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The Witcher 2: Performance Thread [Enhanced Edition Patch - New content & 100+ fixes]


Oct 1, 2007
Eastern Shores
COMPARISONS (best viewed as images loaded to separate tabs)
- Turn off ubersampling (meant for supercomputers)
- Turn off bloom (meant for atomic/post nuclear wasteland simulation)

Stuttering? Try this.
General performance tweaking guide (detailed explanations / pictures of settings)
Suggested ini tweaks for 3D Vision
Stuck at a black screen or game not loading at all w/ Steam version? Close & exit steam and run it again as an administrator.
user.ini tweaking guide - further enhance settings, increase fps
Guide for gaming laptops
Common issues and possible solutions
Disc problems with retail? Try making isos. Or this, and/or also updating your drive's firmware (may fix CRC errors).
How to fix "Error Writing File" message from launcher
3GB switch fix for Vista 32/ Win7 32 (for those experiencing crashes to desktop)
Want a locked 30fps? Use DXtory, FPS Limiter or if you have an ATI card, use RadeonPro with double vsync option
Text too small to read on HDTVs? Try this.
No response from the gamepad or stuck/stalled and can't fight? Get hit in combat to fix.

Getting really weird fog-like visuals like above? Most likely you are forcing AA in your GPU's drivers, turn AA off in CCC/nVidia. Or maybe Catalyst AI is to blame.

- If you really want ubersampling, and have the hardware, turn off AA option (double-dips)
- Turning off the DOF makes such a HUGE difference to the frame rate.
- Turning off AA and/or motion blur can make a huge difference in some configurations
- Certain unknown graphic settings such as ground/road LOD are set by the preset you select, and cannot be other changed. See here.
- Nvidia owners should trying uninstalling 3D drivers & updating to latest drivers, may improve performance drastically (fixed in 1.3)
- How to get 5.1 sound working on 7.1 systems (for the G35). Alternate solution w/o removal of drivers.
- How to invert mouse (fixed in 1.1)
- How to invert the gamepad, if this doesn't work change it in the user.ini suggested above (fixed in 1.1)
- To fix the floaty mouse cursor, change Smoothness=1 to Smoothness=0 under the mouse settings in the User.ini​

SLI/XFIRE INFO (currently out of date, needs updating)
Patch 1.3 should improve things a little, be sure to try updating.
"(XFIRE) Performance has been fixed in 11.6b & 11.6 CAP1."
New AMD hotfix (8.85.6 RC5 - May 25) is out! Initial feedback is extremely good w/ xfire, some sparadic light issues, hopefully resolved soon.
New SLI info, no bleeding lights, examples of bleeding lights with SLI info
Working SLI profile, Use "0x02C04205," Additional info
Crossfire profile: both cards working @ 95% (use Radeon Pro), Additional info, update for flickering lights
If running crossfire, disable one of your GPUs for a performance increase until supported officially
Or see pahamrick's advice for using crossfire​

MODS (currently out of date, needs updating)
thewitcher.com said:
NOTE: Please keep in mind that all of the (older) fan-made modifications are incompatible with the newest update (Patch 1.3). Make sure to uninstall them to avoid in-game issues. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Autofokus' Comfy Couch & Dynamic HUD mods
Witcher Nexus - Community hosting many mods including (more notable mods):
- Potion Duration Extension (w/ instructions to configure durations to your liking)
- Oil Duration Extension (sets oils to 30 mins)
- Crafting Materials Weight Reduction Mod (all crafting materials to .1)
- Unlimited Carry Weight Mod (all items 0 weight)
- Classic Dice Set (Easier to read)
- Tooltip Mod (makes tooltips larger and quicker to scroll)
- Save Game Cleanup Utility (UI for cleaning out saves)
- Uncensor mod (AUS version)

Increase oil / potion duration, Zero weight for all items / crafting, uncensor mod (AUS)

