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Toshihiro Nagoshi on the Future of the Yakuza Series


Nov 21, 2014

Toshihiro Nagoshi gave us a rough idea of what will happen to the Yakuza series in the future. He answered that making the jump to RPG was a big challenge for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, and how there are now multiple roads available.
Making Ryu Ga Gotoku 7 into an RPG was a big challenge. For the next game, we can keep going with RPG and make something that surpasses it. We can also go back to action. We could also make a hybrid system mixing action and the new RPG system. All of these are possible scenarios.

Nagoshi also revealed which of these three scenarios he would personally prefer:
Personally speaking, I want to keep going through the same road, and see what we could improve. For example, making the battle system even more enjoyable, by adding new functionalities related to the terrain and the battles’ areas. We could also strenghten the company management mode. Things like that. But for now, I don’t wanna think about all that yet (laughs).
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May 7, 2019
I would actually like to see a Teenager/Yankii take on the series, almost something like Crows or the Sega equivalent of Rival Schools!
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