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mac said:
Or maybe, just maybe, he has no sister. It's just him talking to himself.

Bum bum bummmmmmm.
Geeze I'm not like Maze (who's two people in one). I said it was ALMOST like having a split personailty not actually having one.

Good news, My dad just got a digital camera a couple of days ago and I just found out today. Now all he needs is to get a memory card and I can post a picture of myself!! I better remember to shave before I do :)

And to prove I can spell (when I want to anyway) here is a recent post made by me for the text based rpg the Final heaven a few months ago before it closed in April

Revalations of the heart

The white moon rose, clear as a beacon in the intertwined branches of the trees.
The moon was only half full, but it was as bright as any Hikaru had ever seen.
She had been sleeping, but when she had opened her eyes and saw that gleaming semicircle, she sat up her tiredness forgotten. The fire had faded, thought orange embers still gleamed here and there in a mountain of ash.

The night was unreasonably warm, and she had no qualms about climbing out of her bedroll and walking away from the fire and her sleeping companion. The woods where quite and peaceful, smelling of sweet pine, the stillness broken only by the rustle of an occasional small creature moving across the dry needles on the ground.

She made her way back to the rim of the canyon, thought a fringe of pine forest. As she walked out onto a smooth slab of stone extending beyond the shadows of the threes she experienced the full glory of the moon. She gazed at the beautiful moon and the starry sky in awe, thinking of Luna's Celestial Orb move and momentarily tempted to try it out herself.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" a soft voice whispered. She gasped and spun around, relived- pleased- to see someone emerge from the tress. "Y-yes. Yes it is," she agreed. He was standing very close to her and she liked that. A little giddy, she turned her back to him and looked back out over the view, dry and still, with bright highlights broken by very murky shadows in the ravines and gullies, all the lower places where the moonlight could not penetrate.

"I can imagine!" Hikaru declared, almost breathless at the thought. She sighed, taking in the slender of the scene, marvelling at the things she had yet to learn. He placed a hand on her shoulder, a hand that felt very warm, understanding...simply wonderful. She welcomed his presence as he took a step forward. Welcomed the warmth, the soothing smell, of his soft robe, and she allowed herself to lean back against him. She felt very grown-up tonight.

They stood in silence or several minuets, watching the moon and the rugged landscape until he finally spoke.” There are not many people who can do what you do, you know.” he said. Hikaru was startled, simultaneously pleased and puzzled. It sounded like a compliment, but she wasn't entirely sure of his meaning. "What is it that I can do?" She asked.

But instead of answering he interjected with startling intensity. Her turned her around so that he could look at her, his hands on both of her shoulders. Her own palms where against his chest, but she wasn't pushing him away. His eyes burned with something that she didn't understand, and she wanted desperately to understand. But her attention was already drifting. He was so warm. His robe surrounded her with comfortable smells, like spices and a pleasant kind of sweat.

He leaned in, his face very closer to hers, just a little above. There was a different kind of light in his eyes now, a very warm and appealing brightness. Hikaru held her breath as his lips closed in, touching hers. She felt a fluttering in her belly as she pressed close to him, relishing his kiss. Her arms where suddenly around him, his chest broad and powerful against hers , and she more then equalled his passion with her returning embrace. She pulled him close, still breathless, and felt that warmth turn to genuine heat. Abruptly, then he pulled away from her, roughly breaking the embrace, and in the moonlight, the expression of anger that flashed across his face chilled her. He was furious- looking past her, furious with another.

Hikaru awoke with a gasp as she bolted upright from the cold ground. “What was that a dream… or a premonition.” She thought as she strained to remember all the details of what she had just witnessed. “Who…Who was that.” She whispered to herself as she desperately tried to figure out who the other person had been but for the life of her the name or face of the man she had been kissing eluded her. It bothered her greatly since if anyone had asked her she wasn’t really interested in going out with anybody and yet somehow in her heart of hearts that person had been formulary to her.

Gradually she became aware of the sound of rushing water then turned her head towards the source of the noise and saw a ornate crystal fountain only a few feet away from where she sat. “Now I remember. I took a sip from the water last night when that woman said it was good for my health.” She said thinking back to what had happened to get her to her present state.

With the dart coliseum finally complete but the tournament preliminaries still a few days away Hikaru had decided to act upon the information Kisai had found for her at one of the Izquirk branch libraries. She had headed out towards the White Cathedral and mystic shrine looking for a Old mage who would supposedly be able to help her learn some magic.

It had become painfully clear to her in the Flargra city tournament that she could no longer rely on just ordinary punches and kicks to win battles. Too many other fighters knew special skills, especially projectile attacks for her to overcome with out a special skill or projectile attack of her own. The problem was that the skill she had been working on for quite some time, the rolling thunder was still incomplete and unreliable and her fighting style which relied upon the use of her own body and not weapons made making use of any projectile abilities difficult at best until she learned to harness her chi correctly.