Enhanced Edition patch notes said:
1. Launcher now includes an option to toggle DLCs off and on.
2. Assorted animals have been added to the game.
3. New werewolf trophy has been added in Chapter 3.
4. New, randomly dispersed swords have been added.
5. Fixed error in potions_time_bonus value at level 2 of ‘Specialization: Potions’ ability.
6. Fixed description of ‘Control over the Power’ ability.
7. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Alchemist’ ability.
8. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Amplification’ ability at level 2.
9. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Energy Flow’ ability at level 2.
10. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Control over the Power’ ability at level 2.
11. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Synthesis’ ability at level 2.
12. Fixed incorrect description of ‘Combat Acumen’ ability.
13. Fixed incorrect description of Gadwall potion.
14. ‘Position’ ability at level 2 now multiplies damage dealt to back by zero.
15. Fixed incorrect damage calculation for ‘Whirl’ ability.
16. Fixed spark FX and no damage taken when rolling while being attacked by foe.
17. Fixed incorrect notification when using Axii Sign on golems.
18. Mahakam Rune Sihil sword is now imported from TW1 game saves to New Game.
19. Parry and Signs are now improved when Geralt has increased Vigor.
20. Parry bug has been fixed. Players can no longer parry for 0 damage.
21. Quen Sign has been significantly nerfed. It now wears off after one or two hits.
22. Adrenaline no longer loads during boss fights.
23. Fixed bug that caused Igni to deal no damage when used right after a sword hit.
24. Fixed incorrect game behavior when saving game while casting bombs.
25. Kayran now casts fewer stones at end of fight.
26. Fixed bug allowing potions to be consumed with Toxicity at 100%.
27. Finisher performed on rotfiends no longer adds additional weapon.
28. Redanian soldiers in Chapter 3 now spawn correctly.
29. Fire now removes Quen Sign during dragon boss fight in Chapter 3.
30. Fixed targeting on dragon in Chapter 3.
31. Added new statistics for NPCs to correct game balance in Chapter 3.
32. Cat potion effect now disappears during dialogue sequences and cut scenes.
33. Target marker and enemy names have been removed from fist fights.
34. Fixed display name for wraiths.
35. Small fixes introduced in NPC taunt behavior during fights.
36. Fixed NPC behavior after combat.
37. All critical effects dealt to player are canceled before any scene starts.
38. Fixed unusual behavior of clothing when using Heliotrope Sign.
39. Small fixes introduced in Dice Poker mini-game.
40. Several fixes introduced in mini-maps.
41. Fixed several camera shots in dialogue sequences.
42. Fixed dialogue camera in ‘Blood Curse’ quest.
43. Walkmesh fixed in Roche’s tent.
44. Walkmesh fixed in Chapter 3 sewers.
45. Walkmesh fixed when following Roche on Chapter 3.
46. Walkmesh fixed in central square of Loc Muinne.
47. Walkmesh fixed near Nilfgaardian camp in Chapter 3.
48. Fixed several camera collisions.
49. Fixed tent roof collisions in Chapter 3.
50. Fixed collisions in butcher’s house in Flotsam.
51. Fixed collisions on Roche's ship.
52. Fixed chest collision on ship in Chapter 2.
53. Fixed broken poster at Flotsam gate.
54. Fixed Temerian flag collision.
55. Fixed several locations, decorations, walkmeshes and occluders.
56. Small fixes made in environment blending.
57. Assorted fixes made in character lighting.
58. Fixed flying meshes in Prologue.
59. Fixed blinking trees in Chapter 3.
60. Fixed blinking grass on Draug location.
61. Fixed low detail texture on rock in camp of the Order of the Flaming Rose.
62. Fixed Wild Hunt graphics in Chapter 3.
63. Fixed clock in Meditation panel.
64. Fixed broken texture during Meditation in UI.
65. Fixed spyglass icon in Inventory.
66. Added mages' banner to Epilogue in Loc Muinne.
67. Added Nilfgaardian flags in Chapter 3.
68. Added new FX for magic in Epilogue.
69. Fixed trade stalls in Flotsam so they close at night.
70. Fixed Geralt's head on cut scene in Prologue.
71. Fixed Golem's facial expressions.
72. Fixed ragdoll effect on Golem's body.
73. Fixed ragdoll effect on nekkers.
74. Fixed distortions on Saskia's voice in cut scene in Chapter 2.
75. 'Sneak' mode music is now saved and reappears when a game is loaded.
76. Several fixes introduced in cut scene audio.
77. Fixed cut-scene sound synchronization.
78. Missing sounds supplemented in Chapter 3 cut scenes.
79. Balance of sound and music fixed in Epilogue.
80. Fixed problems with music playback in Epilogue.
81. Fixed reverb in sewers in Chapter 3.
82. Fixed mage teleport sound effect.
83. Fixed crowd in amphitheatre in Chapter 3.
84. Fixed waypoint for Geralt's death cut scene in Loc Muinne.
85. Fixed situation whereby Geralt could tell Dethmold that he had a spearhead when this was not present in the Inventory.
86. Triss now always casts spell when interviewing wounded elf in Chapter 1.
87. Shilard now holds the Triss figurine when showing it to Assire.
88. Fixed block on Roche's movement during fight against soldiers on the walls in Chapter 3.
89. Fixed blocker in 'Conspiracy' quest in Chapter 2.
90. Items collected in Prologue now appear in correct slots at the opening of Chapter 1.
91. Fixed interaction with Síle's megascope in Chapter 3.
92. Fixed highlight effect on doors when using Medallion in Chapter 3.
93. Chest can now be looted after fight with Letho in Chapter 1.
94. Added loot to Dethmold's chest.
95. Fixed loot in containers in Chapter 3.
96. Fixed Letho's gestures in dialogue sequence in Chapter 3.
97. Fixed a number of inconsistent Journal entries.
98. Fixed Dethmold's grimoire so it appears in 'Quest Item' category in Inventory.
99. Fixed instances where 'Esc Menu' could not be accessed.
100. Game can now be saved while walking through the forest with Anezka.
101. Assorted fixes made in game saving functionality and associated menus.
102. Assorted localization improvements have been made.

