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Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online (09/24/20 - 09/27/20)


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Nothing yet that I've seen. :(

2nd DLC is 15th October, so they are well behind the original in terms of launch cadence. Assuming the pattern applies, I'd say DLC 3, will be Feb or March 2021, with the PC version launching very soon after or concurrent with that.


Mhmm there goes my hope for something interesting. 2020 pretty unimpressive gamingwise so far. Where is the hype ???


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Pretty disappointing show. That's a bummer after 2 years of improvements imo. But clearly the show was affected by Covid19, so I won't overreact.


In Scarlet Nexus are we able to play as or switch to the side characters? Not a deal breaker for me, still think the game looks good.


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