But learning to regulate the eeb and flow of her inner energy would take time, more time then she had before the next tournament began. The grand opening of the Dart Coliseum would be sure to attract more fighters on the same level or better then Luna the former Flarga regional champion. Since Hikaru could not consciously control when her wings would manifest themselves like they had against Luna she had to pick something up and fast if she was going to stand a chance with out having to rely purely on luck.

That’s where learning magic came in, As an Angle even one who couldn’t fly at will she still held at least some mystical potential in her blood just waiting to be tapped. All it would take would be a simple fireball or cure spell and then she’d be set at least for the first round. Or at least she hoped she would be anyhow.

“I think Kisan told me that I should be able to learn at least one enchantment in a couple of days, of course assuming I can talk the Wizard hear into helping me.” She thought as she climbed the long white marble staircase towards the entrance of the shrine. For some reason the steps seemed peculiarly long today and the longer she climbed the longer she had to go. “Darn if I could control my wings I could just fly up there in a few seconds.” She thought as she took a few more steps and finally found herself at the summit.

“Wow how did I get here so quickly? One second there’s tons of steps left and the next I’m at the top, I must have zoned out.” She thought as she gazed up at the sky expecting to see white fluffy clouds and cursed slightly when she saw stars. “No way it can’t be night already, it shouldn’t have taken me nearly all day just to get to the top.” She exclaimed in frustration.

“I’m sorry it’s my fault.” said a quite voice that sounded as majestic and beautiful as a lute. Hikaru turned towards the voice and was surprised to see a young looking woman who was every bit as beautiful as her voice with long golden locks and sapphire eyes. Her dress was a strange shade of white that Hikaru had not seen before and looked like it was woven of the finest quality of silk that could be found in the universe, let alone Teyr Sainte.

“It’s just that your aura is so interesting, I couldn’t help but to bend the space around the stairs so that I could study It.” explained the woman causing Hikaru to let out a low whistle of admiration. “They said that the clerics here where strong but I had no idea that they where that good.” said Hikaru in awe. For some reason her normal scepticism had vanished before this woman. Maybe it was just her extraordinary appearance but there was just something about her that made Hikaru want to believe her every word.

The woman giggled. “Silly girl, I’m much more then an ordinary cleric, not that I can fault a mind such as your's for mistaking me as one.” She said as she sat down at the edge of a crystal fountain and traced a finger lightly across the waters still surface causing that spot to glow with a pale blue light. “You should feel honoured. I don’t allow many outsiders to see me.” She said as she cupped her hands and dipped them into the water then brought them up to her lips like a cup and took a sip.

As the woman drank, she opened her cupped hands slightly letting the remaining water flow freely between the cracks to rejoin the rest. As the stream cascaded down like a waterfall to rejoin the main pool, it glittered and sparkled like a rainbow. As the two liquids mixed the effect quickly spread until it covered the entire fountain causing it to glow with a surreal light.

“You’re troubled aren’t you…by matters of the heart.” Said the woman matter of factly and Hikaru nodded in agreement, almost afraid that if she spoke the world around her would shatter like an illusion and the woman would be gone as if she never where. “You grandfather is trying to force you into an arranged marriage isn’t he.” The woman said causing Hikaru’s eyes to widen in surprise. “How..” she started to say but the woman raised finger silencing her.

“How do I know?” She said finishing the question for her guest. “Why I know everything when it comes to the heart.” she answered in a singsong tone of voice. “And I can see clearly now that yours is stronger then most, nearly unwavering in fact. Once you’ve decided upon something you stick to it never giving up no matter how terrible the odds.” said the woman as she gazed into the enchanted water.

“However no heart human or angel can ever be truly one hundred percent sure of itself. It is the mysteries of love that makes it both so wonderful and yet so painful at the same time.” She said wistfully as she glanced at Hikaru’s eyes and saw another question lurking with in them. “Why am I telling you all this? because I like to help worthy souls like yourself find their way once and awhile I suppose.” She said with a sigh.

“Your heart is adrift in confusion because your grandfather is forcing you to think about many issues before you where truly ready for them. Before you where content to simply let the faint embers of affection lie deep within you, sure that with time that they where safe to grow into the flame on passion their own. But now… But now those very same feelings are being threatened even thought you aren’t quite aware they exist. Or rather, I should say that you deny that those feelings exist.” said the woman.

She smiled warmly. “Of course such feelings can’t be hidden away completely…not even from yourself. You must have experienced at least some of their effects like blushing or an accelerated heart beat when your cherished person was nearby. Normally it would have been ok to keep those feelings locked away… at least for a while longer anyhow. But the longer you do so now the more at risk those feelings will be and the more your heart stands to be broken by not admitting them before it’s too late.” She said.

“I can not stand idly by and let such a wonderful heart as yours shatter into a thousand pieces. Please drink from this water, its effects will have help heal your hand and perhaps it will also be able to help open the truth in your eyes.” She said. Hikaru nodded and walked over towards the fountain then gently bent down onto her knees by its base and cupped her hands into the water, which felt cool and soothing to the touch. Slowly she brought the water to her lips and sipped. Suddenly as she swallowed the world went black around her.

