Twin Peaks Season 3 Premieres May 21 - 2 Hour Premiere

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Better brush up on your backwards-speak, because Twin Peaks‘ journey back into the red room will begin on Sunday, May 21, at 9/8c, with a two-hour premiere.

All told, the revival will consist of 18 hours, Showtime president and CEO David Nevins announced on Monday afternoon at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Nevins also shared that immediately following the two-hour opener, Episodes 3 and 4 will be available On Demand and via Showtime's streaming platform.

”We've seen the whole thing... and the version of Twin Peaks you're going to see is the pure-heroin version of David Lynch," Nevins said. ”I'm very excited to put that out."

EDIT: There's also a panel later today at 5:00 pm PST that includes Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern so hold onto your butts for more details and a potential trailer!

EDIT 2: Additional plot details from Nevins:

Storyline-wise, Nevin would only reveal that it's ”about Agent Cooper's odyssey back to Twin Peaks," and that an ”emotional" story grounds the 18-hour run.

Those waiting for a trailer, meanwhile, should plan on waiting. Maybe forever. Nevins indicated that a themed series of teasers (a la American Horror Story) could unspool prior to its May premiere.
Still holding out for at least a teaser today.
Four hours in a single day. What a time to be alive.

...then a two week wait :(

The option of waiting for episodes 3 and 4 or watching all four is already impossible to decide!

But May is sooner than I thought, so I'm all in on that!
Adding some quotes from Nevins (Showtime honcho) as they happen:

”It's designed to be a closed-ended, one-time event" says David Nevins
Nevins: Pay attention to details to put things together over time when you watch #TwinPeaks2017. #TCA17
That latter quote has me hopeful to a partial narrative style akin to Mulholland Drive's re: clues sprinkled throughout.
How can someone watch this legally on their PC/Mac in the EU the exact same time it's gonna air in the US?
Not sure if you get it, but Sky Atlantic or someone like them will likely pick up the rights, if they have streaming on their site and all that.

(I don't know the answer, though.)
Why do I have to be on the Netflix bandwagon and not rich enough to get Showtime for this? Noooooo... ;(

...That all being said, hearing the good news makes me want to go back and rewatch the old Twin Peaks episodes. Last time I saw them, I thought they aged pretty well.
Likely you cannot unless they have Showtime there.
I recently moved to Portugal so I'm not sure about local TV networks or if any of them has an affiliation with Showtime. I was looking for a place to stream this, from showtime themselves if possible. Their website has links to different content providers (Apple, Android, Amazon, etc) but I'm not sure if they will stream this the exact same time it's gonna air in the States.

Netflix doesn't work in Portugal, afaik. Also, I don't want to watch it on my smartphone. So I am looking for a way to stream this on my Macbook : /
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