The Shape of Water (Guillermo Del Toro) - early reviews hitting

Sally Hawkins is a superb actress, whether it's a small role or the lead she's been particularly good working for mike leigh. Nice to see her work with a talent like del Toro.
Saw it this afternoon and it was pretty good! The love story was a bit underdevelopped, and it didn't really coalesce into a satisfying narrative, but there were some great scenes and everything from the acting to the production work was superb.

And Richard Jenkins was the standout. He's always great, but here he was just incredible.
Saw it yesterday at TIFF. It was fantastic. I can be picky about certain aspects like it being a slight bit cheesey at moments(the timing of when certain characters show up) but it wouldn't take away much from the movie tbh.

I loved that the movie embraced unconventional character types. The main characters opening scene made her immediately relatable for the average Joe and the way the movie portrays the theme of love felt real and not overly cheesey or false like Hollywood typically does. I'll paraphrase Del Toro's reasoning from his q&a "It's like you meet someone, shit clicks and then you fuck". There doesn't need to be all that extra Hollywood drama build up.

The use of color as a metaphor(green/blue
) was interesting. I feel like the movies biggest strength is that it's not afraid to make characters who are perceived as other being the ones helping each other. It was quite heart warming.
Still looks beautiful, damn. Hawkins is coming for that best actress win, please.

Damn, somebody dropped the hammer. No longer 100%

At least it's not Armond
At least it lasted as long as it did. It was going to happen eventually, and I'm surprised it wasn't quicker. Plenty of people don't like GDT's style.
return closer to the more artisanal territory of his memorable early Spanish-language films The Devil's Backbone and Pan's Labyrinth, Guillermo del Toro delivers pure enchantment with The Shape of Water. A dark-edged fairy tale
This is enough to make me want to see it. I'm not really a fan of GDT, but Pan's Labyrinth is easily one of my favorite movies.
Glad to hear this is good. Wasn't blown away by Crimson Peak.
Yea I wasn't blown away by Crimson Peak either other than from a visual standpoint. Enjoyed this far more.

Damn, somebody dropped the hammer. No longer 100%

At least it's not Armond
Even that negative review seems pretty positive. Also the negative points he mentions are some of the things I liked about it. It felt like IT. Oddly brief feeling despite having a 2 hr run time