris Attacked Dr. Mario

by DunDunDunpac hi

Anyone want to do a fighting game OT? I love fighting games but am not qualified to built an OT of such a stature.