Moved! And hopefully replaced soon with a more general look at what performance to expect with various hardware​

readme.txt said:
-Texture downscaling: higher values result in lower texture quality.
-Texture memory size: sets the amount of graphics card memory allocated to textures. Larger values will decrease the amount of streaming that occurs in game and will make the game run more smoothly, but they can also cause the graphics card to run out of memory and even result in game crashes. Choose a reasonable value based on the amount of memory available on your graphics card.
- Shadow quality: affects graphics performance. Consumes GPU power without affecting CPU performance.
- Number of shadowed lights: set the maximum number of lights that cast shadows. Affects graphics performance. Consumes GPU power without affecting CPU performance.
- LOD distance: distance scale for level of detail on meshes. Lower values improve game performance but result in reduced detail on models.
- Bloom: effect greatly improves quality of game graphics without placing excess demands on GPU.
- Light shafts: visual effect recommended for medium-high/high-end machines. Should be disabled on older systems.
- Anti-aliasing: demanding effect that can significantly reduce performance, so it should be disabled on medium and low-end machines.
- Blur effects: special blur and radial blur visual effects that are quite demanding on hardware but used rarely in the game.
- Depth of field – gameplay: subtle visual effect. Option determines appearance of effect only during gameplay sequences and does not affect DoF in cutscenes.
- Vignette: aesthetic option that produces a photographic vignette around the game screen. Does not affect performance.
- Rain, Wet surfaces rain effect: modest impact on performance.
- SSAO (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion): lighting effect that is important to the game but unfortunately places significant demands on the GPU.
- Motion blur: blur effect on camera movement, demanding on the GPU.
- Cinematic depth of field: provides movie-like depth of field in cutscenes and dialogue sequences. Extremely detailed but demands significant power. Should only be enabled on machines equipped with top-end graphics cards.
- Depth of field – cutscenes: option only affects cutscenes and dialogue sequences, does not affect gameplay performance.
- Dangling objects limit: limiter for physical animation of character components like Geralt's hair. Disabling this option places greater demands on the CPU.
- Ubersampling: high quality rendering mode under which whole scenes are rendered multiple times to provide the best possible textures, object details and anti-aliasing (superior to anti-alias and anisotropy even on the highest settings). Use with caution, only on top-end computers (best possible in terms of both GPU and CPU).
- Vertical sync: helps eliminate "screen tearing" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing) during camera movements and blinking on very quick animations (e.g., bright explosions), but can cause somewhat slower rendering and short input lags.
- Decals: enabling decals like dust or blood on characters can affect CPU performance.


PC Games Hardware


Currently polling second in Australia's federal election (first in the Gold Coast), this feral may one day be your Bogan King.
Jan 29, 2008
Turn off ubersampling. I dont own the game yet, but it's blatantly obvious 99% of rigs will not be able to run ubersampling at stable 30+ fps. Max out everything else, but ubersampling is the super awesome cherry on top that is really built for future technology.


Mar 1, 2005
Deep Underwater
I seem to be performing decently as well on high

CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 (3.0ghz)
GPU: ATI 4870x2
Resolution: 1600x900 (I was getting a bit paranoid about performance so I dropped a res. It may have been the camera blur that put me off though but It's off now and I'll try it at 1080p again)

And yea, as EatChildren said above me, don't even try to run ubersampling unless you're on tech from next year. As the readme states, the game already a bit of the beast and ubersampling is rendering entire scenes multiple times for quality.


Apr 23, 2008

From the User.ini in Documents\Witcher 2\Config:


Change the MouseSensitivityY setting to a negative value and presto, your mouse is inverted. Quick fix until CDPR adds it to the menu in a patch, if they do.
Sep 26, 2008
Opus Angelorum said:
A gratuitous ultra high setting screenshot would be nice :)

On it, as soon as it's done installing. Will see what performance is like with my rig in Ultra with Ubersampling. (Running a 580)


Nov 27, 2007
CPU: Intel Core i5
GPU: Radeon HD 5730
1280 x 720

25-30 fps until I reached the first fight. FPS drops into single digit. Any solutions?


Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.
Jul 1, 2009
Anybody know how to solve the launcher issues? After I typ in my key the launcher vanishes. I tried to have the game run with fullscreen disabled incase this was the solution like it's been for some gaffers. But each time I start the game it auto-detects some random settings anyway.

Any idea?


Apr 21, 2005
I'll post my specs/performance tonight when I get to play it. I suspect I'll be playing Ultra @ about 30 FPS.
Jun 6, 2004
c2d 3ghz...

dunno why i bought this, itll be one of those "play it again when you get a new pc, OMG AWESOME!!" kinda games that pc gamers havent had for such a long time.


Nov 27, 2007
Corky said:
Anybody know how to solve the launcher issues? After I typ in my key the launcher vanishes. I tried to have the game run with fullscreen disabled incase this was the solution like it's been for some gaffers. But each time I start the game it auto-detects some random settings anyway.

Any idea?
Check out your user.ini (in C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Witcher 2\Config) file type. If it's UTF-8 you'd better convert it into ANSI, or the game can't read it.


Apr 23, 2008
Solo said:
I'll post my specs/performance tonight when I get to play it. I suspect I'll be playing Ultra @ about 30 FPS.

Just know that the Ultra preset sets "Ubersampling" to 2 by default. You're likely gonna want to go into the external config menu and disable that.


Really Really Exciting Member!
Dec 5, 2008
I wonder what kind of setting i'll need to run this game at decent FPS(say 30) if i have a AMD quad core Phenom 3.2ghz CPU, 4gm of RAM and a 9800gt 1gb.

I'm still thinking of changing my video card since the fan does some annoying noise sometimes when i boot my computer.


Jun 6, 2004
_Xenon_ said:
CPU: Intel Core i5
GPU: Radeon HD 5730
1280 x 720

25-30 fps until I reached the first fight. FPS drops into single digit. Any solutions?

Jesus, that means it's going to be unplayable on my machine. I knew this game would run like shit.


Apr 21, 2005
Zeliard said:
Just know that the Ultra preset sets "Ubersampling" to 2 by default. You're likely gonna want to go into the external config menu and disable that.

Definitely will do that.


Nine out of ten orphans can't tell the difference.
Jul 1, 2009
_Xenon_ said:
Check out your user.ini (in C:\Users\yourname\Documents\Witcher 2\Config) file type. If it's UTF-8 you'd better convert it into ANSI, or the game can't read it.

how do I know if it's utf-8 and if so how do I convert it to ansi?


Jul 20, 2007
Solo said:
What kind of godless heathen would want to do this?

LMAO. Me =\

For some reason, when playing games, my brain treats them as 3d and not 2d, so controls are more about manipulating about my character's perspective, as if I'm controlling a 3d model of myself in that world .. rather than simply getting a cursor to a graphical object .
It's weird, I know.

Most of my friends play FPS games like it's its whack-a-mole, just moving reticule to target and pulling the trigger and that's that. I envy them, cause it's so much simpler that way. They are moving their character's feet, but there's no thought of torso or head control - there is only the reticule. So it's basically "Missle Command" for them, but while pushing a left thumbstick. So inversion (of course) makes no sense to them.

We still argue about it all the time for kicks =D. Even for over the shoulder style games likes Gears, I still invert.
Feb 5, 2009
Good thread idea minsc. Too much derailing in the OT, even with people making multiple posts above OCing.

Question, i left the preload where it stopped to download the last remaining part of the 9GB. So havent had tjhe chance to install the game yet. Have multiple questions:

1)I have my CD key but where im supposed to use it? I was thinking GOG version was DRM free.
2)When and how will i apply the patch?

So in a sense i'll have to connect the game to the internet at least once to properly play it?

Thanks for any help.


Sep 12, 2004
i5 750 2.66GHz
4GB DDR3 1600
XFX 6870 1gb
11.5 Catalyst drivers

Set everything to "High" defaults, runs perfect 60fps and looks great. Gonna try pushing it higher now...


Nov 1, 2005
Waiting for gtx460 numbers at 1680x1050 with lower levels of IQ at Ultra settings. I don't need 16x AA if I'm already running at my monitor's native Res. Those benchies are useless to me.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
Jul 30, 2009
Western Australia
Xdrive05 said:
Waiting for gtx460 numbers at 1680x1050 with lower levels of IQ at Ultra settings. I don't need 16x AA if I'm already running at my monitor's native Res. Those benchies are useless to me.

