The Witcher 3 - New screenshots


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Gorgeously looking. Great gaming months incoming for me.

Edit: I can't see the second picture at work. That must be the one that has (no) fur in it, I assume.
Those are the last gen wolfs. :(

Still going to be one epic game though. My only worry is that they fill it with random boring crap every 50 meters like Skyrim.
I'm not that impressed actually. Some environments lack detail, character models are a mixed bag.

Given the scope of the game I can understand why corners had to be cut.
Looks great as always. Great teach, superb artists.

But it's a bit weird to have advanced fur in the griffon and not in the wolves.

edit: oh and I like that Geralt uses more heavy-wintery clothes and armor for the snow landscape.


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Err... some of these don't look to hot. This one in particular:

Textures are all over the place. Look at the wolf's fur and Geralt's clothes.
Yeah his face looks very low texture too, this must be from the console versions?...


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That wolf screenshot looks like a PS3 game.

Those wolfs almost look WOW cartoony, the grass is blocky as hell, but at the same time the background looks pretty good.

It's like a bullshot, but the other way around
It does not look much better then W2, but game is now open world.
It doesn't look much better than The Witcher 2 at its best. But The Witcher 2 had a lot of weak areas, graphically. This looks to be a far more consistently high quality looking game.

And yes, I think its incredibly impressive for a game that is bigger than Skyrim.

That wolf screenshot looks like a PS3 game.
I really want to bang my head on something when I hear stuff like this. I'm guessing you've forgotten what PS3 games look like, my friend. ;)
hrm, this really don't look all that impressive
sure they're clean as shit
but, these look a lot worse than previous shots
I think all pics except the one with the wolf look very good.

The one with the gryphon looks great, as well as the one with the mountains. The one with the horse has great character detail all around.

The wolf pic looks weird. Fur is none existent the textures are weak and indeed Geralt himself aint looking that well. Perhaps old build? Or simply a bad pic? Geralt model looks much better in tha gryphon pic.
They look better than the previously released shots to me for the simple reason that these aren't oversharpened to the extent that was the case before.