Hikaru felt a cold chill run up her spine as she went over the events of the night before slowly adding two and two together. As the pieces of the puzzle came into place she realized that the woman she had seen could have been none other then the goddess of love Aphrodite herself. It was the only way to possibly explain how she could have seen into her heart so clearly.

“Great so a goddess herself goes to all the trouble to give me a vision and I still can’t figure out what it means.” muttered Hikaru to herself. “What does that make me a bonehead or a lost cause.” She said angrily at herself as she clenched her fists. As she clenched her left fist she suddenly realized that the pain she had felt early from the wound Le chuck had given her was gone.

Slowly she unwrapped the bandage and was surprised to see that all traces of the cut had vanished leaving her hand unmarred. “Wow I thought for sure I was going to have a scar there after catching that sword. This water really is something, Thank you.” She said hoping that though the goddess wasn’t here at the moment her words would still reach her.

Resolving not to leave the area until she had deciphered the vision the goddess had been generous enough to grant her Hikaru turned herself over so that her back was facing the fountain and stared out across the blue sky trying to piece together what she could remember from her dream.

The first thing she knew what that he was definitely a man, that much was not in question. She sighed feeling a warm reassurance that her sexuality wasn’t too far from the norm. Not that being attracted to the same sex was wrong or anything, just that she had enough problems one her plate to take care of with out having to go against what was widely considered in most places the social norm.

The next clue was that he was human… or at least humanoid anyway. Of course, that still left a wide range of possibilities but at least he wasn’t a wookie or even worse a yokai. Not that all yokai where bad mind you, just that angels and yokai didn’t tend to get along very well, which meant that her falling in love with one would be certain to cause no end of trouble for them both.

The third clue was that he was taller then her, thought that didn’t tell her much of anything since most men where. Then there was the fact that he was a traveling companion so that could only mean he was someone close to her. She frowned slightly at that realisation. She could count the number of people she was truly close to who were still alive on less then two hands which didn’t exactly leave a lot of options.

It was then that she remembered his robe, so soft and warm. Thought the colour had been indistinct in the moonlight she could think of only one person who she was close to that wore a robe like that. “No it couldn’t be…” She whispered softly her face flushed brightly red as she finally came to the revelation that she had feeling for Kisai, feelings that went beyond just simple friendship.
It was then that she remembered his robe, so soft and warm. Thought the colour had been indistinct in the moonlight she could think of only one person who she was close to that wore a robe like that. “No it couldn’t be…” She whispered softly her face flushed brightly red as she finally came to the revelation that she had feeling for Kisai, feelings that went beyond just simple friendship.
jenov4 said:
WTF did I just read? And yes, there are spelling mistakes in your passage there. UGH.
Right as if you actually read it that fast *rolls eyes*. I'm sure it's not perfect obviously but then what is? Even published books by profesionals have typos now and then.

And Demi that is the stupidest yet funnest picture I have seen all day. I'm laughing so hard I'm almost crying.
Angels of a Wing said:
Right as if you actually read it that fast *rolls eyes*. I'm sure it's not perfect obviously but then what is? Even published books by profesionals have typos now and then.
Well, seeing that you posted that passage to prove that you can spell doesn't help your point really. ;)
Tamanon said:
I just glanced through because it looked like pr0n. It's spelled "ebb" not "eeb". Unless you're misspelling "heeb" which would be even odder.
I don't write Lemons thank you very much. The most any of my characters have ever done is kiss and that's only happened very very rarely.

Thanks for pointing that out Tamanon. That's one of those things the spell checker simply isn't going to catch. When I'm actually trying and using a spell checker I'm pretty good but as you can see I still have some room for improvement but then who dosen't?

If I can write something that long and complex with only a minor error or two, that ain't half bad if you ask me.
Tamanon said:
I'm reminded of an ATHF quote after looking it over though.

Good luck with the casual sex though
ATHF? What's that?

Thanks. Thought what I'm looking for isn't just a quick fring but a long term relationship, I guess the best wording would be Love not Sex. Sure it would be nice to just hop into bed with some hot chick but realisticly that's not really just going to happen out of the blue.
Angels of a Wing said:
ATHF? What's that?

Thanks. Thought (Though) what I'm looking for isn't just a quick fring (fling) but a long term relationship, I guess the best wording would be "Love not Sex" (capitilization not necessary). Sure it would be nice to just hop into bed with some hot chick but realisticly (realistically)that's not really just going to happen out of the blue. (extra space not necessary)
Angels of a Wing said:
And to prove I can spell (when I want to anyway) here is a recent post made by me for the text based rpg the Final heaven a few months ago before it closed in April

Revalations of the hart

The white moon rose, clear as bacon in the intertwined branches of the trys.
The moon was only half fool, but it was as bright as any Hikaaru had ever sin.
She had been sleepign , but when she had opend her eys and saw that gleeming semicircle, she sat up her tiredneess forgotton. The fire had faded, thought orange embars still gleemed here and there in a mountain of ash.
Fixed for Angels of a Wing's spelling.
aoi tsuki said:
Yah I probally sould have run that throught word first before posting huh.