16xAF, not AA.


GAF parliamentarian
May 10, 2009
Ottawa, Canada
Wasn't expecting to run it on Ultra, but looks like I'll be fine with High. All I care about are the textures anyway, so I'll sacrifice the rest.

Any pic of the options menu?


BenjaminBirdie's Thomas Jefferson
Mar 25, 2005
United States
DaBuddaDa said:
i5 750 2.66GHz
4GB DDR3 1600
XFX 6870 1gb
11.5 Catalyst drivers

Set everything to "High" defaults, runs perfect 60fps and looks great. Gonna try pushing it higher now...
Nice. I have a GTX 560 Ti with a similar setup to yours. I expect 40-50 FPS on High


Aug 14, 2007
Hoping I come back to this thread later in the day to discover that AMD put out a Crossfire profile for this game.

Otherwise, I will be playing Crysis tonight instead. Oh well.

I will be seriously annoyed at AMD's driver team if not. FFS, it's their JOB to make sure their GPU tech supports the latest games.


Jun 7, 2004
Damn it, my Radeon 4850 HD just isn't going to be enough. I shall have to be patient for now.


Oct 1, 2007
Eastern Shores
Older patch notes:
Patch 2.0 notes said:
Arena - is a new gameplay mode that is separate from the main adventure and narrative of The Witcher 2. In this mode, Geralt of Rivia duels a variety of foes to the death in a gladiatorial arena located in an unnamed town somewhere in the Northern Kingdoms. In addition to winning gold and valuable items, players also receive points for their wins. They can then post their point totals on-line to compare their achievements against those of other blood sport enthusiasts around the world. Geralt can encounter both foes and allies in the arena. He can recruit the latter for a fee to assist him during his most challenging clashes.
To post your point totals to the forum, you must be registered and have a forum account! Register and establish your account directly through the game launcher or go to www.thewitcher.com. You can then log in to your account via the launcher.
IMPORTANT: Players using mods to alter their character attributes and statistics will not be able to post their point totals from the arena to the server. This is a necessary precaution to prevent any attempts at distorting competition or misrepresenting player achievements.

Tutorial - The game tutorial takes the form of a brief adventure during which players learn how to use a range of game mechanics and functionalities. Assuming the role of game protagonist Geralt of Rivia, players save a wounded knight named Bolton of Ironford while learning game controls as well as the basics of combat and alchemy. This transpires step by step as the tutorial guides players through a series of minor missions. Upon completion, based on demonstrated abilities, the tutorial recommends the difficulty level which the player should choose in embarking on the main adventure of The Witcher 2.

Dark Difficulty - The "Dark" difficulty setting is the most demanding difficulty level in gameplay terms. Under this setting, each and every foe represents a significant challenge. In addition to raising the difficulty bar, the module includes several new sets of equipment/items that are linked through a dark legend detailed in the Journal. Once all their components have been collected and donned, the Blasphemer‟s, Oathbreaker‟s and Kinslayer‟s outfits provide great advantages in combat. The swords included in the outfits strip opponents of Vitality while supplementing the witcher‟s. However, given that they are cursed, the swords provide no benefit and harm Geralt by sapping him of Vitality as long as the outfits to which they belong remain incomplete.

Corrections and improvements to combat:
1. Numerous improvements have been made in the targeting system.
2. Parrying is now unlimited (even when Vigor is completely depleted), though parries no longer cancel all damage (maximum 50% reduction once the relevant ability has been acquired).
3. Responsiveness of game controls has been improved. This includes but is not limited to casting Signs, parrying, and attacking immediately after evading an opponent‟s assault.
4. Geralt's attacks are no longer interrupted by attacking opponents. Attacks are now contiguous and foes cannot interrupt Geralt‟s attacks by landing a blow.
5. Assorted fixes now prevent opponents from incessantly attacking Geralt after he has been knocked down. Geralt can no longer be knocked down repeatedly in quick succession. Also, he rises quickly while evading subsequent attacks.
6. Geralt no longer attacks opponents located behind other opponents positioned nearer to him.
7. The target locking system has been improved. Preference is now given to previously highlighted targets.
8. Target selection has been improved. Priority is now given to foes affected by a critical effect facilitating the completion of a finishing move.
9. The additional two steps Geralt took after mounting an attack with the W, S, A or D key depressed have been eliminated.
10. Attacks can now be continued even when a key controlling Geralt‟s movement (e.g. W, S, A, D) is depressed.
11. Attacks can now be continued if the attack key is depressed immediately after the final strike of an attack animation sequence.
12. Geralt can now pivot 180 degrees immediately after completing an attack.
13. Assorted problems with key responsiveness have been resolved. Keys no longer need to be depressed twice or more to trigger a given action.
14. A distance attack problem has been resolved. Geralt now mounts distance attacks (lunge with sword in hand in the Fast style) when opponents were located at a suitable distance from him.

