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Genre: Adventure, Survival Horror, Interactive Storytelling,

  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S|X
  • PC/ Microsoft windows
Developer: Super Massive Games
Publisher: 2K
Price: 59.99$ (Standard Edition for PS4/XONE), 69.99$ (Standard Edition for PS5/XSX), 79.99$ (Deluxe Edition)
Release Date: June 10, 2022
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Areajugones - 95/100

The Quarry is A MUST for any fan of the genre. It is a game that constantly tries to one-up Until Dawn and, as far as it concerns me, it manages to do so. The game is intense but bearable even if, just like me, you cannot handle horror that well. The Quarry takes hold of you up until the very last moment, with the comforting sensation that every choice you have made along the way is actually represented in your gameplay experience.

Shacknews - 90/100
The Quarry feels like a true spiritual successor to Until Dawn. Not just because it follows a group of young people running for their lives in the middle of the woods, but the emphasis on putting characters first in the story. Strong performances and solid writing actually made me care about the characters, which made the constant threat of danger all the more impactful. With dynamically branching pathways and some truly frightening sequences, The Quarry just might be my favorite game from Supermassive.

GameSpot - 90/100
The Quarry picks up where Until Dawn left off, introducing another group of personable teens you'll attempt to keep alive. Or not.

Finger Guns - 90/100
Wearing every cliché on its sleeve, The Quarry is having a whale of a time with its setting. Sometimes it's satirising the slasher film, others it subverts them. With many endings and path-altering decisions to make, no two playthroughs are alike. Coupled with a heap of horror alumni, as well as up and comers, The Quarry is a veritable romp through jump scares, ghost stories and video nasties.

The Loadout - 80/100
The Quarry is a wonderfully atmospheric interactive horror game that offers up some of the best acting performances in the medium today. The rich, intertwining narratives deliver an incredible story that you will want to keep going back to - especially if you don't save everyone.

Carole Quintaine - 80/100
The Quarry is a very good narrative horror game in the vein of Scream but above all it is the worthy successor to Until Dawn. With proven mechanics and a terrific atmosphere, it offers an experience that works very well, alone or with friends. It nevertheless suffers from the same faults as its predecessors with somewhat floating movements and sudden changes in camera angles, not to mention a few lengths in the dialogues. Anyway, it offers a very good 80s horror moment and we love it.

GameSpew - 80/100
Is The Quarry Supermassive Games' best game yet? It's bloody close. In many ways it outshines Until Dawn, but it's a shame its final chapter doesn't feel quite as eventful as we'd have liked. The visuals are great, the characters are brilliantly acted, and the horrors you face truly are terrifying. Combine that with impactful decisions to be made, which will encourage you to play through The Quarry multiple times, and you have a horror experience that's not to be missed.

IGN Spain - 80/100
The Quarry is a light and fun horror adventure that exudes love for the genre. If you can, play it with friends.

PC Gamer - 70/100
A gripping horror story, but one where the interactive elements struggle to sustain the tension.

Inverse - 60/100
A game built on the message that your choices matter, The Quarry does very little to prove this design principle in execution. It's a grand attempt at recapturing the magic of the developer's cult 2015 hit Until Dawn, but rather than demonstrate growth for Supermassive, The Quarry makes it feel like the studio is trapped in the past. In this case, it's an overemphasis on pulpy B-horror movies from the '80s.
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Not bad.

Not bad at all.

This is a definite purchase for me. Love couch co-op with the spouse on these kind of titles.


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Great news, will get it. I just went back to Until Dawn after a year long break, should finish that over the next couple of months (playing with friend, we don't see each other a lot) and by then this will be nicely discounted, noice!

My friend actually broke her voice from screaming at the jump scares last time we played and that added to the fun quite a bit, she had a normal voice and then after a few screams she sounded like a meth addict tramp lady.

So from then on when I was shouting for her to quickly decide on things all I could hear from behind me was a husky panicked "I dunno! Just pick one!", which added to the "horror".
This is good news. What I loved about Until Dawn was playing a character who I hated on first impression and then consciously deciding, " You know what, I love this girl. I want her to live... in fact, I am gonna play her as the biggest, baddest, come back bitch in horror. "


ridiculous pricing by 2k in my region.. no way am buying it. on the other hand, the callisto protocol was 3 dollars yesterday in my region, bought the deluxe edition for 5 dollars. today, its a full blown 50 dollars, but we get to keep our games. lol smae thing happened with horizon zero dawn.


What time is it?
Watched some reviews this morning and it sounds better than the mini episodes but not as good as Until Dawn. I think I'll wait for a price drop.


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
I'm really excited about this game, I love all of Supermassive's stuff. I'm glad they're keeping The Dark Picture's "pass the controller" co-op mode, because that's the best way to play these games in a group.


Premise looks way better than Until Dawn and I want to play it, but definitely a bargain bin cop. I can't pay that much for a glorified movie.


I took a chance on this so glad to see some good reviews, I loved Until Dawn but the follow up trilogy they released didn’t really do much for me.
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