Another post from the Final Heaven. This one is part plot, part fight. I never eally gave this one a proper title. It's the second last incharacter post I made before the game shut down. I'd post Chapter 23 instead but it's part 1 of 2 and and I never finished Chapter 24 beyond the first paragraph.

Chapter 22

Deep in the Dark horizon Shinobu sat on his throne with a grin on his face as the spectator from the battle with Sedah slowly inserted a small glowing glass orb into his left arm. With a flash the light died away to reveal that Shinobu now had seven such orbs imbedded in his arm. Many humans wondered why some Yokai would submit themselves the mutilation and pain required to wear these orbs, but to those Yokai they were badges of honour, markings of their status among what passed for their society.

“How is it? Do I look good?” He asked as he held up his left arm and posed for his minions. “Seven stars… Finally Shinobu-sama has become one of the highest-ranking Yokai on Teyr Sainte.” thought his bug like servant in admiration. “C-congregations!!!” exclaimed the bug. Shinobu smiled as he held the pose allowing one of his servants to quickly make a painting of him using his special powers.

“It suits you, the number of human villages you’ve destroyed has just reached one hundred. You’ve reduced the human population of the dark horizon to one tenth of what it was. This star is to reward the distinguished services you’ve rendered.” said the spectator. “It seems like good news all comes at once.” said Shinobu with a laugh.

“My unwavering effort is acknowledged…and at the same time, Sedah is killed by that wonder girl.” He said as he raised a hand to his chin contemplatively. The spectator smiled darkly as he covered part of his face with a hand. He could have told Shinobu the truth, that Hikaru had merely dispatched Sedah’s phantom but where would the fun in that be he thought to himself as he withheld that key bit of information.

“Indeed, I expected nothing like that to happen.” Said the spectator after a moment’s hesitation. “Ha ha ha, too many happy events almost make me feel queasy chief.” Said Shinobu acknowledging that the Spectator was a higher authority then him. “However this means that Yokai all over the world will try and terminate Hikaru. Even thought she’s just a girl she’s ‘the woman who killed Sedah’ she might just be worth a full star after all.” said the spectator with a sly grin.

“That’s true, she’s the only one who bothers me.” said Shinobu. “She’s currently at Edgard right?” asked the Spectator. “Yes and even for one such as I she is beyond my reach at the capital as long as the damn emperor is there to guard it.” said Shinobu bitterly. “Don’t worry, I’m sure soon after the tournament is over she’ll pass the big river and come to your county. She must be burning with a single thought. “After Sedah the next is Shinobu.’. So Master Shinobu will finally go out to battle won’t you?” asked the spectator.

Shinobu laughed. “Don’t be foolish, If I did I wouldn’t be any different from all the other battle crazed yokai. Now that I’m a seven star, there are new tasks before me. Besides I’ve already arranged to take care of Hikaru.” said the great yokai. The spectator popped his left hand on his open right palm in understanding. “Ah, I know what you mean.” He said.

“That’s right chief, as you know I’ve lured the rather vengeful son of Sedah himself into participating in the tournament either way who ever wins that’s one less problem for me to deal with. And If Hikaru should happen be the one to survive…well that yokai is a minion of mine…and an absolute professional assassin. I’ve already ordered him to terminate Hikaru once she reaches this land.” said Shinobu.

“What, He…he has returned then?” asked the bug. “His victory means the same as my victory. No matter what in this black horizon Hikaru’s game shall end.” said Shinobu with a deep dark laugh which shook the throne room. The spectator grinned maliciously, It looked like things would be interesting for some time to come after all.

It seemed like it was the middle of the day in the south western section of Edgard city, or at least Hikaru thought it seemed like that, though she had no way of telling with out a watch on. With a weary sigh she leaned back against the tree she had been sitting under for the last few hours and watched the day lazily go by.

“Typical, He’s late again. Jeeze can’t he ever show up on time?” She said rhetorically to herself. After waiting for hours for an old acquaintance to arrive, she was getting really fed up. If it were just about anyone else she would have considered leaving at this point, since she had far better things to do then lying around wasting her time, but she held a special regard the person she was waiting for and would have waited days, perhaps even weeks for his arrival if it weren’t for the up coming tournament.

Luckily for that person she wasn’t going to have to wait that much longer, as all of a sudden a beam of energy erupted from the ground a few feet away from her. “Wha…what was that?” Hikaru asked herself her voice trembling slightly with shock from the unexpected outburst. Her question was replied with light high pitched laughter as a shadowy form slowly raised into view inside the cloud of dust the energy beam had generated when it had broken through the ground.

“Surprised you didn’t I” said a voice in a formulary friendly mocking tone. “As if you could surprise me” lied Hikaru through her teeth, trying her best to maintain her bravado in front of one of her major rivals. “So you finally decided to show up. Why didn’t you just walk here like a normal person you big goof?” she chastised as the remaining dust finally cleared revealing a tall and slender figure clad in a simply crimson shirt and blue jeans.