Other corrections and amendments:
15. Casting several bombs no longer blocks further inputs.
16. An option has been added to the configuration tool enabling aspect ratio to be set independently of resolution.
17. The amount of disk space required for game patching has been reduced.
18. The loading of selected Witcher 1 game saves no longer causes the game to crash.
19. A greater number of monsters now appear in the cave leading to Loc Muinne.
20. Improvements have been made in the manner in which monsters are spawned in the mist in Chapter 2.
21. The visual effect accompanying Adrenaline use no longer disappears prematurely.
22. Archers now draw their swords more quickly when Geralt approaches.
23. Mages no longer automatically cast shield spells when Geralt casts daggers at them.
24. The game is now paused when Geralt executes a finishing move in combat.
25. The troll in Chapter 2 has been corrected. Previously, in some circumstances he could not be attacked.
26. Physics on cast daggers have been improved.
27. The site for aiming daggers is now more visible.
28. Geralt‟s animation when he dies while casting the Axii Sign has been corrected.
29. An exploit in the fight against Letho has been eliminated. Previously, this foe could be killed by casting bombs in quick succession.
30. An exploit related to the „Insane‟ difficulty setting has been eliminated. Previously, game saves could be loaded with difficulty set to this level, which was contrary to design intentions.
31. Camera positioning/operation has been corrected during the boss fight against the kayran.
32. Camera control via gamepads has been improved.
33. Assorted adjustments have been made in mutagen statistics.
34. The "Junk" filter in the Inventory has been adjusted to provide for correct item filtering.
35. In the Inventory, the dialogue window warning of prohibited actions has been corrected.
36. Assorted corrections have been introduced to the mini-map in Chapter 1.
37. Audio balance throughout the game has been adjusted.
38. Erratic character teleportation in mini–games has been eliminated.
39. Assorted adjustments have been made in animations applying to nekkers.
40. A minor bug in the “Scent of Incense” quest has been resolved.
41. Numerous minor fixes have been introduced in character lip-sync throughout the game.