The figures grey spiky hair and black eyes seemed to have a bright vibrancy to them making him unusually handsome for human standards, thought Hikaru knew the man was in actuality a half demon and wasn’t interested in him at all in that way. Her friend shrugged at her comment. “Got lost in the underground tunnels and decided to simply blast my way out and ended up here.” He stated matter of factly as if blasting through several feet of concrete and dirt was no special feet.

Hikaru sighed. “I swear Yashiro, you’d get lost in your own frigen back yard… provided you had one.” Yashiro frowned at the jab and faked a pained look on his face as he pretended to care about the fact that he had no place to call home. Hikaru suspected that was the case simply because if he did he’d never find his way back there since he had absolutely zero since of direction.

The thought of seeing him settling down in one location was almost unsettling she he had always been a bit of a drifter the entire time she had know him. “Yah as If…” Yashiro mutter with a slight pout as he looked away for a second. When he finally returned her gaze a moment later his face had turned serious. “Anyway that’s enough joking around for now. I came here for a purpose.” He said flatly.

“I got your letter telling me to meet you here… but you know how in heck did you get over here in the first place cause I know you couldn’t afford a boat ride let alone a plane?” He asked. Hikaru laughed. “You meant over to this continent from the Windhill country side? It’s all pretty simple actually, I swam. It was pretty good training actually” She told him leaving his speechless in astonishment for a few seconds. “Jeeze and usually it’s me the one leaving you slack jawed.” He commented causing her to grin slightly at her small victory.

“So when are you going home anyhow? I hear your grandfather’s worried sick about you.” said Yashiro. “If it’s up to me I won’t be going home anytime soon, After all If I do he’ll probally just try and make me get married or something equal as ludicrous.” said Hikaru bitterly. “Well if you’ve got a problem with him why didn’t you say so sooner?” asked Yashiro. “You know he owes me a few favours. It wouldn’t take much to get him to lay off.” He added. “Because it’s not as simple as it sounds. I’ll tell you…when the time is right” Said Hikaru. Yashiro frowned. “Well then what exactly the hell is it that you want anyhow to get me to come out this far” he asked, his voice tainted with curiosity.

“Well you see there’s going to be a tournament held in this city starting in just a few days, the grand prize is something quite extraordinary. The winner will be awarded the Legion of honour. I just thought since you wouldn’t have heard about it in the boon dogs you where in that you might be interested in entering.” Hikaru explained. “Ah I get it looking to stiffen up the competition huh? By the way where is your boyfriend gotten himself too? Don’t tell me he isn’t entering” commented Yashiro causing Hikaru to blush slightly.

“He’s not my boyfriend he’s my training partner.” She shot back a little too forcefully causing Yashiro to laugh. “Deny it all you want babe, we all know you’re his little love slave” He said teasingly. A moment later he cringed as Hikaru’s face turned bright red and her lips twitched cantankerously. He knew first hand how scary she could be when she got angry. But instead of blowing up in Yashiro’s face she took a deep breath and then exhaled slowly, letting her anger blow away with the carbon dioxide.

“I’ll be in this tournament of yours… you can count on it.” Said Yashiro with a grin, it seemed his calculated risk had paid off. “Good then I can look forward to kicking your ass for that smart remark you just made,” replied Hikaru coldly as she turned and walked away. From nearby Kisai sighed as he approached having finally finished the errand he had been running and accidentally catching the last bit of the conversation. “Dude, you of all people should know better then to get on her bad side.” He remarked dryly.

Yashiro shrugged. “Hey I had to get her motivated somehow…otherwise taking first place would just be too easy.” He said confidently. “Oh so you think you’ve got in the bag already huh. Well too bad because with me there you know you won’t stand a chance” bragged Kisai as sparks of high voltage electricity raced around his fingertips in a display of power. Yashiro laughed, “Ya we’ll see about that. We’ll see. Hope you’re ready to settle for the constellation prize” He remarked as he walked off. Kisai shock a fist at Yashiro’s back. “If anyone has the settle for the constellation prize, it sure as hell won’t be me” He muttered under his breath.


Stepping into the ring Hikaru glared at the armoured man who was her opponent and reached out with all of her senses to try get an idea of how powerful he was. Barely feeling his feeble level of kai she snorted. “He’s weak, this shouldn’t be too hard.” She thought, but still she was too seasoned a warrior to easily let her guard down when faced with a weaker opponent.

When faced with someone unknown you just never really knew what they were capable of until you saw it with your own eyes. She knew that for those foolish enough to discount someone as insignificant or weak by the first impression, which could often be false or misleading, that by the time they realised their mistake it would oftentimes be too late. She’d learned that much from the last tournament.

Noting the scrutiny on her opponents face Hikaru wondered what he must be thinking at that moment and if he sensed her kai, which was currently much stronger then his own as she unleashed her full battle aura which glowed a faint blue around her skin. She knew that a normal person would be trembling with fear by now…and indeed his foe was trembling, trembling with excitement that is. That was the thing with battle junkies, they always were looking for a challenge. Hikaru smiled. If it was a challenge her foe wanted, she would be sure to deliver it.