Patch 1.35 notes said:
(Hotfix for 1.3) corrections (August 5, 2011)
1. Issue with shadows in 3D Vision mode has been resolved.
2. Screenshots to savegames made in 3D Vision are now visible in load menu.
3. Issue with Steam achievements not being registered has been resolved.
4. Blood texture glitches in game with ubersampling option turned on have been fixed.
5. Pocket item counter is properly updated after picking up an item which is already selected.
6. Issue with ingredient counter when brewing multiple Thunderbolt potions has been resolved.
7. Finished “Scent of incencse” quest is no longer marked as failed when entering Loredo’s residence at the end of Chapter 1.
8. Corrections have been made in the greater mutagen drop rate.
9. Deleting savegame after entering memories and flashbacks menu no longer causes “Loading available flashbacks” message to appear.
10. Game exe files are no longer treated as a threat by popular antivirus software.
11. Patching the game automatically right after installation no longer causes Launcher.exe error on Windows XP systems.
12. Game installation folder is not recognized if diacritic signs were used in folder name on Windows which doesn’t support them. Patch now properly informs about the cause of the problem.
13. Name of two scientists in Flotsam have been corrected.
14. Storage chest description have been corrected.
Description of Mahakaman Rune Sihill imported from The Witcher savegame have been corrected.
Patch 1.3 notes said:
1. New FREE DLC – “A Sackful of Fluff” is a new quest in Chapter 2 of the game. To start the quest, visit the eccentric Elthon, who inhabits a solitary hut near the quarry outside Vergen. The quest will prove most rewarding to those who demonstrate patience.
2. Game now supports 4:3, 5:4, and 16:10 aspect ratios.
3. Item storage has been added. Players can now store items from their Inventory at inns. To leave items in storage or collect previously stored items, talk to innkeepers.
4. A ‘Junk’ panel has been added to the Inventory to provide greater clarity in item classification.
5. A new menu option has been added under ‘Extras’ – this enables players to view in-game animated sequences (flashbacks, memory flashes, dreams stolen by harpies) outside of the game.
6. A ‘Quickload’ option has been added under the F9 key.
7. The game's HUD can now be hidden in order to produce HUD-free screenshots! On newly installed game copies, the option to hide/show the HUD is available by default under the 'H' key. Users who have modified the key assignments on their installations should go to the 'Input Settings' dialogue of the Witcher 2 Configuration Tool to assign a key to this option. Please note that the game cannot be played with the HUD hidden.
8. A counter has been added for items placed in quick slots.
9. Players can now create multiple items in the Alchemy panel.
10. Issue involving the game not running at 2560x1440 resolution has been resolved.
11. Issues with nVidia 3D Vision technology have been resolved. Players no longer need to uninstall the related drivers.
12. Assorted improvements have been made in the game’s 3D Vision, SLI and Crossfire functionality.
13. Assorted improvements have been made for running the game in Ubersampling mode on nVidia cards.
14. Key bindings have been corrected to enable configuration of mouse buttons for use by left-handed players.
15. Assorted key binding options have been added to facilitate configuration of controls and quick access to various in-game panels.
16. Issue related to game settings being reset to defaults upon patch installation has been resolved. Patches no longer reset game settings.
17. The configuration file is no longer over-written when the launcher/configuration tool is patched and over-written.
18. The launcher now closes while the game is being patched, thus eliminating the resulting game patching error.
19. The launcher now closes completely and no longer continues to operate in the background.
20. ‘Installed game version is invalid or incomplete’ error in updater when free space on system drive is insufficient – message has been corrected to reflect more accurately the nature of the error.
21. Mutagens are now alchemy ingredients. Minor mutagens drop more frequently than do major mutagens, though the overall mutagen drop rate has been reduced.
22. Corrections have been made in the mutagen drop rate and in Thorak’s store.
23. ‘Dragon’ section of Prologue does not become available until after all assault-related sections have been completed, thereby softening the difficulty curve at the start of the game.
24. During the fight against
the kayran, when the bridge collapses
, a map pin appears at the end of the bridge to facilitate player navigation and quest completion
25. Map pins have been corrected in many quests.
26. Quen Sign slightly de-buffed – Sign dissipates 20% faster after foes land a blow. Assorted minor balance issues related to this Sign have also been resolved.
27. Issue with oil enhancements not working on silver swords has been resolved.
28. Issue with Dragon’s Dream bombs has been resolved. Damage to bosses from cast daggers has been reduced by one-half.
29. Several optimization improvements have been made in the tavern in Vergen.
30. Problem with music accompanying ‘stealth’ sequences has been resolved.
31. Issue related to arm wrestling Bart Bargee has been resolved. Players can no longer win coin from this character endlessly.
32. Option to fist fight woman praying at a statue in Vergen has been deactivated.
33. Mini-game contestants at one of the in-game taverns now switch positions correctly without blocking one another.
34. Problem involving Fenn’s sword in combat has been resolved.
35. Problems with herbalist’s gloves have been resolved.
36. In the Prologue, Geralt retains his steel long sword throughout, i.e., he is no longer automatically equipped with his default sword for the ‘Assault’ sequence.
37. Problem with some nekkers being immortal has been resolved.
38. Issue with triggered black screens blocking game progress has been resolved.
39. Interactions no longer appear on nekker nests after these have been destroyed.
40. The “Scent of Incense” quest no longer shows up as failed after being completed successfully.
41. Sudden switch to gameplay just prior to cut scene involving Cynthia and Philippa has been eliminated.
Triss, Roche and Iorveth
are now de-spawned before the final credits roll.
43. Guard pacing cycles have been corrected.
44. The Redanian messenger in Henselt’s tent can no longer be killed, preventing him from re-spawning.
45. Elf woman in Vergen no longer strikes a T-pose.
46. Rotfiends feeding on corpses no longer re-spawn after corpse is burned.
47. Several fixes have been made in the functioning of in-game populaces.
48. Numerous problems with cameras in dialogue sequences have been resolved.
49. Assorted corrections have been made in dialogue sequences (including King Foltest’s gestures on the town walls in the Prologue).
50. A progression break in the ‘In the Claws of Madness’ quest has been eliminated.
Patch 1.2 notes said:
1. Free DLC package titled “Barbers and Coiffeuses.” To take advantage of barbershop and hairstyling services, look for Einar Gausel in Chapter 1 of the game, Sambor in Henselt’s Camp in Chapter 2, Felicia Cori in Chapter 2 if you travel to Vergen, and Felicia Cori once again in Chapter 3.
2. All previously released DLC packages are installed with Patch 1.2 ("Blue Stripes Combat Jacket," Ultimate Alchemist's Outfit," "Ultimate Mage's Outfit," "Ultimate Swordsman's Outfit," "Finisher Pack," "Mysterious Merchant," and "Troll Trouble")
3. Game saves are now compressed automatically, lowering the amount of disk space they utilize.
4. An option has been added to the game menu allowing game saves to be deleted. To delete a game save, highlight the relevant item and press the ‘Delete’ key.
5. The game menu now loads at a markedly accelerated pace.
6. The game now supports Logitech G35 headphones and other USB headsets with on-board sound cards.
7. A number of fixes have been added to the key binding functionality (actions can now be mapped to number pad and cursor/arrow keys).
8. Analog sticks on gamepads now work correctly in the GUI panels. yay!
9. A number of game balance fixes have been introduced in the Prologue.
10. Lock on targets is not lost when the distance to targets increases.
11. A number of fixes have been made in blocking functionality during combat. Also, player character responsiveness in combat has been improved, and Geralt can attack more than one target during normal combat.
12. A number of corrections have been made in the statistics displayed in item diagrams in the Crafting panel.
13. The Witcher 1 saves are now imported correctly.
14. An auto–save has been added before the fight against the draug.
15. Flare bomb duration is now 2 (two) minutes.
16. Issue involving the equipping of bombs (or other items) even if they were not present in the character Inventory has been fixed.
17. Islamic–themed and similar textures have been deleted and/or replaced.
18. A number of fixes have been made in game dialogues.
19. Issue that blocked advancement to the next level at the start of Chapter 3 has been fixed.
20. Issue involving the occurrence of T-poses upon the destruction of nekker nests has been corrected.
21. Guards can no longer block Geralt when he is on a ladder.
22. Knives no longer affect friendly NPCs.
23. Bug related to using some containers has been fixed.
24. Ostmurk (an ingredient required to complete a quest) can no longer be sold.
25. Ingredients required to complete the “Melitele's Heart” quest have been added to the game.
26. A fix has been introduced in the “Troll Trouble” quest whereby
the she–troll’s head can be won in a game of dice poker
27. The Ghost of the Banner can no longer be killed by wraiths.
28. Issue involving the Operator being neutral and thus susceptible to being killed before any conversation occurs has been fixed.
29. A number of fixes have been introduced to prevent selected NPCs from being blocked (king in siege tower, knights when destroying a gate in the Prologue, etc.).
30. The “Three Sisters” quest has been fixed so that the door does not remain locked forever once the quest has been completed.
31. A number of progression breaks have been fixed, including instances of blocked meditation, inability to save game, and blocked combat after use of static cameras (e.g. game could not be saved after completion of the “Indecent Proposal” quest).
32. The progression break during the
fight against the dragon
in Chapter 3 (exploration not working properly) has been fixed.
33. The progression break during the fight against
Dethmold (whereby he sometimes remained behind his barrier, doing nothing)
has been fixed.
34. The progression break (black screen) in the "Little Shop of Dreams" quest has been fixed.
35. The progression break following failure to complete the ritual with Anezka has been fixed.
36. The progression break during the dialogue on the beach in the “Hung Over” quest has been fixed.