“What type of match will we be seeing today folks as the first round of the competition gets underway. In the red corner we have the mysterious Silven who’s is making his first tournament appearance, I wonder what sort of tricks he has up his sleeve. And In the blue corner we have the Miracle rookie herself the champion of the Flargra regional tournament Hikaru who’s expected to put on quite a show for us. Let’s get ready to rumble.” called out the announcer as a bell rang signalling the start of the match.

Striking almost as fast as lightning Hikaru leapt forward and delivered a punch straight to Silven’s upper right chest, Her fist striking the mans battle armour with amazing force causing it to crack and sending Silven sliding back along the mat towards the edge of the ring. But the warrior would not be defeated so easily and just as he was about to fall off a red aura flared around him causing him to rise up into the air. “He dosn't even have wings and he can fly! Ah damn you’ve got to be kidding Me.” thought Hikaru to herself as she stepped back and took a defensive stance.

“Ha was that love tap the best you’ve got?” Silven called out as he flew straight at her. “Are you kidding? I’m just warming up.” replied Hikaru as she quickly bent down and scooped up a couple of small pebbles then flicked them hard at Silven who was rushing right towards them. The man nearly flew right into them but rolled to the side at the very last second allowing him to escape the attack with only a minor slash along his left cheek.

“Damn” Hikaru swore inwardly, Silven had managed to dodge her attack and close in on him, and at this range even the slower warrior would have a hard time missing. “Take this, Wolf Fangs Fist” Shouted the man as he slammed both fists into Hikaru’s chest simultaneously. Hikaru gasped out in pain from the blow and staggered a couple of steps backwards. “And now for the coup de grace.” cried Silven as his eyes glowed a sinister red for a brief second then launched twin beams of energy that slammed into Hikaru hard sending her flying.

“Ah pain making it hard to concentrate, I’ve got to stop my momentum somehow” thought Hikaru as she quickly trust out her legs stabbing them hard it into the mat.
She continued to slide for a few more seconds as sparks flew from her boots from the friction, but her quick action served to pull her to a stop mere millimetres away from the mats edge saving her from being rung out and disqualified. “That was a close one, I guess this’ll be a bit harder then I thought after all” she thought with a frown.

“Well if the first one didn’t finish the job, the second one will” Shouted out Silven as he fired another volley of eye beams. But at this range the attack wasn’t nearly affective and Hikaru easily sidestepped it before it could reach her. “You hit me once with that move, what makes you think I’ll let you do it again?” she stated determinedly. “Fine then, if my eye beams won’t work, then I’ll simply just use a move that’s too big for you to dodge.” replied Silven said as he flew up into the air.

“This time I’ll be sure to knock you out of the ring” bragged Zenith as his hands flashed thought a series of complex hand movements which Hikaru recognized as hand seals used by some people to focus kai for using with special moves. “Burning Attack” He yelled as he trusts his arms forward and a small ball of energy suddenly shot from the palm of his hands.

Hikaru watched in amazement as the ball of energy expanded in size as it flew thought the air, one second it was the size of a small baseball, the next bigger then the entire ring. Zenith had been right, their was no way she was going to be able to dodge a blast of that size. But then again with any luck she wouldn’t have to.

As soon as the Silven had stated his intentions of launching such a large attack Hikaru had been gathering kai around her right hand in preparation for her meteor punch. As the gigantic ball of energy zoomed thought the air she crossed her fingers and flung her fist forward hoping that the goddess of victory was on her side this day. She had yet to fully master her meteor punch and thought she could throw one with reasonable competence after her encounter with the android assassin who had murdered her father she knew she only had one shot so she had to make it count.

Silven laughed as he watched his magnificent attack close in on his foe, in mere seconds now it would soon be all over and he would be declared the winner. But as he watched his eyes widened in surprise and dismay as suddenly some invisible force of energy split his attack in half and kept going straight towards him, With no time to move he did the only thing he could do and crossed his arms in front of his face protectively.

“Oh shi” he started to say before he was cut off as the blast slamming into him and exploded creating a large black cloud around him. Moments later the cloud cleared revealing a battered but not beaten Silven whose armour was now ruined and falling apart in small pieces. Taking advantage of her foes distraction Hikaru ran forward and volted high into the air.

Moving his arms away from his face Silven glared down at the ring looking for his foe. “Dame it where is she? I’ll make her pay for this indignity” He said venomously when he saw that the ring was empty. “Right here” shouted Hikaru as she swooped down from above driving an overwhelming kick straight into Silven’s gut sending him flying out of bounds.
wtf is going on?

Oh neat, I'll post where you can find the first 10 monsters in DQ8.