Patch 1.1 notes said:
1. The process of installing and activating the game is now easier and more stable. SECUROM copy protection has been removed entirely, making the game DRM free!
2. The Troll Trouble DLC package is included in the patch, bringing to an end any and all problems related to downloading this content.
3. Problems related to downloading other free DLC have also been resolved. The game launcher now correctly detects and updates specific modules.
4. Game efficiency has been improved. Game now runs 5-30% more efficiently and game loading has been accelerated. Efficiency increases will vary depending on system configuration and game version. Owners of boxed versions of The Witcher 2 are likely to notice the greatest improvements.
5. Bugs causing the game to crash, especially while saving game progress or loading saved games, have been corrected.
6. Movement key mapping has been expanded to include cursor (arrow) and number pad keys.
7. Options have been added for inverting the X and Y axes of the mouse.
8. NVidia 3D Vision Surround now works correctly with the game.
9. The hardware configuration auto-detect function has been corrected, resulting in improved game efficiency.
10. A bug preventing the completion of the Blood Curse quest has been corrected.
11. After beating the GOG.com penitent monk in the mini-game, the relevant link now displays correctly.
12. GOG.com credits have been corrected.
Sep 7, 2007
Zeliard said:

From the User.ini in Documents\Witcher 2\Config:


Change the MouseSensitivityY setting to a negative value and presto, your mouse is inverted. Quick fix until CDPR adds it to the menu in a patch, if they do.

My user.ini file looks nothing like this? Here's what mine shows:









Worse, changing things doesn't seem to help in game.


Dec 9, 2006
Whenever I change anything in the User.ini, it seems it doesn't really take effect when I launch the game.. I've been loading a specific save, do these have their own settings?