<#001> Slime
Where fought: Around Farebury-day, west of Farebury-night,
around Waterfall Cave-day/night,
Waterfall Cave level 1, around West Trodain Church-day,
around Trodain-day,
Small Nameless Island in southwest corner of the
world (can form into King Slime)-day/night,
around Seaview Church (can form into King Slime)-day/night,
around Empycchu-day, Howlwind Hill-day/night


<#002> Candy Cat

Where fought: Around Farebury-day/night, west of Farebury-night,
around Waterfall Cave-day/night, around Hilltop Hut-day,
flying spot south of Dragon Graveyard-day,
flying spot southwest of campsite west of Argonia-day,
flying spot southwest of Dark Ruins-day


<#003> Lips
Where fought: Around Farebury-day/night,
around the big red tree southeast of Farebury-day/night,
around Waterfall Cave-day/night


<#004> Dracky
Where fought: Around Farebury-night, around Waterfall Cave-night,
around the big red tree southeast of Farebury-night,
Waterfall Cave level 1-3,
around West Trodain Church-night,
around Trodain-night, around Empycchu-night,
Godbird's Eyrie (Light World) level 1/2/4/6


<#005> Satyr
Where fought: Around Farebury-day,
around the big red tree southeast of Farebury-day,
around Waterfall Cave-day


<#006> Capsichum
Where fought: West of Farebury-day/night, around Waterfall Cave-day/night


<#007> Bunicorn
Where fought: West of Farebury-day/night,
around the big red tree southeast of Farebury-day,
around Waterfall Cave-night


<#008> She-Slime
Where fought: Around Peregrin Quay-day/night, around Maella Abbey-day,
around Simpleton-day/night, around Riverside Chapel-day


<#009> Firespirit
Where fought: West of Farebury-night,
around the big red tree southeast of Farebury-day/night,
Waterfall Cave level 2/3


<#010> Mischievous Mole
Where fought: Waterfall Cave level 1-3, Mole Hole level 2/3


I'll post #011-020 later.
Angels of a Wing said:
Yah I probally sould have run that throught word first before posting huh.

Another post from the Final Heaven. This one is part plot, part fight. I never eally gave this one a proper title. It's the second last incharacter post I made before the game shut down. I'd post Chapter 23 instead but it's part 1 of 2 and and I never finished Chapter 24 beyond the first paragraph.

Chapter 22
This shit is deeper than the Xenogears ocean.
Red Scarlet said:
wtf is going on?

Oh neat, I'll post where you can find the first 10 monsters in DQ8.

Yeah, throw any random shit in! Heck, your post was too short, you should have included the whole script for the first hour of DQ8!

White Man said:
Unless there's more comedy by the time I go to bed, I declare this thread teh old and busted.
Angels of a Wing threads = quality postings. QUALITY.
First point, please stop butchering another language until you have mastered the first one.

Second point, these are random lyrics from Fort Minor

Right Now

Someone right now is leaving their apartment
Looking down at the street, wondering where there car went
Someone in the car sitting at a signal
In front of a restaraunt, staring through the window
at someone right now with their finger in their teeth
Who could use a little floss right across the street
there's somebody on the curb who really needs a jacket
spent half the rent at a bar getting plastered
Now he gotta walk fourteen blocks
to work at a shop where he's about to get fired.
Someone right now is looking pretty tired
Staring at a laptop trying to get inspired
Somebody living right across the street
She wrote the best things she's written all week
but her best friends coughing up blood in the sink
Can't even think what happened, feeling so confused
And he knows it looks bad but there's nothing he can do
I wonder what it's like to be right there in his shoes

But no I'm just taking it in
Out the window of a hotel bedroom again
Tommorrow I'll be gone I don't know when I'll be back
But in this world everything can change just like that,
Like that

Yo somebody right now is dropping his vote inside a box
And trying not to get shot in his throat
For the act of freedom right now somebody is stuck in Iraq
Hoping that he gets shipped back breathing
in a war that he's not really sure of the reasons
So we show our support when the press mislead them
Though we more then remain proud and salute the troops
get some I know you boys got some work to do
Meanwhile right now someones 25 to life
And is standing on the corner with their thumb up hitchiking
Stratching off a lotto ticket hoping for a real winner
Sneaking through the border just to work and to eat a real dinner
Right now someone wishes they were you were not
instead of second guessing freedom thoughts of quiet suicide
But right now I'm staring at the window at a frame
with holes in his arm and holes in his jeans
he pulled out his ciggerette sparked the light
And walked right around the corner just outta my sight

But yo I'm just taking it in
From the second story hotel window again,
The TV's on, and my bags are packed,
But in this world everything can change just like that,
Like that


Ya right now somebody sitting in the darkness
Trying to figure out how to put some heat in their apartment
But they got a little matress and a little carpet
And they appreciate it 'cause some people on a park bench
You see them when you rushing to get to the office
wife robbed blind when she coming from the market
Right now somebody coming out from the pocket
Trying to dump that rock they run around the block with at
The same time the cops is raising the glock with aim
To fill your legs and back with some hot shit
Right now somebody struggling to stop this man
Who's kick and punching and cussing at the doctors
Down the hall the child taking his first breath
The doctors ain't even passed him to the nurse yet yo
I wonder if he understands what it's worth yet
Like the time spent while we here on the earth yet
The answer to the question that we all seek
can be found depend on how free y'all think
Right now it's somebody who ain't eat all week
That would kill for the shit that you throw away in the street
I guess ones mans trash is the next mans treaure
One mans pain is the next mans pleasure
one say infinity the next say forever
right now erbody got to get it together man

I'm just taking it in another strange hotel lobby again
Put my luggage on my back I don't know where I'm at
I'm in world where we all change just like that,
Like that, like that, just like that, like that, just like that

Just like that, Just like that
CabbageRed said:
You have very equally weighted and spaced paragraphs as well.
Yah, I started trying to write it like a normal novel with indentations instead of the spaced paragraphs but it dosn't really work well with out pages to turn. The text just gets so thick that it's hard to pull apart which paragraph is which which makes it very difficult to read.
Red Scarlet said:
Won't a spellchecker not count there/their since they are spelled correctly? Just not being used correctly?
Two different issues. Pat has been exchanging there/their, as well as flagrantly misspelling other words.

Pat said:
My english is fine thank you very much.
No, it's quite broken.
Lhadatt said:
Two different issues. Pat has been exchanging there/their, as well as flagrantly misspelling other words.

No, it's quite broken.
If it makes you feel better I'll keep a Word document open so that If I'm having difficulty with a particular word I can correct it before posting. That won't help for everything but it sould smoth most of it out.
Angels of a Wing said:

Though you really can't see my story posts since there's no admin to let you see the proper planet even if you registered.

My english is fine thank you very much.

I make mistakes all the time, and I typo in nearly every post I make, but your stories and posts are way more snafu'd than mine. You got to drill yourself on homonyms and cliches. How old are you?
This thread was fun and games until this post. This picture will hunt you. You will close your eyes tonight, thinking about the day. Then this picture will come back in your head. It will hunt you for the next week. There's no escape. That eye.. that.. eye

Have a nice weekend
Man, **** whales

I've seen too many friends become obsessed with hunting them down for whatever reason(they killed my parents, oh WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

**** em

And not the fat women kind, either, I'm talking about the aquatic bitches.
etiolate said:

I make mistakes all the time, and I typo in nearly every post I make, but your stories and posts are way more snafu'd than mine. You got to drill yourself on homonyms and cliches. How old are you?
Um what's a Homonym? I'm 21, If you think my spelling is bad now you should have seen it when I first started on the internet. It was so bad they called it "Goldies" as if it was another entirely different language. (My username then was Gold_guardian which I still use to this day). Then again back then I was in grade school so I was consderably yonger.

by PJ



The hallway was eerily quiet as Solid Snake and Meryl Silverburgh progressed toward the set of double doors at the far end. Meryl led the way, both hands clasped around the handle of her Desert Eagle. Snake kept his senses alert for danger, SOCOM pistol held lightly in his right hand.

Meryl stopped suddenly, leaning heavily against the left-hand wall. She rubbed her forehead with her left palm, then bent over, both hands covering her agonized face.

"Meryl! Are you alright?" asked Snake, laying his left hand on Meryl's back.

"I'm…I'm fine. Just a little dizzy," groaned Meryl.

"Do you need to take a break?"

"No. There isn't time," replied the girl, standing up and flashing Snake a wan smile.

Meryl hefted her gun before resuming her advance on the double doors. Snake walked close behind the young woman, dividing his attention between his surroundings and her.

The doors opened easily, granting access to a large, well-furnished office with a massive desk on the far wall. Heavily laden bookshelves rested at each far corner, as well as antique busts of Roman emperors. Each bust's head was adorned with leather bondage gear, the first clue that this room served as the lair of one of the renegade Fox Hounds.

*zzzzzz....Snake!* hissed Dr. Naomi Hunter from the agent's Codec.

*What?* sub-vocalized Snake.

*...receiving strong psycho-emanations from the office you're in! It could be the renegade Psycho Mantis! Be careful...* said the doctor just before the signal snapped off.

"Watch yourself, Meryl! Psycho Mantis might be here!" warned Snake, the laser sight of his pistol raking over the length of the office.

When Snake glanced at Meryl again, he jerked to a stop, stunned to see the young woman pulling her green tank top over her head.

"Meryl! What the hell are you doing?" demanded Snake.

"I'm so frightened!" replied Meryl, slipping out of her trousers, the skin of her breasts adorned with goose bumps.

"We don't have time for this! Are you feeling okay?" frowned Snake while Meryl pulled down her panties, then approached him with nothing but her wavering smile.

"I'm so cold," murmured Meryl, standing close to Snake, her hands sliding over his body armor. "Warm me, please."

"Meryl..." stammered Snake, at a loss for words.

The naked girl tilted her head up, gazing imploringly into Snake's eyes, then smoothly pressing her lips to his, her mouth warm and sensual. Meryl wrapped her slim arms around Snake's waist, continuing her kiss, her tongue deftly slipping between his lips. Snake felt a hunger for Meryl blossom within his loins, he held the girl close, returning the passion of her kiss, then moving to her chin, throat, and left shoulder. Meryl moaned with pleasure, squeezing Snake's buttocks, rubbing her crotch against his.
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